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Tuesday, May 10th 2016, 8:23pm

  • "The Allods Project" started this thread

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p2p server questions

Hey so long i've been interested in the p2p server since i cant afford to play on the f2p.

The problem is that "there is no gear models"

For those who played the game back in Vanila, you might remember that the game actuly had different looking gear and weapons when you leveled up.
They have for some very dumb reason removed all those models from the game so you can no longer pick them up because fuck it.

So i thought maby they stil have them on the p2p but i tried p2p and it turned out they did not have them there either.

But one thing i was wondering right now is: How does the costumes work in p2p?

How do you get Rarities? How do you get Prophetic card Costumes like Influential?
Does Holy weapon exist?
Does reincarnations exist?
What mounts exist?

I am pleased to get a good answear with some tasty information ^^

Also by the way, can anyone else buy a subscription right now? because i just get an internal Error.
Can you buy subscription using boutique crystals you have on the p2w server

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Tuesday, May 10th 2016, 8:46pm



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But one thing i was wondering right now is: How does the costumes work in p2p?
-Just like f2p, they get stored in your wardrobe tab.
How do you get Rarities? How do you get Prophetic card Costumes like Influential?
-Some of them are available via Anniversary coins, others you have to wait for certain server events.
Does Holy weapon exist? - Nope
Does reincarnations exist? - Yes (1 slot free, otherwise the only other way to obtain additional slots is to wait for events and buy a jar with plat coins)
What mounts exist? -While leveling, every 10 levels you get a free temporary mount. (You get a better mount from opening higher level boxes). For gold you may purchase: Horse, Wolf, Lion, Magical Reins, Chariot of War. Astral and raids drop much higher quality mounts, and if you purchase the collectors edition it comes with the Lightning bolt.

I am pleased to get a good answer with some tasty information

Let me know if you have any other questions. Feel free to PM/Mail me in-game or on the forums.
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Tuesday, May 10th 2016, 8:47pm



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Costumes can be obtained in a number of ways;
Can be purchased with anniversary coins from a vendor in either factions capital city.
From PvP
From raids, GT DC TEP etc. (The only ones worth doing for costumes imo, anything after tep costumes are potato like every single piece of equipable gear now)

No holy weapons unfortunately so all weapons look like a potato on a stick.

Mounts we have a fair few available, 5/6 can be purchased as you level up. Raids drops include Chicken with fly ability. Drake from eclipse and Pegasus from gates. Pegasus can also be optained in astral. Cat and dog mounts are also available. There's a few more but off the top of my head I can't remember them all.

As for subscription I honestly have no idea, sorry.
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