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Bow or Crossbow?

I'm a returning player and I'm already in the level 60s in the f2p server. I'm curious about what would be better to use in the latest patch for us scouts, bow or x-bow? Yes, it may be more about preferences but still I want to know the opinion of the community.

Differences between them (for those who use either of them without knowing the differences):

-Less damage
-Less energy consuming
-Faster (less cooldown time)

-More damage
-More energy consuming

So, which would be better to use? (Actual evidence of DPS comparisons would be appreciated)


without a deeply detailed explaination; the crossbow is superior to the bow
reason is that single hits that hit hard but have a large cd will hit harder with a cb


Xbow is a no brainer. I tested it with same level of bow and xbow. With xbow i can keep dps for like 2+ min and with bow that dps is down in first 5 sec, and then just go down and down and down and down and down and then your bow get broken and u need to buy a new one but u dont have money to buy a new one so u use xbow. ( :




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I say go with bow for pve and xbow for pvp. the xbow damage spread is too big to get consistent dps.
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Can everybody send me some good Scout builds!!! need a new one to rebuild!

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