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Arena of Heroes Exploiting

Almost two weeks have passed since the patch update, and nothing has been done regarding the recent cheating in Arena of Heroes. Several players have exploited and are slowly getting away with it. This is not fair for those who have went countless times only to be passed by cheaters with an unfair advantage in manipulating the mechanics of the instance.
On the Russian version of the game, the management investigated and found some parties using this vulnerability and punished them accordingly. Here is what the Russian management had to say on the matter,

"Unfortunately, even among the strongest groups were identified using gaming vulnerabilities that allowed unfairly to go through a large number of waves. We have carried out a careful investigation. According to the results, 54 frauds were removed from the ranking lists. They do not receive a reward, and their characters will be given the title "Pathetic cheater." (link for reference)

This is a known exploit that was also used in our version of the previous patch, yet there has been no investigation on the matter when support ticket responses seem to indicate so, while several of the cheaters play punishment free with rewards that are not rightfully theirs. All I ask is for this issue to be looked into and for rewards to be revoked and redistributed to the legitimate winners.


What was the exploit? If you mean something with stacking the waves they fixed it -> Mausoleum of Sparks
Now all the characters die in the battle, if the arena at the same time there are 4 bosses.

But something must be wrong with titles in 2 people for sure, but they still investigate :/
They didn't even give few rewards from previous patches either <.<
Monsters Inc.


Zaydan.. please go back and do your research again.. instead of finding stuff which suits u, this "exploit" that you speak of was patched away lol..

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If you got probelms with bugs exploited you have to contact the support with a screenshoot and bug description.
If noone do it this kind of bug wont be solved.

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Our video is there dude, on youtube.. legit 142.. ahead RU, wheres yours?




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Can I have the "Pathetic cheater" title pls?

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