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Friday, April 29th 2016, 1:15pm



  • "Mhuldoon" started this thread

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7.0 "New Order": Feedback Contest

Dear Sarnaut,

Four weeks have passed since 7.0: New Order hit our servers and we've only just scratched the surface! From class reworks and equipment system overhauls, to the re-emergence of the Architects and the League & Empire working together to prevent total annihilation at their hands... There was a lot to soak in and you did it with aplomb!

Now that everyone has had a chance to embrace the expansion and settle in to their characters, we wanted to get your thoughts on how the class revamp has impacted you, especially now that aspects have opened the door for everyone to seek roles in content regardless of their class. How well did you transition into the class changes? Did you find it refreshing to start anew with completely different abilities? Which aspect suits you best?
  • 1st: 6000 Premium Crystals & 4 Week Subscription to Smuggler's Paradise.
  • 2nd: 5000 Premium Crystals & 3 Week Subscription to Smuggler's Paradise.
  • 3rd: 4000 Premium Crystals & 2 Week Subscription to Smuggler's Paradise.
NOTE: These prizes are offered per region/language.


As of the 13th of May, this contest is now over - the votes are in and here are the results!

Here are the three EN winners:

Congratulations to the winners! If you haven't already, be sure to
add your character name and server to your winning entry so that we can
send your prize in-game.

A big thank you to everyone who took part in the contest, for
providing feedback, and for checking out the new expansion. We look
forward to seeing you in-game and wish you luck in the current (and
future) seasons of 7.0 "New Order"!

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Friday, April 29th 2016, 1:57pm

It's been four weeks, but who's counting?


Friday, April 29th 2016, 3:56pm



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because I am old all these changes and new things on classes in general and warrior in particular scare me.
Also I don't like the language of the young players. ?(

-greetings Nandita


Friday, April 29th 2016, 3:59pm



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It's been four weeks, but who's counting?
I corrected it, thanks ^^
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Friday, April 29th 2016, 5:12pm

Before the update 7.0 came to
our server, I used to watch a lot of Russian videos to familiarize with the
upcoming content (or because I was simply too curious :D), I watched just a few
pvp videos with my class (psionicist), because I didn’t like it, it was too
different from what it used to be, so I decided that I would change it after
the update.

Ok, so the update rolled in and I decided to stick to the
psionicist a little more, even if I kind of hated it. In the first day I struggled
to understand how aspects work and to decipher all the skills and rubies of the
psionicist and ughhh, I was so angry because they changed my beloved psionicist
soo much
. The first build I tried to make was
the suppression aspect build, with which I leveled up from 65 to 70 (please don’t
try this build in PvM, please, the struggle is real). I stuck to this build
because I didn’t have water of death, as you know that it came after 5-6 days
after the patch. God they were the longest 5 levels since I play allods (Because
this build has very low damage, and adding my non knowledge of the new
mechanics of the class, resulted a big pile of sh…rectal expulsion.:D

Whatever, I finally finished
all the quests in Dane, and I kind of started to like the new psionicist , I understood
how the aspect works and I made a few tweaks in the build and finally I was
able to squeeze the maximum performance out of my aspect.

Oh boy, now came the PvP. I
seriously never had that much fun with any other class before. If you play as a
suppressor carefully,almost 50 seconds out of every minute, your target is
under cc. At first it blew my mind. I was reading rubies and skills and I was
like:“What the 8|? This skill stuns and this one too and that one too “, the
list wasn’t ending.

I never thought that a CC
class can have such a big impact in group PvP. Now I do. Under suppression aspect,
you won’t do too much damage, instead, your role is to cc the important players
from the opposite team (healers are on the top of the list) and to laugh at
your helpless victims as your teammates are killing them.

Now everybody should
understand that “change” is bad just because you are too comfortable with what
you are used. Embrace it, give it a few shots and try to understand it, you
will never know what you’re losing ;). I almost changed the awesome class that
the psionicist is now, but thankfully I decided to stick to it a little, and it
was the best decision ever^^ See you in game and have a nice day! And I hope
that my story is entertaining and informative enough and not boring haha!

