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Thursday, September 3rd 2015, 6:08pm


Saturday, September 5th 2015, 3:05pm

Guys come on been almost 3 days since the last messege?They told me i had my toon back and i can log and play and yet nothing....srly thats no more than 10 mins of work ffs


Tuesday, September 8th 2015, 10:03am

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Sounds exactly like most of my experiences with customer support..."The problem is fixed! Thanks for your patience."

and yet when you log on, the problem isn't fixed.
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Tuesday, September 8th 2015, 12:05pm

Fun thing is ive been told 3 times its fixed,3 times i got told my toon is on the new acc and yet its not, as far as i know they just need to copy the data and merge it with the account,i guess they have some server problems and cant do it other wise i think isnt that hard to do.But all i can do is wait i guess...

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