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Monday, July 13th 2015, 6:00pm


Meetings to all.
Does somebody know if you can play allods without a gamepad, and wath types?


Tuesday, July 14th 2015, 9:05am



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I think your keyboard should works well for this game, maybe you can take a look on a gaming mouse with some extra-buttons.
I personally like razer naga, but there's something chaper online..
good luck ;)


Tuesday, July 14th 2015, 3:11pm

killjoy pino! its an intresting idea^^ i will try to play with a gaming wheel :D


Tuesday, July 14th 2015, 4:34pm

RE: Gamepad

Meetings to all.
Does somebody know if you can play allods without a gamepad, and wath types?
yes you can, most ppl play it WITHOUT a gamepad :rolleyes:

but since i think you used some translationprogram and meant "can you play allods with a gamepad" i answer "not in a reasonable way"
i tried it once for the sake of trying but its not a good idea since you must 1st bypass the inputrestriction from the gameprotection and 2nd find a way to translate the input fom gamepad to mouse/key-inputs
once you have done this you lack a lot of things due to the nature of a gamepad
the "Best" thing you can do is make the gamepad control the mouse and map buttons left and right, like on a mouse
but its easier to just use a mouse...

if you asked because you want to play allods on your tv while sitting faraway and just using one hand or something like this consider using an usbcable-expansion or a wireless mouse; with only a mouse you can play allods (press left and right mouse for walking)
but you fighting will be slower so it will give you disadvantages in pvp for example


Thursday, July 16th 2015, 12:08pm



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killjoy pino! its an intresting idea^^ i will try to play with a gaming wheel :D

Good Luck Blue! :D :D

Not a wheel, but it may be interesting to play with this one!


Thursday, July 16th 2015, 3:12pm

awesome pino :!: will start playing like this today!


Saturday, July 18th 2015, 7:26pm

There are programs (e.g. Logitech gamimg software, but there are a few) where you can bind gamepad buttons to keys in your laptop.
You can find and Download them via Google.
I tried it once but it is not worth it.. You can only do few actions and for good gameplay you need all of the keys.. I think it's okay for leveling though ;)
Have fun


Sunday, July 19th 2015, 2:08am

with the shown gamepad from pino i can do top dps in raid!^^


Monday, July 20th 2015, 9:01am



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Psy pve controller be like


Monday, July 20th 2015, 9:55am

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Perfect for bard gameplay
Downfall (P2P)
Deliverance (F2P)

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Monday, July 20th 2015, 11:01pm

user_4631378 has attached the following image:
  • Mouse Numeric keypad.JPG


Sunday, November 18th 2018, 10:08pm


xpadder will Not work! trying others now will let you know how it goes & if any others work


Tuesday, November 20th 2018, 1:12pm


ok so this is what i found out trying things myself i tried joytokey and vjoy & xpadder with all the same issues being the mouse side would work just fine looking around and what not but i could not walk or fight even after mapping everything correctly still couldnt walk or fight just look around so i have come to think they have something in place so you can not use gamepads......<...>....& fyi i use xpadder with wow and it works perfectly no problems at all with easy macros set up. so dont let people tell you that you cant or you cant fight well yes you can! but allods <...> blows they need to fix it <...> the game now that its pay to play op. but damn come on allods i wanna kick back on the sofa & kick butt using xpadder so fix this crap already. thank you lol

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Thursday, November 29th 2018, 2:00am



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Perfect for bard gameplay

This is blasphemy

is more appropriate for druids
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Sunday, June 9th 2019, 10:00pm

In theory, of course you can, but I did not feel personally)

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