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Friday, April 29th 2016, 6:42pm

Warrior the ultimate Killing machine

Hello everyone

I'd like to talk about the WORRIOR class, everyone knew how warrior lacked a lot of defense in last patches & it was unlike the paladin in tank mode. Last patch I left warrior & changed to warden which was very good playing but when this patch came & I tried different builds for warrior I actually seen how much the warrior defense has greatly developed to a new level. now warrior tank is even more powerful than paladin thank & got Stony Resilience now works way better than paladin barriers & even can convert 2million dmg to hp & even more It further can be PVP build with the ASPECT OF DEFENCE 2handed weapon & got a very powerful dmg can reach 1 million max on player & it also got a high dmg in Aspect of Assault but It has a low defensive rate lower than any class So I wish It can be modified for aspect of assault.

And about CC it now has very powerful CC that I can even Kill players that have higher gs than me If I catch them almost every 20 sec has 10 sec control effects :D

and about how to catch targets it got 5 SKILLS to reach targets & the basic one Charge can be every 10 SECONDS!! awesome :D

and in battle ground u can easily make ur team wins in Deserted farm and Flag capture mode & Training ground & in Death mark mode & even In Hollow U CAN HOLD THE AREA AGAINST A HUGE NO. OF PLAYERS & STILL KILL THE ONE U WANT TO KILL.

and at last I advice u to play warrior It's AWESOME THIS PATCH :D

GL everyone
Star0destroyer new frontier En

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Saturday, April 30th 2016, 12:28am


I'd like to start by saying it has been awhile since I tried this game. Back then it seemed decent, but just didn't have enough for me to commit to it time wise. Recently, I have been trying a lot of different games(Feel like i have tried them all)and happened to see allods. The fact that it had some newer efforts made to improve the game I figured I would check it out. I must say it feels much better from what I remember, as a free game these improvements are more on par with what other options i have seen out there. Deleted the character i had from when i tried it before, and created a warrior. Right away I noticed a better flow of the questing, I felt some immersion. Granted I haven't been playing for long with this recent dive into sarnaut, but the warrior class changes seem much better. Skills, and the overall choices throughout leveling, seem better laid out. If I am feeling at least a reasonable amount of challenge with a more simplified overall system, I am ok with that. Needless to say I will be investing some time, and possibly money into this game for a bit. Planning on trying some other classes to get a better opinion, but 7.0 to me is looking like a step in the right direction for this game. Hope to see any of you out there.



Saturday, April 30th 2016, 12:31am

Warrior 7.0 - feedback

Adaptation to a new warrior was like a recovering from some kind of mental shock. I have to press much more buttons now! It wasn't like that before, back in 6.0, where we had to press only 3 buttons.. and I like how it is now! It's co much more enjoyable to play.

Thanks to a new class aspects, making a builds wasn't difficult at all. There isn't really anything that could be terrible ruined if we invest some time and read the description of the talents.
Keeping an opponent close to the body has never been easier. Charge every 10 seconds, harpoon, slow down, taunt, all this cc's makes from a warr player proffesional pain in the ass. And provocation, team turtle, disobedient, and tornado makes from us inherent team helper.

Thats why I LOVE warrior. :love:

What I dislike the most, are all those unpractical variations with an unused potential. It's sad, becouse there are really only a few actually playable variations of the warrior so every warrior player uses a similar distribution of rubies and talens, while we can clearly see that there could be so much more! And so, if somebody decides to go a slightly different way, he is punished extremely!! In fact, I feel so much more limited in 7.0. This just makes me cry.
Aspect of Assault is one big dissapointment. While I understand why do players uses this (mainly in dominion and pve), there are too much of rubies that are absolutely need for each warrior that uses this aspect that requires too much rubies to get. Like 5 rubies to make your blows critical? 4 + 4 rubies about bleeding that is needed to make your blows go critical? 4 rubies for increasing your blows damage? and very lack of available defensive rubies. What I think is, that Assault Aspect warrior should have access to more aspect of defence related rubies - mainly to Mutiliation and CA generation ruby.

At the end I would like to add, that we clearly can't meassure with a certain characters focused on PvP - we all know who they are. Guys, do not let it disguise you, becouse we are doing very important role in groups and without us -the warriors- the game can not do!

