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Questions about Alchemy

Hello everybody!
I played Allods a long time ago and as far as I can remember back then I was a herbalist.

Right now I recovered my character to come back to the game and I see I am an alchemist.

Probably this will seem really dumb, but.. I used to level my profession gathering herbs in the allod I was currently doing my quests to keep it the same level as I was. But now it seems that won't help, so... Is crafting potions the only way to level my profession now? For what I see herbalist and alchemy got mixed into one profession or something like that.

So please I need a little help on how is this working now, I know probably my question is really dumb, but I'm really lost and dusty hahaha.

Btw I'm a lvl 37 trickster (gibberling scout) at New frontiers server.



welcome back!!!

well, ye they merged all gathering prof under the relevant producer prof (i.e. gathering ore is under blacksmith and weaponsmith).

basically the only prof left are: blacksmith, leatherworker, tailor, weaponsmith and alchemy (forgive my poor english).

so ye, u got to craft potions to lvl ur prof.


Thank you sway87, I've been reading some posts about alchemy and I'm getting the hang of it. I'll start trying to match my level and get used to most aspects of the game again hahahaha

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