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11. 04. 2016, 16:22

I think it's fairly self-explanatory, the extended duration and tele-back was designed for combating melees. Melee charges you, you pulse him off, he uses his second charge, you twin, you get some distance and start attacking again, he manually runs your way to re-engage and when he gets close, tele back to your twin.

This would be the case if the teleport to twin was active for entire 10s. That's no longer possible after the invisibility ends. There would be no difference at all if they reduced twin duration to 4s.


11. 04. 2016, 17:31

I wish they did a better job with phantoms and Twin. Twin should leave a phantom behind instead of some weird neutral clone. Phantom should be a passively activated ability that triggers and goes on cooldown whenever you use an attack ability in combat, and phantoms would appear around you instead of around the target. Vertex and Disintigrate should be replaced with Reshuffle (which summons all summoned phantoms back around you, putting them at random patterns so you aren't in the middle always), and Swap (which switches your character and a summoned phantom's positions seamlessly).


14. 04. 2016, 12:55



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I would love if they didn't destroy psi
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14. 04. 2016, 19:31

to stay with your choice of wods, every class has been "destroyed" as pvp is so extreme fast now
every class feels like paper with -30% armor now
even tanks with high gear & runes

i doubt this will change with better gear as the problem is in the general gamemechanic; 2nd life is gone etc, there is no longer a way to interrupt damage (holy shield, ghost cover, old priden psi racial, timeloop etc)
also the change of the way healing is distributed is supporting the fast deaths we see in pvp

psi and mage are the only ones which can SOMEHOW escape from these situations with invisibility (+teleport), so my psi cant really complain regarding this matter

oh and the dots which were made significantly shorter but in the same way more powerful

pvp was much slower before 7.0, now this game almost feels like a shooter regarding the speed of death


14. 04. 2016, 23:44

Hi, any good build for pve out there? Just started the char and still got the 7 days WoD on mail, i am terrified to fuck it up so some help would be nice.


16. 04. 2016, 15:06

with the 7-day respec you have plenty of time to find a proper build
go with taking all the talents / rubies marked with a little star for the beginning and then adjust as you desire


16. 04. 2016, 17:21



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You would learn more about your class by trying to make a build and show it to the others so they can judge instead of taking someone else build and not knowing how to use it.


18. 04. 2016, 16:40

This is a biuld that i tried to make. I'd like you to criticise as much as possible (also, good to know that this is a dps single-target build, and a leveling one, or at least a possible leveling one xD).

And there is the build i thoguht about: http://www.allodswiki.ru/calc#!6!333.3..…/XHF!yrf/ZUGJGE

Aaaand, there is one ruby that is useless in the ruby grid section, but i thought i'd better take that than a blank one.


18. 04. 2016, 16:48

Also, i would like to know which stats to put, i mean for those 100 stat points that everyone got after the update.


19. 04. 2016, 09:09



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For the talents 1st: I wouldn't take the link r3, it's a waste of talent points. r1 or 2 if you have enough point is good already.
Meditation is pretty bad overall. If the made it like the concentration skill, just activate it and not channelling, it would be nice. But right now, it's crap imo.
I would take Wall of blade too, as it generates breakdown stacks and you can extend it's duration with direct attack and psychosis, which means even more stacks *_*

for the rest, it's good to me.

For the rubies: I wouldn't take the 45% dmg increase on Vertex and disintegration (3rd grid, down left). You will use vertex once every 15sec (or is it 20? don't remember). taking 3 rubies into that just isn't worth it. As for disintegration, you said it was a single target build, so you just won't use it (it's better to let the phantoms hit during all the timer than to make them explode, both because it will generate breakdown stacks and because the overall dmg from the phantom is higher than the explosion.)
There is 10% dmg increase on all your skill when under link. That's a must have. (2nd grid, down middle)
the 30% dmg increase on wall of blade and psychosis, if you have enough rubies, is pretty nice to have. (1st grid down middle).

For the rest, i don't see any big errors.

As for the stat, in PVE you will need a minimum of around 350-400 crit chance to be sure of having your pyrolisis stacks procing. if you play ith a paladin or an engi support that consistently put the +350 secondary stat buff, you can consider lowering this amount. For the other stats, the amount depends on you, but keep in mind that in PVE, Determination > Brutality > Proficiency.


19. 04. 2016, 10:39

the 30% dmg increase on wall of blade and psychosis, if you have enough rubies, is pretty nice to have. (1st grid down middle).

I'd suggest he pull them from "Full Concentration" (1st grid top), extra 3 seconds on Concentration for 3 rubies is a very bad per-point investment.

I also feel like "Torture" (Torment in my post) is not worth investing in. It's simply too long cast time for the little extra damage it does compared to "Scorching" (Mind Sear in my post). I'd take r3 "Astral Venom" (Psychic Trauma in my post) instead.

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19. 04. 2016, 11:07



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didn't see that, but what Dala says is true, Torture in pve isn't worth investing in it.


19. 04. 2016, 17:28

Ok, thank you sooo much for your pieces of advise. I also thought about adding points into "Spectral Assasin" as talent, 'cuz it is alos damage-over-time, but i don't know if i can use it in the same time with my phantoms, so, i ask again for your oppinion XD

Anyway, the build, after what both of you said, looks like this:

So, tell me if there is any point in using or even taking Spectral Assasin, when i max Phantoms.
Thank you again for your help :D


19. 04. 2016, 17:45

One more quick question, what weapons are better for psi? i know that the answer may be : "the one with the better stats" but even so, to know what to look after in general, if you would be kind to tell me, ofc xD


19. 04. 2016, 18:36

shouldnt matter at all^^ you can even take a 2 handet sword^^


19. 04. 2016, 21:27



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Spectral assassin is nice to have, but it is not vital. What i mean is that you'll use it as a precast and rarely use it after that. However, it would be a much better investment compared to what torture would be, for example.

as for the weapon, it doesn't matter anymore as the 1h/off hand doesn't give extra resistance anymore. So you'd rather pick the 2handed weapons with the right stat and best efficacy instead of trying to get a 1hand AND an off hand, making it twice as hard to get the stats/efficacy you want.


20. 04. 2016, 14:01

If I were you Cassandra I wouldn't even take Entropy


14. 06. 2016, 21:46


'Suggestion mastery
Increases damage done with all Mental suggestion skills by 7/14/21%.'

do some1 know pls whats those 'Mental suggestion skills' ?


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