Cirkulara - Empire - F2P :thumbsup:

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Saturday, April 30th 2016, 8:13am

Summoner Feedback

Hi there,

I've been playing a summoner on the sub server since it opened, have loved it. The 7.0 patch has been a welcomed change to the game as a whole. While I initially had difficulty learning the new skills and play-style to match, I have come to appreciate its ease of use and flow of skills to now play a summoner effectively. After 'mastering' the assault build, I now have to 'relearn' how to play the support side of things (was fun to do this for the first time in a Deserted Farms match) needless to say I died tragically, many, many times :).

On the whole, I love the new patch and am enjoying it immensely. The only issue I have with summoners is that when I log back in my hellion/lurker isn't there, and I would dearly love it if, while out of combat, summoning our pets didn't cost blood, have no issue with it costing blood to summon them while in combat.

So a big thumbs up :thumbsup: for the team, this patch has been great so far!

~ Poren (Smugglers Paradise)

P.S. Have had a Pally on the f2p server since open beta, quite like the new way to play that as well :D

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Saturday, April 30th 2016, 10:24am

Psionicist Feedback contest//Osnehr

My thoughts on the 7.0 update. :?:

Before the update got realeased I didn't know much about it at all. I did try watch some russian videos about it to get a bit familirized with the upcoming class changes but as you might expect I didn't understand much of it.
When the update was headed to our servers I got more and more excited about since the classes had been pretty much unchanged for years and the fact that we would get some changes felt just awesome. So I started of with buying the Collector's edition just to be able to try all the classes out and see how they felt. FYI before this update i was a healer. So I started as a healer and tried many different builds but it didn't seem to work out for me, I just didn't enjoy it as much as before. I started to try new classes and got kind of hooked up with the scout class, since the playstyle was completely different. I actually only played scout until i reached level 70. Then I started to do some battlegrounds to see how pvp felt with the new changes. I ended up getting oneshot almost all the time, then i looked a bit into it and was trying to see what classes that killed me over and over again. I ended up only seeing psios just oneshotting me all the time, so i checked it out. I have never played the class psio before so I didn't feel the change of the class except it just fit me perfectly.
The new playstyle with the support aspect just felt so rewarding. The feel of being able to just put the mental link, wall of blades, agony(that applies the vulnerability effect), concentration. To get up the revelation effect and just punch out pre-cast torture and scorching at the same time to just oneshot someone in just a couple of seconds just felt so rewarding and i couldn't stop playing it.
When the gearing got started and I got even stronger it just became more and more fun and i started trying out the aspect of assault. The dps i found were rather insane, even in PVP i could just kill playerss in a matter of seconds just by spamming Astral Venom and Scorching on top of the Pyrolysis and Breakdown rubies. 8)
It was a bit hard to get started at the beginning as psi because of the new rubies so i had to spend some hours reading it all through and just trying out new things. And in my opinion this is the best patch in Allods online so far and I have played it since open beta. You do know what you are doing after all Mycom games. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Thanks for this update and see you in the sarnaut. :D 8)
//Osnehr (New Frontier)


Saturday, April 30th 2016, 2:41pm

Mage 7.0 Feedback of Power!!

Toda minha vida em Sarnaut eu passei como Mago, na liga. Magos já tiveram fazes muito boas, e também alguns patchs onde era mais chato de se jogar. Desde a junção dos servidores BR/EU no 6.0 eu estava um pouco desanimado. Mas a chegada do 7.0 New Order trouxe inovação ao Allods, principalmente na questão dos aspectos. Os aspectos ofereceram dinamismos entra as classe, de modo que a mesma classe assuma funções diferentes, possuindo habilidades exclusivas seja para apoiar, oferecer dano ou proteção a equipe, fazendo com que classes, antigamente em desuso, hoje se tornem tão requisitadas quanto as outras.
No caso dos magos em especial, classe onde tenho maior experiência, os aspectos potencializam habilidades especificas, oferecendo diversas finalidades a presença do mago no grupo. Podendo ser muito bem empregados todos os aspectos disponíveis na árvore de habilidades do mago. Os relatos aqui descritos são de builds que eu mesmo criei com base na leitura das habilidades e conhecimento da classe.

