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Friday, May 6th 2016, 1:37pm

Short notes on how to scout in 7.0


-All weapons of the same category has the same Damage, same energy consumption, dragon relics are history now.
-Everyone can wear off-hands now.
-Most of the races abilities, reincarnations abilities has changed.
-Scout now don't have energy , they have gear pieces -basic 10 max 20 can be upgraded to 25 max by rubies (shooter)- needed for using charms, regenerated by attacking without charming.
-There are 3 types of charms: Poison: (Continuous damage) Fire: (Extra damage) Frost: (CC) Note that some abilities can give extra effect with charms (rubies).
-Scout can Be DPS (Aspect of attack) or Tanks (Aspect of defense).
-Scouts Ranged attacks deals Fire damage (shooter).
-Some rubies needs their perspective aspect to be active.
-The efficiency of the Charm depends on its level, not the level of the ability.
-All rubies and abilities mentioned are in their max level.
-Shooter, Assassin, Survival code stands for the "Talent Grid" of the ruby.
-Explosive Arrow head (shooter): simply AOE damage for arrows, needed for both Tank and DPS.
-AOE: Area Of Effect, DPS: Damage Per Second, CC: Control Effects (Slowdown, Immobilize, Stuns).

Here is a ranged scout attacker, a melee scout damage is always less than the ranged scout and now melee is more suitable for Tank.
Basically: the most DPS that scouts deal is from mixing the fire and poison charms for 2 reasons: 1-you can't use one charm all the time; it's cool down is 5 seconds in level 3. 2-you deal extra damage to the targets poisoned by your charms (6 rubies 3 shooter 3 assassin).
Depending on the circumstances… You have two paths -can't pick both- to chose:

Path of Mobility(shooter): Instant cast of precise shot, aimed shot, explosive shot, can cast while moving with 20% less speed attack of ranged attack increases by 30%, and their cast range increases by 52 yard.

Path of Elimination(shooter): Regenerates 1 gear each 2 seconds while in combat, when charming receive a buff that increases the damage of your next attack by 45% (works on melee too) and by 66% less if you are in the aspect of defense, so by calculating 15.3%, also you can cast while moving with 35% less speed depends on the ability damage not the passive ability of the ruby.

As you all know other Tanks are Tankier than a scout… Thou the scout now can delay damage –battle wounds- and has a dodge rate for him and the party...
Basically: you go for the all threat: -provocative shot, provocation, bully- dodge: -smoke cloud, joker, swingout, dodging technique- thing use the mix of the frost poison thing frost for AOE CC and poison = AOE continuous DPS = continuous threat. Here are some high lights:
Numbness(Assassin): while using frost charm with the steel rose or the explosive shot reduces the target damage by 35% for 6 seconds.

Special status:
Offensive: elemental and/or Natural.
Defensive: bloodlust and/or concentration.

Well, that’s it …hope it benefits the players.

By: Titanium.

Bring It On! Cuz I'm Just Gonna Grow Up In The Battle HEY !!

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Friday, May 6th 2016, 3:09pm



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As tank the scoot is the best this update is awsome this way :)

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Friday, May 6th 2016, 3:12pm

As tank the scoot is the best this update is awsome this way :)
sure I was talking about receiving damage not about dodging it, scout surpasses all in dodging :), thou I prefer a DPS scout

Bring It On! Cuz I'm Just Gonna Grow Up In The Battle HEY !!

Timed Artifacts: The hidden value
Blanks In Chat?

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