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Friday, May 29th 2015, 2:24am

Rate my Build

Hello this is my first paladin so please rate with respect. Any advice is welcome, i am trying to have this class down like the back of my hand.!7!332.3..…C!a/A!qewubgm/A


Friday, May 29th 2015, 8:15am



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Yes, looks good to me but I have no idea how to play this Class. Maybe skill a second or third Barrier and Tenacity insted of Overcome.
Condemnation is good to pull Mobs and every Pala use it.


Friday, May 29th 2015, 6:18pm

cool thanks ill give that a shot i just went 30, i was wondering rune wise which way to go, maybe another paladin can comment on this.


Friday, May 29th 2015, 7:26pm



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if you are going for melee then stamina+right. cause+cannon regen rubies are useless
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