· Aspecto do suporte:
Como suporte o mago oferece habilidades de grande impacto nas lutas, aplicando efeitos negativos nos inimigos. A build de suporte constitui basicamente de habilidades presentes na grade de Fogo. A build de suporte pode ser utilizada no PvE ( Jogador contra o ambiente), ela reduz o dano causado pelos monstros além de aumentar o dano sofrido por eles, mas infelizmente, esses efeitos não são aplicados em monstros do tipo Chefe. Ponto negativo para este aspecto, fazendo com que perca o uso em incursões. A build é chamada por muitos de PvP ( jogador contra jogador) pois além de causar os efeitos anteriores, ela também aumenta o tempo de recarga das habilidades inimigas e diminui suas resistências. É uma build muito interessante pois trouxe grande dinamismo ao jeito de se jogar de mago e oferece resistência a classe que sempre foi frágil.

· Aspecto de assalto: É a build voltada para dano pesado dos magos, atributo potencializado por este aspecto. Constitui de rubis de gelo e raio. Possui uma rotação de habilidades muito interessante, que se executada de forma correta potencializa o dano causado por outras habilidades. Com esta construção de habilidades o mago consegue causar danos superiores a outras classe ainda que estas estejam mais equipadas que o mago. Em função deste grande dano o mago acaba retornando à fragilidade de sempre. É mais utilizada em incursões e ilhas astrais. Altamente recomendada para quem gosta de acabar com seus inimigos rapidamente.

· Aspecto da supressão: Esta build basicamente transforma o mago em uma torre, ficando imóvel, aumentando sua defesa, causando dano e aplicando efeitos de controle nos inimigos, também oferecendo apoio aos seus aliados. Ideal para proteção de pontos ou para batalhas em ambientes pequenos. Possui rubis mais variados, focando controle e resistência.

É fato que com a chegada de New Order o mago se tornou uma classe mais forte e atrativa, com habilidades rápidas e agora sem custo de mana!! Experimente!! Vale muito a pena a diversão e o poder!!
Quelthalas ( Mage – League/New Frontier)


Saturday, April 30th 2016, 2:48pm



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GliTchY here. This is my entry i decided to write it in the form of a story, a short one at that. I hope it outlines a few familiar abilities as well as the main changes to the classes damage types and resource type as well as some stuff gained in the collectors edition package :D

"I went to sleep a scout - I woke up a... scout?

I remembered going to sleep the night before, bow in hand, blades under my pillows. It must have been 6am when chaos broke out. The new order had arrived. My pillows started burning with toxic fumes as my blades were covered in poison and my bow set on fire but never burning down. My physical strength had been reduced to nothing as I got out of bed and looked through the window. Staring at me was hundreds on fellow survivors battling the new found enemy...

I put on some clothes I found by the bed (I had never seen these before). As I ran outside I started getting confused and that’s when I forgot everything I knew about fighting. Luckily, my trusty lightning bolt was still where I left it, although it did not look the same… It looked more threatening.
I spoke to the local mailman who gave me this omnificent core morpher to change my class. After several changes I ended up staying as a scout. It must have been in my heart. So I began my quest to learning it all again.

I began collecting gear pieces which I used to enchant my arrows, for some reason, fighting no longer used up all of my energy. As my training persisted, I gained more power.
The elders called it the Aspect of Assault. My efficiency in poison and fire became a destructive force that my enemies now fear. The training also increased my stamina and willpower and a little bit of my memory back as I learned a familiar sounding skill I call “Rain of Arrows”. As the days went by, my ability to carry gear pieces and collect them both got stronger. My shots are explosive and my blades are deadly as they burn my enemies body’s with fire and their souls with poison yet deal no physical damage.

The new order has certainly changed my fighting style, for the better."

Thanks for reading ~ GliTchY


Sunday, May 1st 2016, 12:56am


É fato que com a chegada de New Order o mago se tornou uma classe mais forte e atrativa, com habilidades rápidas e agora sem custo de mana!! Experimente!! Vale muito a pena a diversão e o poder!!
Quelthalas ( Mage – League/New Frontier)

Please remember :


The official languages of this forum are English, French, German and Turkish. Posts in any other languages will be removed.

In order to participate to the contest, you'll need to translate your message.
No one on the Allods Team will be able to understand and judge your entry.

Unless you are just posting for your brazilian/portuguese friends :).
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Sunday, May 1st 2016, 11:51am

Short notes on: "how to scout in 7.0"

the post was moved to the scout archetype section


Bring It On! Cuz I'm Just Gonna Grow Up In The Battle HEY !!

