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Saturday, April 30th 2016, 5:11pm

  • "The Real Tyto" started this thread

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Input to a pure pve dps warrior build.

Hi there! I've created a pure pve dps build guide for a smaller forum.
I would like to hear some input if anything could or should be changed. Unfortanly I haven't got the time to add rotations so if someone could share some rotations that would be great :D

The build I've posted here is pure pve (player versus environment) damage build for warrior. That means that this build is purely for Astral and Raids. Nothing less nothing more, ofc it works to farm with but you'll lack some defence in that case. I will not comment much about stats.

Oh and one more thing; this build fits for a 2h weapon. All 2 handed weapon share the same damage spread and energy consumption, the CD will be almost the same. The same thing goes 1h weapons.

Alrighty then first off all the talent points.
The Talents are divided into 4 different groups.
  • Fire Damage & Physical Damage
  • Blows & Thrusts

Fire Damage
  1. Destructive Attack
  2. Fracture
  3. Rapid Blow
  4. Vicious Spin & Tramp AoE's (AoE = Area of Effect)

Physical Damage
  1. Deadly Lunge
  2. Jagged Slice (Dot)
  3. Bloodbath (AoE Dot)

Blows: (Increase Combat Advantage + Vicious Spin)
  1. Destructive Attack
  2. Fracture

Thrusts: (Consumes Combat Advantages + Tramp)
  1. Rapid Blow
  2. Deadly Lunge

Why should we use Fire Damage instead of only Physical Damage as we have always used to do?
The rubies we got gives another 18% damage to fire damage/defence, but we got rubies who boost physical damage/defence aswell with 18%. But there's is 2 more things with the fire damage rubies.
  • They boost our range with 2 yards to all melee attacks.
  • Destructive Attack reduce the cost of Fracture with 15 for 8s.

As Fracture is the most Energy spending skill but most CA generator, this a quite a good thing.

What's the difference on Blows and Thrusts?
The difference on Blows and Thrusts are simple.
Blows increase our CA, while Thrusts consume CA.
Destructive Attack deal highest amount of damage of blows but gives us only 15 CA.
Fracture gives us as a whole 34 CA total when combined with rubies.

AoE's and dots (Dot = Damage Over Time)
However, Jagged Slice, Vicious Spin, Bloodbath and Tramp does not count as blows nor thrusts.
Jagged Slice is a Physical skill and doesn't consume or generator any CA. This is a Dot.
Vicious Spin is a Fire skill and generates CA. This is AoE.
Bloodbath is a Physical skill and its added by Vicious Spin. Thats why I call it an Aoe Dot.
Tramp is also a Fire skill and consumes CA. This is AoE.

The use of Bloody Harvest
Bloody Harvest is great damage increasing skill.
Not only does it gives 22% more damage to Thrusts, Jagged Slice and Bloodbath. We also got some rubies which boost our Bloody Harvest.
The rubies increase Critical Chance of Rapid Blow with 100%, 50% to Vicious Spin and Tramp.
It also gives an effect when it fades away which boost our damage dealth with 15% for 9s!
Just to a bonus, if it should happen that you don't use any melee skills for 4 seconds, you'll be granted Battle Rage buff which again, increase your damage with 15%. This Battlle Rage effect may stack up to 6 times but does not add more than 15% damage. Also, this effect is not removed when using Bloody Harvest while its still activated.
Always remember to use this skill very often.

Why Berserkers instead of Slaughter?
This is quite simple when they are both max ranked.
Berserker gives us 5% more damage for 4,5s and increase our bloodlust with 50 for each 10% of our health thats missing. The CD at r3 is 4 minutes. This means in a fight you'll get another 5% damage to all damage given in those 4,5 seconds. The amount of dots possible to have and buffs that increase damage of certain skills makes these 5% quite high.

Slaughter gives a steady amount damage for each second in 3 seconds. This makes it a powerfull dot for 3 seconds. However, Bloody Harvest which increase all our dots, does not increase Slaughter. At r3 the CD is 5 minutes, 1 minute longer than Berserker.

This means you can either increase all damage with 5% in 4,5 second and increase your bloodlust with 50 per each 10% missing our hp. Or add one powerfull dot.
I find Berserker to be better because:
  • If combined with Bloody Harvest, Berserker will probably deal more damage than Slaughter with those 5%. I haven't got to test this tho.
  • When you're below 10% hp, you'll get 400 Stats points added to Bloodlust. This can make a huge increase in health.
  • Last but important, Berserker can be used more often than Slaughter.

