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[7.0] Warrior DPS build

Warrior build [7.0]
~By Boggins

First off let me tell you something about the new warrior – he has great single target dps. Vicious Spin doesn’t have any crit modifying ruby abilities which makes it still good but suboptimal.
I have left some spare talent points which you can spend on crowd control or cooldown abilities. This build is sufficient with few talents.
If the rotation is done improperly then you will do terrible damage. The skills are codependent of each other.
Your main damage dealers are going to be Destructive Attack, Fracture, Rapid Blow and Jagged Slice.

Talent tree (
59 rubies and 58 talent points are needed)!1!331…/B!idbxvtpi/IPE
If you plan on relying more on Vicious Spin consider placing 3 rubies in Vortex of Steel instead of Brutal Cutter.
If I had more rubies I'd also include Pack of Punches.


Main rotation for powerful mobs and explanation:
Jagged slice (Always crits *ruby*; Adds Bleed DoT which increases the crit chance of Destructive attack and Fracture to 100% *ruby*; Lasts 10s *ruby*) >
> Destructive Attack (Does significant damage and always crits while Bleed is active*ruby*; Adds Flaming Blade buff which decreases the energy cost of Fracture to 30 energy *ruby*) >
> 3 x Fracture (Does significant damage and always crits while Bleed is active *ruby*; Adds Cleft Armor debuff which increases the damage of the next Jagged Slice by 100% per stack for a maximum of 400% damage with 3 stacks) >

//At this point you should have already reached 100 Combat Advantage and lost all of your energy so now it’s time to dump all that CA and give your energy a chance to regenerate.

> Bloody Harvest (Costs 30 CA; Increases Bleed damage by 22%; Stacks with Bleeds applied under 3 stacks of Cleft Armor; When Bloody Harvest runs out Rage is activated which increases all damage by 15% *ruby*) >
> Jagged Slice (Does 488% of base damage due to 3 stacks of Cleft Armor and Bloody harvest; Always crits *ruby*; Lasts 13s, 1s is added per stack of Cleft armor *ruby*) >
> Rapid Blow (costs 15 CA; Always crits under Bloody Harvest *ruby*; Does significant damage)

//Repeat Rapid Blow until energy is fully restored or until Combat advantage is fully expended.
//You should still have about 6 seconds of Bleed active. Do NOT refresh without 3 Fractures.
//Repeat rotation beginning from Destructive Attack.

Rotation for obliterating regular mobs (like on KoE):
Jagged slice > Destructive Attack > Fracture
//repeat from Destructive attack and refresh the Bleed when it runs out. The mobs will be long dead before you can land 3 Fractures. :D

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Vicious Spin doesn’t have any crit modifying ruby abilities

aha, and whats this!1!111...…..!g/AF!a/B!a/B ?
PLS make Tekians playable race. fix shipcanons!


I misspoke. I meant to say "significant crit modifying rubies". :D
Destructive Attack and Fracture can be spammed to some extent and have 100% chance to crit with a bleed active. I have around 56.5k GS, pat 4, (5,5,6) damage runes and I tend to crit the most at around 500k with few procs. In a1 I've crit the highest at around 750k with destructive attack and full procs.
I feel that Vicious Spin is overshadowed.

Dieser Beitrag wurde bereits 2 mal editiert, zuletzt von »5ko55« ( aus folgendem Grund: Trying to seem less vague.

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