Timed Artifacts: The hidden value
Blanks In Chat?

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Sunday, May 1st 2016, 11:53am

Sadly ... there are no Arabic section in the forum to be in ... Had to post here...

Bring It On! Cuz I'm Just Gonna Grow Up In The Battle HEY !!

Timed Artifacts: The hidden value
Blanks In Chat?


Sunday, May 1st 2016, 1:58pm

Hello, i've been playing a healer class (Healer / Cleric) ever since i play Allods from 3.0 itself.

For my opinion as a Full time Healer itself, many of Healer survival skills become nerfed much especially there are no Perpetual healing and some rubies that did not goes with Healer well.

For the stats itself, i never like the new stats because it confuses me how to build a decent support Healer itself. With current status i would say the heal will not exceeded 250k when reaches lv 51 or at least 100k as a limitance itself because lack of Critical Healing and the DPS can survive by their own through Bloodlust or stats that can gain health regeneration every offense itself which makes the Healer less useful on the battlefiled either PvE or PvP itself. In addition the wound complexity also not shown anymore as wound complexity was more challenging but since there are no wound complexity it become less challenging.

I start to dislike when i reach more higher level as i can feel there is something missing on the gameplay itself. The Support become useless and the DPS become more shiny, at least give support time to shine as well because Support is a key of survival in a party and raid but with bloodlust effect system i would say the failure chance of raid or party fighting tough level (BR such as Blue Ring or RR aka Red Ring) risen considerably due to lack of support firepower for healing.

Even it was sustained with Aspect of Healing it doesn't help much because i was more struggle to solo many quests compared to before where i can survive by my own through Full Healer build.

For the Ruby itself please re-add the Cleansing Flame continuous itself as it was very essential for healer to survive even more longer like it was on 3.0 and for myself i want most of skills, stats and rubies reverted back to 3.0 because i was more comfortable with that and so are everyone where many player can make their own style without problems.

This 7.0 certainly has tons of flaws because player's build style become more limited due to skills, rubies and stats itself. I prefer for the stats using the old establishment such as Luck, Perception, Wisdom, Intelligence, etc rather than Bloodlust, Proficiency, Vigor, etc. in addition i prefer the old stats to be commenced again because it was more worth than new stats which gives more balance than new stats.

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Sunday, May 1st 2016, 3:03pm

a word from a casual player

i know this thread should be on class feedback but i do want to share my personal feedback.

after playing this game for years i can say i'm frustrated with this patch for the following reasons:

1. i'm playing this game with an average of 1.5-2 hours a day (on several days more then that and others not at all). on previous patches that was enough to be in line with the top gear minus 5%. now that is not possible. if u don't attend raids u'll not get ff and generally fall behind in gearing.

2. global cd on spells 1.5 sec - omg, what were u thinking adding this feature? instead of concentrate on buff/debuff and on what oppenents is doing i need to check if the spell off global cd. as my friend said: "it feels like 2-3 sec...". I can adjust to it but the all game feel like an old game back in the days when internet speed made it look like u got global cd.

I'm aware that most probably you are not going to do anything with those reasons since its the core of the game but if u do someday i'll be happy to come back to this beautifull game at 8.0 :|


Monday, May 2nd 2016, 12:47pm



  • "Mhuldoon" started this thread

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Hello folks,

Bear in mind that this is a class-based feedback competition.

If you'd like to post a 'guide', please consider creating one for your chosen archetype and using their respective forum. Normal feedback is also welcome, but preferred in the Suggestions forum. Posting either in this thread does not make you eligible for the competition and will likely be moved at some point, seeing as we'd like to keep the competition thread as free of clutter as possible in order to easily gather all eligible entries once the competition ends.


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Monday, May 2nd 2016, 2:38pm

Playing a Psionicist.

What I like:
  • More buttons to press than three.
  • A completely new and different from just another damage dealer, viable role to play in organized group PvP - full control.
  • Swiftness - a very interesting stat that improves the above role greatly.
  • Significant limitation that mana imposed and huge dependence on consumables (potions) because of this has been removed.
  • Area damage - psionicist finally has it.

