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Wednesday, June 3rd 2015, 4:01pm

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player thief

<no image> hello im new to game and i didnt know how things works here but i saw a player with a good costume and i have asked him if he sell that he told me yes i sell u for 2k i gived him 2k and than he told me if u can have 10k i will give u a mount and this costume i made my 10k gold i sended him...( my bad didnt know how i works ) he took my gold away and he didn send me the costume neither the mount i pm him to give back my gold he told me that i was the guy who stole from him??? wtf he took me 10k gold and i was the thief.. this player name is <no name> plz dont trust this guy and he told me he is playing this game been 10 years after when i asked again he told me 2 years i reported him and i hope GM will do something about it as fast as possible...

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Wednesday, June 3rd 2015, 4:37pm



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