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Saturday, January 2nd 2016, 3:19am

People get banned, really ? Ahahahaha :D


Saturday, January 2nd 2016, 4:24am



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HAhahahhahaha i must say that what i read here (came back to forum after a year ) is funny and at the same time saddest of miley cyrus trying to sing....
even saddest of people who was saying last year and year before that AND ALSO YEAR BEFORE THAT, that things gonna change or that allods is going to right direction bla bla...
I spoke to some old friends on skype and heard that situacion is worse than ever....and im not suprised.
IS IT POSSIBLE THAT devs wont solve any problem in this game ,or even it possible that for over 3years situacion get's worse and worse??This beautifull game is on bottom because devs don't care about people or game itself.have no idea why btw.
This game should be more populated than GW2,and i mean that seriously.this game should make milions of $ easily..i really don't get people who are behind allods.
Sometimes i thing allods background is like this


Saturday, January 2nd 2016, 4:31am



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Off the topic ppl who cheat should get ban also devs should make this game normal like other games not to make game only for hardcore cashshopers and have 100active players in this beautifull game.i suggest all to come P2P server,and make it big ,thats the only way that this beautifull game rise again...f2p server is done...(not for that 100old and hardcore cs players,but eventually they will get borred of this crap too) better spend 100e per year and play fair ,but throwing away 1000$ per year just to stay competitive.


Saturday, January 2nd 2016, 10:31am

Do you feel the cow in you? :whistling:

Allods wants more milk (cash) without doing anything for you, bad (none) customer service, banning people for nothing. Not even christmas present, oh wait...we got a free video to watch. I mean come on all that looks like they want that we leave the EU server, so they can close it.

Well I will shut up before I get another 3 days ban, because I said something that staff don`t like, going back to play "CHESS" :whistling:


Saturday, January 2nd 2016, 12:50pm



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That is about the saddest, most sincere post I have read.
I am so sorry that you were forced into trying to find an alternate way to afford to play this game.

THIS, right here, is the BIG problem with Allods. IT COST TOO MUCH FOR THE AVERAGE PLAYER.
I think it is absolutely INSANE that your players, your community, are willing to risk everything they have in this game to try to be able to play it at a competitive level. No one should ever have to have that as an issue. If the game was affordable (Like everyone could get all the 2nd or 3rd tiers of CS items and level 9 runes for $200-300) would have thousands upon thousands upon thousands of players. But instead this costs $2000-3000. Instead of having 25,000 people spending $200-300 and having $5,000,000-7,500,000 you have 100 players spending $1000... so you have $100,000... I'm not sure how you can't see this...I'm really not sure. It's REALLY easy simple numbers.

Shame, absolute SHAME ON YOU Allods for getting to this point.

I hope something can change because I am just becoming more and more disappointed in the way this game is being ran.
I have spent...COUNTLESS amounts of dollars on this game because I supported it. I loved it. I still love it. But I can honestly say, now, I HATE it at the same time and that makes me so sad. I really wish something gets figured out because we will not ever have an increase of players at this rate, it will be a swift decline into nothingness. I want this game to last forever. I have met so many incredible people on this game, in fact I married my new best friend because of this game. I would hate to see greed be the downfall of this magnificent game.

- Groot

I totally agree-this game its so much expensive that its simply shocking.The support that i last year tried to contact during my 4 weeks lag had ,sadly ZERO comunication with me,and i got no damn answer for my issue -the next patch (upgrade) fixed the problem;yet it made me more atentive with the costs-Why to invest in such ,in a game that you get ZERO support? I closed myself the ticket i been set at that time -was no use for it .I'm opening Allods just to say hello to my friends.So bad,the costs for this game became absolutely insaine -you were telling me at that time to give you all my gold and crystals (haha as i would have any !) .
Its an beautiful ,awesome game .I love it to bits and i think its the most polished mmorpg i've ever played.If the devs would listen: Make it fair priced.This would save it -I hope won't be too late !
Happy New year to all !:D


Saturday, January 2nd 2016, 2:31pm

Hi fellow Allods players,

I would advice everyone to maintain a sense of formality. The sarcastic posts and boasting one another is slowly taking over a threat with a clear, not to be underestimated subject.

It is easy to make fun of the people that care about the progression and evolution of Allods, but how does anyone that wishes to aid in improving the game and is willing to spend money to improve themselves, by any stretch of the imagination to be considered 'ignorent.'
Let people spend whatever amount of money they wish to spend, and do not neglect those who invest time in these matters.

Improvement is hopefully on its way with patch 7.0. As for the goldselling; it is always going to be there, but it is how the people that buy the illegal gold are being dealt with that makes all the difference. Direct affiliations with the illegal gold trade should be dealt with accordingly, and those that are/were accidently in the possession of the illegal gold and got banned because of it, should be unbanned - of course.

Kind Regards,



Saturday, January 2nd 2016, 4:31pm



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The matter regarding the topic itself is part of an ongoing investigation that will not be publicly discussed until it is on a path to resolution, or completely resolved. There are a lot of case-by-case situations currently on-going as well as external, time gobbling factors that are also being looked into. Once cemented (if a statement is to be made that explains the on-going mechanics of the situation) - it would be done at its end, not during sensitive investigations that cannot be thrown around lightly (for everyone's sake).

It's very easy to accuse of blind banning, or assume My.Com is the evil entity and the banned are all 'victims of circumstance'. I'm sorry to say that this isn't the case 90% of the time and quite a few people (some of which are eager in playing the innocent card) underestimate how deep some of the information goes. It's a time consuming process of which is more to do with stamping out gold/services that are destructive to the game AND its community, not necessarily the people caught in the mix (though unfortunately people can be effected AND mistakes can be made along the way). Ultimately, we have to swallow the bitter pill and accept the kitchen heat of criticism – and we'll live with that while the matter as a whole is being looked into thoroughly for everyone's benefit. However, this does not mean it is acceptable to take nonsensical pot shots or vicious snipes at the developers or staff. Critique is one thing, flaming/insults are a different ball game.

Considering this thread (and all similar threads) will continue to go in vicious circles until the issue is finally resolved, this discussion (and any others) will remain closed.

Should you wish to emphasise an individual case, do not hesitate to open a ticket to support - who will look into it at earliest convenience (though please account for the holiday season and the gravity/size of the matter along the way). Public threads are not the place for case-discussion.

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