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Saturday, February 13th 2016, 10:36pm

Expanding Allods universe

Sarnaut is such a uniqe and rich place . Why do you guys think about idea of expanding it by making spin off games ?
Allods Adventure HD is good example . Imagine Kings Bounty like rts , Baldurs like rpg or Descent like board game all in our beloved Universe .
"The Park" (horror game in Secret world universe) proved that the risk can pay .
I know that demand for such titles will not be high but that what kickstarter is for , right ? and since Obsidian and Allods team working together on Skyforge , who know , maybe some day we will see Allods RPG .

Let me know what you think . feel free to comment .

PS. sry for my english im still learning


Saturday, February 13th 2016, 11:37pm


Allods Online is already a spin off of a RPG/RTS game : Rage of Mages ;).…cky-hours-gifts
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