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Friday, April 17th 2015, 8:06pm

[PMB] Ice/ Lightning PVE build for Mage

Hello all :) I am Songofwillow from Aurora (ISA) guild. As Kanian mage, I enjoy my Ice and lightning build for PVE which I want to share with you.

Changes in Broken patch game update

Let’s talk first about the changes in Mages brought with newest Broken Patch update. Mages got 3 new skills in ruby trees, one for each tree. In fire tree those are Glowing Lava rubies which are not interesting for Ice/Lightning mage. In ice tree we got Frosty pattern rubies, which give you the ability to cast additional Ice comets/meteors in very short range around you (7 yards). Since mage is long distance DPSer, these rubies are also not needed in this build and will not be discussed. In lightning tree we got new Electrization rubies which give you 1, 2 or 3 instant-cast Thunderbolt (no casting time on them) after each successfully cast Electric Pulse or Thunderhead. For PVE this skill is extremely useful and huge boost to your damage so I take all 3 of them.

Ice Lightning PVE build

This is more or less standard PVE build which is most used in this moment. Instead presenting the spells and skills one by one, we should look at their use and rotation. For starts, let’s see what spells are used against single and multiple targets.

Single target DPS spells:

Icy Comet, Electric pulse, Thunderbolt, Frostbolt, Shocking Grasp

Assuming you have enough force points, it is natural you will start your combat with Icy Comet, followed by Electric pulse. With the help of new rubies you will then shoot 3 instant Thunderbolts. If you have enough force points, you can repeat Icy Comet then. By the time you spend all force points, you should have enough of so called “fast” Frostbolts and thunderbolts so you should use them all. Hopefully, you will have new force points then so you can repeat the cycle. If you are left without force points, you should use Elemental Wrath skill to replenish them. When you get your target to 25% HP, you can start using Shocking grasp which is very good against those targets.

Multiple targets DPS spells:

Icy meteor, Thunderhead, Elemental Wrath

Rotation for AOE damage is a bit different because most mages start the fight with Elemental wrath, your dragon tear skill. It has long casting time but very good damage. After that you can use Icy Meteor and Thunderhead (which are AOE versions of Icy comet and Electric pulse). From that point on, you can probably finish the remained mobs with single target spells if you are out of force points.

Protective and CC spells:

Stone barrier/Stone wall, Elemental shield, Reflections, Flash, Dispel, Icy grave, Magic tactics, Seal of Health, Sanctuary.

You should have active Stone barriers or Elemental shield active, depending on the mobs you are fighting against. If your barriers fail, you have reflections as backup defensive skill. Flash is very useful to get out of damaging areas on the ground or for fast retreat from the enemies. Dispel is
also useful in any situations which put some dangerous effect on you or your party member. Icy grave is one of the most popular Mage spells, especially with new astral buff called Astral defender (and also against Creeping death), where this spell is absolutely necessary. Magic tactics should be used against enemies which require much moving around so you can cast electric pulse or icy meteor while running around and avoiding damage. Seal of health is absolutely necessary in astral parties and all mages are expected to have this skill and use it in party. Sanctuary is mage class spell which can teleport whole party to a safe place, and it is used when you see that whole party can die in boss fight or other situation.

Ruby trees:

In Fire tree I took only luck rubies which are universal.

In Ice tree I took all the rubies for enhancing damage (like proficiency and brutality rubies and Frost damage rubies), but also for maximizing damage and minimizing mana cost/casting time/cooldown of Icy meteor. Northern lights are a must for getting fast Frostbolts. War of the elements Ice/lightning is absolute must for getting additional force points. Swirling snow is nice defense ability for additional stacks of your barriers or reflections.

In Lightning tree I took all the rubies for enhancing damage of lightning spells and overall lightning damage. Here are also new Electrization rubies for more dps, and Dynamo effect rubies for fast thunderbolts. For higher lightning critical damage I took Thunderbird rubies.

For the end, this is fantastic game and you should relax and enjoy in it. Mage is fantastic class but requires much skill to play, so I hope this guide was helpful for you :)


Sunday, August 23rd 2015, 9:43pm

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