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[PMB] Rosman - Paladin

Hello, I'm Rosman from Legends (ISA) guild.
I am playing Allods Online for more than 3 years, but of course with some of the breaks...
However few years of playing as pala teached me many things which i would like to share with you.
My favorite role is Tank, i like tanking cause i feel more useful for a party or raid than been dps, however paladin
currently is more useful as DPS, but i still cant resist to switch to Tank when there is none of them around.

In this quick guide I'll show you my holy tank and dps build.
Hope you enjoy.


If you wanna start play as paladin, you have to choose between four races.
League: Kanians and Elves / Empire: Xadaganians and Orcs.
Each race has its own special racial skill.
"Page from the book of secrets" - This item from boutique can unlock all racials.


Crusader's Endurance - Allows combining damage of all barriers into one.
Paladin receives 25% of the damage stored in them.
I recommend it on tank build.


Pious Words - Inflicts no damage to the target,
but casts a curse that decreases incoming healing by 50% for 10 secound.


Rousing Shout - Removes the first barrier and decreases damage by 30%.
Applies an effect that decreases incomming damage by another 30% for 7 seconds.


Exhaust Evil - Deals XX damage to all enemies in front of you and knocks them down.
Very helpful skill on DPS build.


This build i use to tank astral/raids, got everything you need to survive and hold good aggro.

Talent Tree:

Important Skills / Useful Skills / Useless Skills


So very much to list off but i hope by looking u can understand my logic.
Basically I rubied for large holy dps and energy/cannon regeneration while trying to put as many points into tanking rubies as possible.
Stat points, 3 barriers and self healing are musts in my opinion. Also combat res is really helpful.

In this patch stats are really important, by good proportions you can easily increase your damage.
Beacause almost all stats come from glyphs I can't really give you exact stats, however I can give you things to aim for.

Our main stats for damage are Determination, Proficiency and Brutality.
Main defensive stats are Tenacity, Vitality and Bloodlust.
Willpower is not really important on tank, Anger is totally useless.

For tank Determination is very important.The more damage you get, the harder you can hit back.


We start the fighting with multiple mobs with Condemnation on one of them, and then Interdition which will spread all over them.
When you have dots on all your targets we can continue fighting.
We jump through targets with TAB and we repeat the 2nd phase on all the mobs till they all.

If you lose threat you can use: - Challenge


While being on tank build, type of weapon is not so important since you deal most of the damage with your wand.
Pretty much every 1h weapon will do so you can pick whatever you like ( I have chosen mace) + Shield of course.


This is my DPS build created to destroy all bosses/mobs you will meet.
It's physical damage made expecially for astral isles and raids.

Talent Tree:

Important Skills / Useful Skills


In this build I focused mostly on the damage increasing rubies.
In 1st rubie tree you can find really strong AOE skill - Chastising Strike.
Of course True Faith - Ferocity doesn't reduce armor anymore.
Also i took faster energy and canons regeneration, stat points, damage boost etc.
I took Challenge because sometimes you have to help with kite/offtank some mobs or bosses.

Main offensive stats Proficiency, Brutality and Determination.
Main defensive stats are Vitality, Bloodlust and Tenacity.
Willpower is not really important, Anger is totally useless.

On the tank build, our main stat is Determination, but here it will be slightly different.
We get the best damage outbut by balancing Proficiency and Brutality.
Its nice to have a little bit more Bloodlust so that every hit would restore some of your life.
Thanks to that healer wont have to waste so much mana on you and can focus also on keeping the rest of the party alive.


We catch a mob with Condemnation and then we repeat the rotation.
Crusader Seal will renew Condemnation so we need to use it only once.
Thanks to Divine Sentence effect which puts a Crusader Seal, our attacks Purifying Strike and Entangling Chains inflict extra damage.

Remember about:


In that case type of weapon actually matters.
You have to adjust the speed/damage ratio. I personally prefer mace but axe is also a nice choice

2H Axe - Low speed / High damage.
2H Mace - Slowest weapon / The best damage.
2H Sword - Good speed / Good damage.
2H Spear - Fastest weapon / Lowest damage.


I think the best choice for paladin would be:


This was my Pimp My Build entry for Allods: Broken Chains edition.
I hope you had pleasure going through this like I did.
If you have any questions just pm me in game or here.
Good luck!




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Hey, I love your PMB presentation but please change the colors, it isn't easy to see some stuff :(
Anyways, very good job ! Good luck to you !


Tank build: why charge level 3? Why pure thoughts and energy rubies. thanks :^)
Also where are your pulsing ray rubies? they're mandatory


This actually convinced me to make a paladin as my main lol
"No matter how big or bad you think you are, there's always someone bigger and badder than you."
Drezkian - Xadaganian Warden
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