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Tuesday, April 19th 2016, 5:42am

An Aspect of support build

Hello guys! Was thinking of leveling my Psi reinc to 70.
I've done a support build since I like debuffs etc. when it comes to PvE. I'm not exactly sure if my build is wrong or if my rotation is wrong. ?(
Can anyone share a support build just to level up and do some astrals etc. ?
Would really appreciate it! Thanks a lot to everyone. :)


Tuesday, April 19th 2016, 10:54am

Can anyone share a support build just to level up and do some astrals etc. ?

You'll experience the exact same disappointment (and possibly rage) I did when I tested and found this out on Russian PTS - The Support Aspects are only PvE-viable for the classes that buff allies, not the ones that debuff enemies.


Tuesday, April 19th 2016, 12:01pm

Yep I'm dissapointed indeed..Did some farther tests.Looks like my rotation was bad but I could do some changes when it comes to the build.I'm just a little bit confued since there are so many skills/rubies to focus so I was hoping for a build to get some ideas or anything that might help my leveling experience + astrals..
Thanks for replying though Dala!


Tuesday, April 19th 2016, 1:44pm

You can use support for levelling since you don't fight any 'red ring' mobs there, but it will be slower than Assault. Here's what I'd change in your build:

  • "Full Concentration" rubies (1st grid) is a rather big resource waste for what it does. I'd get rid of that first.
  • You might want to get the rubies for increased Vertex/Decomposition damage, since while levelling you enter/leave combat a lot, this means you get Poltergeist buff a lot and can do huge damage exploding the Phantoms.
  • You should definitely get "Annihilation" ruby in first grid for spreading AoE Agony and the 3rd rank of the ruby that increases Astral Venom/Scorching damage while "Revelation" is active.
  • You should definitely get 2nd rank of the increased stress decay ruby (3rd grid, bottom right).
  • You should definitely rank "Vulnerability" all the way to 3, else it's duration will be very short.
  • You should definitely get "Premonition" rubies.
  • You should get rid of "Entropy", the random 'damage or effect' part just kills this ability completely. Damage/Support aspects gain nearly nothing from a very short CC effect and the Suppression aspect gains nearly nothing from some very low damage. Not worth time spent to cast, talent points or dragon tears in my opinion.

That's if you want to still use support for levelling. For astral... really just switch to Assault, you'll be just gimping yourself using Support.

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Tuesday, April 19th 2016, 3:00pm

due to the large difference regarding damage in support vs assault i would not recommend to level in supportmode at all

the rubies that stack on the enemy and make more damage the next time "mindsear" and "psychic trauma" (breakdown and pyrolysis) and the "dominance" rubies that make your damage 21% overall more will be missed a lot (not to mention the 30% from assaultmode)

and i was also VERY disappointed when i found out that the supportdebuffs from psi cannot be applied to enemies in astral... :(


Tuesday, April 19th 2016, 4:13pm

Thanks a lot for the replies both of you!
As far as I can see Support build would only work in PvP.
So like Dala mentioned and it makes sense to me I should just go with Assault.
So I tried questing with Support build like I said before,it went well up to some point but in large groups like 5-6 mobs ( cause architects are stacked together in most quests) I had rough times , like dying or ROUGLY surviving cause lack of dps.
Maybe my rotation is wrong who knows?I'm still testing.
Thanks a lot for suggestions!
(If you ask me Psi can be viable if played well. )


Tuesday, April 19th 2016, 4:22pm

having so much trouble with the architects comes due to the fact that less dps means less heals too (bloodlust!)
i made that same experience myself

for multiple mobs i use
-> wall of blades
-> dot (gets spreaded due to rubies)
-> mindsear (spreads damage due to rubies&wob lasts longer due to rubies)
-> once wob is gone, if not all enemies are dead, then psychosis

after pyschosis wob is ready to use again so its a proper rotation

the PERFECT rotation would be linking one of the enemies at beginning and then after psychosis using torture on him for some extra damage -> ruby makes it spread
there is some time (2 sec) that allows casting of torture before wob is ready again
but this is only relevant in astral or something as normals mobs are usually dead before you can cast torture

also i think talentpoints can be spended better than for torture :/

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Tuesday, April 19th 2016, 4:37pm

I agree torture seems really useless. "too much" casting time for a little amount of damage compared to scorching for example ,so yeah..torture would be totally garbage when it comes to PvE ( and pvp actually )
Yeah the situation with grouped enemies happened like 2-3 times,I died once to it but managed to kill some mobs from the AOE stuff.
Apart from all that I could say im enjoying the Psi experience but not so much... :/


Tuesday, May 3rd 2016, 2:45pm



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well since support doesnt do to much dmg you have to lvl up with dps and than go support me personaly i use supression keep stuning other and good dps is a bit boring to your enemy

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