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Idea for Allods team

Hello allods team, I'm always wondering why does Best Friend feature to lend a mount for your friend can mount be traded only 1-4 rank ?? wee have now max like rank 7 or 8 mount so shouldnt you be increase the lendable mount rank to 6 at least ?? Becouse i think its waste of that feature when u can lend only so low rank mounts they make so small changes in speed for new players,
In my opinion it would be twice awesome if u could lend for a newbie like rank 6 mount he will get more excited about it and keep on play longer at least till he hits biggers lvl.
Im a Mentor type guy in New Frontier who is sharing my rank 2 mount for my apperantices and they are going quite far but than they see that those mounts still are kinda slow and most of them stop at lvl 45-60 just becouse they need faster mount and dont know if they willing to invest some money in game or no if you will only increase the share mount rank up to 1-6 it will help alot and i know that more and more players will be starting to play the game and keep it that way.
I dont see any reason why you should do it, if you tink more and more players will stop put some money on game you should know that it can't happen just becouse shared mounts can't get lvl up from feed if its shared and most of ppl will still be willing to get mount of their own, it is only idea wat you should try out in patch 7.0


i think the idea of the limited rank is simple so ppl HAVE to buy a decend mount^^ if i could simply give my partymembers my high mounts they didnt have to buy the new mounts right? in worst case they could lose half of their income for new mounts^^

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