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Question about buying from the Boutique?

Hello! I've been playing Allods quite b it (on and off) for the last few years and have always been interested in buying unique items from the Boutique but I have some questions on the subject that I'm unsure where to find anywhere else.

Question 1: If I were to buy a unique item (mount, chest, etc.) does this item only effect the character I use to buy it? Say I buy an item using my main character, would any of my other characters be allowed to use it as well? Like a mount? Or does that one item only go towards my one character?

Question 2: When buying Crystal do I need to convert them to the "Unique" currency in the actual game? Or would it simply convert them for whatever it was I was purchasing?

Any help with this would be great!


Boutique items such as runes, mounts, additional talents and stats etc. are shared with reincarnation characters only.
I don't know what do you mean in your 2nd qestion about converting. You dont need to convert anything. Pay and buy whatever you want. If you are asking about premium crystals, well the only difference between regular and premium crystals is, that items bought with premium crystals are bound to you, so you can't sell it.


Hi, i think i understand the second question:

Well, after buying crystals, you can:
a) use them directly in the boutique (Y) to buy the items available there or
b) convert them to in game gold via the exchange. That way you can buy items from other players, whether they are boutique items or other game items.

Note that not all items, or 'currencies' in your (I) tab are directly buyable in any way.
You need to earn some of those through in game activities as they are bound to either a) your character or b) your character and its incarnations.
All the items that are or were at any point available in the boutique are bound to your character and its incarnations after their use.
So you need to buy those only once if they are permanent.

About using premium crystals: as redcatcz said, the items bought with those are directly bound upon purchase, not use.
So if you have crystals, NEVER convert them to premium crystals, unless that is the required currency to buy a specific item in the boutique, and then again only convert exactly the amount required for that purchase.

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