Optional: Charge or Adrenaline Surge
In my build, charge is maxed. But if you feel you lack some defence you can choose Adrenaline Surge to reduce the incoming damage with 50% for 6s aswell increase your speed. Since this build got its focus on most damage, Charge is r3 due the amount of damage it gives.

Fighter Ruby Tree

The only thing I'm gonna comment is about the Brutality Rubies. These I find to be the least important as they don't directly increase our damage with a huge amount unless you already got a high amount of Brutality. As I said in the start of this post, I will not comment much about stats all yet. If you got more rubies than me then you may pick the rest of Brutality rubies.
I will not bother to comment all rubies because they are all mostly damage/crit/time increasing.

Bodyguard Ruby Tree

Here it's very important to grab both Bloodbath rubies. These are just added dots when you use Vicious Spin.
The other rubies increase damage of Vicious Spin with 21% and allows us to move while performing this attack. You also get 3 CA points for each hit to a mob with Vicious Spin. The more mobs, the more CA generated.

Mercenary Ruby Tree

The rubies you obtain here gives you 18% more fire damage and 18% more elemental defence.
Pack of Punches rubies gives you a total of 16% more damage to your blows. This buff comes from using Thrusts skills.
Therefor you should use a combo of Rapid Blow (Thrust) and Destructive Attack (Blow) once you got x4 of Pack of Punches.

So the final Rotations should look like this:
Solo Target:
Building CA
-> -> x3

Restoring Energy - Consuming CA

Several Targets (AoE):
-> (Tramp needs 50 CA)

Bloody Harvest should be used during all phases to increase the damage of Jagged Slice, Bloodbath, Rapid Blow, Vicious Spin & Tramp. Battle Rage gives us +15% damage to all blows.

- Tyto out! 8)

Any comments would be great :D

This post has been edited 3 times, last edit by "The Real Tyto" (May 1st 2016, 8:55am) with the following reason: All Devastating Attacks where meant to be Destructive Attack, I mixed them.


Saturday, April 30th 2016, 5:58pm

Looks good. Very close to what I use. I would cut 2 of those Destructive Attack rubies and put them into brutality. You only use it to activate Flaming Blade so you don't really care about the damage and I assume brutality is more damage anyway. Also I'm not a fan of cutting stamina rubies. They're mandatory to not get oneshot, atleast on p2p.


Saturday, April 30th 2016, 6:14pm

  • "The Real Tyto" started this thread

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Thanks for the input!
I'm currently missing 2 rubies from quests, I got the chance to buy them but I haven't bothered yet. I would have spent those on either Brut or Stamina.
About the Flaming Blade, since focus on this build is to blast damage output, I found cheaper energy on Fracture and longer range to be fine.
I'm not 100% sure on stats yet, thats why I've not commented on those. It could sure be better to increase Brutality instead of Flaming Blade. If you're 100% certain on this I'll change it.


Saturday, April 30th 2016, 6:23pm

Yes Flaming Blade is essential on Assault builds. I don't think i said otherwise. It is about how much you use Fracture compared to Destructive. Imo Destructive damage rubies are pretty crap especially if you're low on rubies. Stats you should go Critdamage up to 500. After that Det and Ele damage depending how well you keep up your det.


Saturday, April 30th 2016, 6:28pm


Saturday, April 30th 2016, 8:05pm

Generic rotation is as follows:

Build CA, Spend Energy phase (Jagged Slice Phase):
Jagged Slice -> Devastating Attack -> Fracture x3

Spend CA, regenerate Energy phase (Bloodbath Phase):
Bloodbath -> Rapid Blow x3 -> Deadly Lunge

Rinse and repeat.

Some others would suggest 4 Rapid Blows during the Bloodbath Phase, but Deadly Lunge will always deal higher damage until you've stacked quite a bit of Elemental Damage.


Sunday, May 1st 2016, 8:40am

  • "The Real Tyto" started this thread

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Location: Norway

Occupation: Sailor

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Thanks for all input from several people, both in messages, in-game and here :D
So the final Rotations should look like this:
Solo Target:
Building CA
-> -> x3

Restoring Energy - Consuming CA

Several Targets (AoE):
-> (Tramp needs 50 CA)

Bloody Harvest should be used during all phases to increase the damage of Jagged Slice, Bloodbath, Rapid Blow, Vicious Spin & Tramp. Battle Rage gives us +15% damage to all blows.


Friday, May 13th 2016, 10:08am

try going jagged -> destructive -> fracturex2 -> harvest -> fracture -> deadly lunge -> rapid blowx3 -> lunge then repeat
rotation works better with harvest coming off cd, and can fit in more thrusts

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