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Sunday, April 24th 2016, 1:37am

Why this game has low player base

Been playing for a few months now and specifically can tell you why this game is not going to ever be large -

1 - 0 explanation on how to do anything. Mentor seems to be added into game to hide the developers lazyness to explain anything (and most mentors u get while leveling are inactive or no help). I get kicked out of a Skirmish because I am mounted in king of the hill circle? Where do I get told that I need to be off mount in the game?

2 - Glitch heaven - the amount of times u get stuck or a quest wont work and u need to disban it and re accept it... the fix? a button to move you to a safe spot if your stuck? Again lazy development. Instead of fixing it properly so it wont happen. (and whats with the BS not being able to run up over small hills?)

3 - Game is set up to milk thousands out of large players rather than micro transactions out of many players - Meaning there is about 20% of the small player group contributing 90% of the money made from this game - Shit is way over priced so that no mass amount of every day people will be able to compete keeping the player base low and the cash coming in large from the 20% that spend thousands.

4 - impossible to get help with raids - unless you new someone who was set up in a good guild and invites u into the fold... You wont complete a raid from DC onwards... Lack of players + guilds that are like cults inviting only ppl from their country of origin or only ppl that they new outside of allods. No1 will help u if u came to this game solo. Again this is the games poor development, allowing players to quit when they realise they cant progress.

5. (my biggest peeve) Everything you learn from lvl 1 - lvl 70 is not preparing you for lvl 70 it gets thrown out the window. Lets think about this - U start game and get a trade, you craft and craft to keep up with combat level and reach lvl 70 - boom now your crafting is useless. It gives you no advantage over other lvl 70's for getting gear as the gear grind completely changes and confuses new players reaching 70. Only advantage crafting gives u is u can create gear for reascended character but even that is temporary.


Sunday, April 24th 2016, 3:11am

1. true not like there is a recomedation system which throws you infos in your face all the time...ah no most ppl deactivate the skirmish well i think you even get a buff which says mounted = no points once again its about reading^^ game wont talk to you and can only communicate with written words...

2. well i played 10 acc to max lvl (well ok with new max lvl not all are max anymore^^) and it rarely happens to get stuck so no clue what you do

3. sadly you are right there :/ i personally rrly like the f2p system in general as someone who doesnt have this much time to play but it should be way cheaper indeed

4. well its RAIDS which are made for MANY players so...yeah... you need to communicate with a few ppl in ideal case join a guild and schwups you get into raids^^ also just saying last patch i was soloing dc,dc2 and tep every week for boxes(until they made it you can solo dc2 anymore -.-) so you dont even need a raid take 2-3 players and its rrly easy also as someone in a international guild i can say no we dont just take ppl from same country^^ the only thing required is to speak basic englisch in most guilds

5. mhh as i see it you complain about crafting beeing useless right? well it helped you lvl up more easy (maybe even go astral already before reaching 70) so its not useless^^ as for usefulness later on ppl complained you need a profession last patch with glyphs^^ they WANT a easy system and the new one is insanely easy^^ basically you find half of you gear on the ground already (drops) and the other half you just craft and there no special upgraders or something are needet only 1 universal currency to buy items not even upgrading needet which makes it one of the most simple upgrading systems in allods so far :thumbsup:


Sunday, April 24th 2016, 12:51pm



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1. dont turn off the tips if your too stupid to do it without them ...

2.Which quests didnt work for you?? Please name them because actually all are working and maybe you just dint how to do them?

4. This is a mmorpg, get socialized or go back to tetris. You can do dc1, dc2 and tep very very easy with random blue 70 gear (no rerolls) wiht just one more player... Anyways how the fuck do you want to progress in 5 year old raids?
About guilds ... theres definetly enough english speaking guilds on both factions.

5. There's a level 70 recipe which allows you to craft fabled tools. the only other way to obtain these is via cash-shop, sounds useless right?

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Sunday, April 24th 2016, 2:32pm


Why this game has low player base

becouse the game is not fair even throught you do your best. Some ppl got used to it, some ppl did not: these who did not, they just stopped playing, or they still play frustrated.
The game is not fair in many aspects. You have to deal with it and ignore these toxic affected ppl whos got poisoned by it, "zombified". Just don't blame them for it :|


Sunday, April 24th 2016, 3:44pm



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0 explanation on how to do anything.
Aside from the occasional localization mis-match, most if not all players can usually figure out what is required very easily. There is a difference between laziness and refusing to hold your hand for the entire experience, and most if not all of us (myself included) had no issues levelling from 1 to maximum even back when Allods did not provide auto-moving, mentor, or other features.


Glitch heaven - the amount of times u get stuck or a quest wont work and u need to disban it and re accept it
Some will tell you they had experienced no glitches at all. The only time most people abandon quests is when important ones are failed and require being re-taken to start over. If you experience glitches in game, be sure to create a ticket so it can be investigated.


Shit is way over priced so that no mass amount of every day people will be able to compete
For a small subscription fee, you can hop onto the P2P server where everyone is on even footing. When talking about a game that has been out for many, many years, and the server (F2P) where some people have played (and invested) for that many years and have a huge head start/advantage, it is obviously a different ball game.


impossible to get help with raids
Raids are player dependant, thus this can't be nailed into Allods own back.


This is to do with the new equipment system, one where professions can create rare, epic, legendary and fabled tools used to make your end-game life easier (or sold). Crafting never really should give you huge advantages over others, simply a way of life or means to which you can improve your character without having to go through the usual motions. Allods does this - then swaps to the new system for end-game where gearing can ONLY be done through the Anvil or Astral. How many MMORPG's have you played where crafting gives you better rewards than end-game?

Ultimately, I can't see this thread going anywhere pleasant, moreso as it is outside of where such messages should be raised (suggestions forum). Feel free to recreate this thread with a list of actual issues and reasonable suggestions on how you feel they could be remedied.


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