What I dislike:
  • Very unforgiving and short timers for important effects (Despotism, Revelation, Poltergeist)
  • No access to any kind of self-healing other than potions/bloodlust.
  • "Meditation" and rubies for it being nearly completely useless everywhere (this should be turned to some sort of self-heal imo)
  • "Twin" having a 10s duration with only 4s of any meaningful effect. Invisibility to allies (particularly healers) while in effect.
  • "Entropy" being way too unreliable to warrant spending talents on.
    I think the random 'damage or debuff' part kills this skill completely as you never want a less-than-a-second effect while in damage aspect or very little damage while in control aspect.
    Also with the Stress decay rubies, it's impossible to ever reach max for full additional effect. The Stress will just decay while you are casting it.
  • Defensive effects being dispellable (Psionic Shell, Ecto Form/Astral Body). Overall low survivability (I don't mean the stat).
  • Ruby grid is still a trainwreck. Better than before, but you're still forced to take things that have no effect on the way sometimes (Rubies for "Torture" cooldown recovery in the first grid for example. It's not a must-have skill and they are in key positions).
  • Physical skills. Not many enough to warrant stacking Physical Damage, but enough to have doubts about stacking Holy (this should be 'Divine' btw, as 'Holy' is one of the subtypes) damage.
  • Base (aspect independent) effect durations being much lower than similar effects of other classes (compare Pulse with Warrior's stun/knockdown effects or Horror with Summoner's Fear). This makes them not worth the points for aspects that don't amplify them. This also contributes to Assault Aspect being non-viable in PvP.
  • Very long global cooldown making the gamplay feel much more clunky and slow.
  • Looks like Mage class is more effective in pretty much every way.

What makes me want to scream and howl and thrash in pain:
  • Support role not viable in PvE. Still single role there: Damage Dealer. WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?! ;(
  • Significant mechanics tied to entering combat. I AM LOOKING AT YOU - POLTERGEIST! :cursing:

I'll edit the post if I remember more.

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Monday, May 2nd 2016, 6:43pm



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My take at the warden - Pochtron/New Frontier/EN

The Good

Changes are a good thing – they kick people out of their comfort zone and force them to re-think their class and the way they play it. It’s the third time it happened for me and always looking forward to it !

Warden now has perma puri, that’s neat because I can use it on myself or help out the party healer. I also like how roots is more prevalent, as well as the mana regeneration rubies. Now we can fight 24/7 without any pots or martyr skills, many thanks !
The spells and skills are linked in a very coherent way and easy to figure out. There’s nothing really out of place besides maybe this teleport thingie : we can now vanish like mages and appear again in a new place ! That’s new for a nature and element user.

The Aspects are a nice touch in the way they affect some spells or skills, and allow to clearly specialize the builds. The healing skills are totally over the top, and even have some cool animations – we’re the doctors of the battlefield now ! Also the Support aspect gives us better survival in PvP if healing isn’t our cup of tea – Assault warden is powerful but also too squishy.

Last thing is not the least : goodbye Kingdom of Nature and endless farming for pots, controls or anti-heal ! I don’t regret it at all and even happy we can still use some of the old potions sometimes xD

The Bad

I feel like I aged too fast between 6.0 and 7.0. Warden was dynamic, fast paced and we had 3 independant cooldowns to toy with to land our blows. Now there’s cast or sustension time everywhere, and even with the ruby allowing to move while casting everything is like in slow motion. The added 1.5s cooldown is barely a problem given almost all our skills can only be used every 2 or 3 seconds ! Please put some life again in there, it’s so slow mouse only is a viable option …

And what happened to the melee spec ? Or the hybrid melee/caster ? Our weapons are just for decoration now, their use is very situational. That’s a huge loss since we’re basically forced into ranged playing and can’t really be of any use at melee range.

This adds also to the lesser variety in the builds, which is a direct consequence of the aspects. Everyone is running more or less the same build, with some minor differences in rotations. Goodbye diversity !

The Ugly

WTF have you done to my pet ? This valiant friend has been turned in a mindless sidekick with no more personality. Before he would tank, taunt, stun and oneshot opponents. Now it barely makes a difference if there or not, I’ll prolly skin mine and make it a carpet, it would be more useful to me.

Wardens without pets are mere gardeners. Bring my soulfriend back, or else !

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