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Thursday, May 12th 2016, 12:25pm

Cleric - The Leaque

PriestofLight - kanian race - The League:

Hello to everyone, this is my build has a Cleric with “Aspect of
I chose the Aspect of Support for few option in defending, having the
possibility to have an instant healing cast and instant shield cast,
which help for fighting against enemy.
You have a variety to chose from melee and cast spells and you not get
bored playing.
This new patch v.7.0 is a new system game design for better play, looks
wonderful and nice.
All the classes are balance well and now is nice to fight against
Now Healer is a stronger than before with devastating spells and good
heals and good shield to.
I am enjoying this New game and looks and play better.
Thanks you guys did a wonderful job for this new patch game.
Please keep up the good work and please, make it better, and better.... :P,, :thumbsup:

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Thursday, May 12th 2016, 10:03pm

Hello, this is my entry. New Frontier, League, Fleur

When the patch came out I bought Collector's Edition and tried several classes. Deciding on the one I want to play has been tough but in the end I settled on mage.

First I would like to say a few words about aspects. I like that now with the aspect system everyone has a role and sticks to it. I love the fact healers now HEAL and not also solo kill 5 people while being immortal at the same time. What I do not like as much is screaming at tank: "Wait! I still don't have aspect on!"

Making a mage build this patch is very easy. I appreciate there are no useless rubies that I am forced to take. I am missing some rubies and still can make a good build with high damage. Mage has to change the use of skills depending on buffs which makes it not-so-boring rotation. But it did take some getting used to – when I first started up patch I was confused like no other. Leveling to level 66 had me at "I've no idea what I'm doing!"

Mage in PvP - Flash Lightning lasting only 4s, it is extremely fast playstyle! It feels somewhat like – come, 3-shot enemy and run or hide before disaster happens. Sometimes I seem to die the second anyone looks at me but I guess that's mage! It took me a while to get used to longer global cooldown – especially with skills that are instant cast (which for fire mage is... almost all) – as I'm too fast and believe I had used a skill already when really I didn't.
It feels like one big rush in some battlegrounds – meet enemies, kill fast and move onto next all while running constantly having 15% speed increase. Just... must... keep... Flash Lightning... up!!

Mage in PvE - in astral and raids mage is THE class that I fell in love with the most. Damage is huge. I get frustrated when the lightning/ice phase buffs won't trigger despite spamming skills for a while but it's not often. I love the Concentration stat since it gives me a big shield and then I take much less damage – it allows me little mistakes. There are very few skills that actually have to be cast and almost no cooldowns so it is quite mobile and the lightning and ice phase buffs make it quite dynamic.

I have also tried Aspect of Suppression – which is probably the most annoying one. When you're on the other end that is – the control effects are >real<. I don't think even lag makes people as violent in PvP as much as stunlock does! I don't believe any mage actually goes PvP with this – support aspect just seems much better – it's still very amusing to mess around with in arena.

Overall I enjoy playing mage. I admit it was awkward when I first started but I found my way.


Thursday, May 12th 2016, 11:00pm

Engineer 7.0 Feedback

How well did you transition into the class changes?

With 7.0 i'm very Happy playing engineer, i'm finly satisfied and in my opinion 7.0 change evrything for better:

-> Before 7.0 we havn't any skills for defending, we had only "combat mode" who give us only 40% shield and second life, but it didn't helping so much ;/
but now we can destroy our Device and take 50% absorb from thays health! and it's not all we can give 25% absorb to ppl from our team :) Second our def skill is "Iron Curtain" we can use them to dodge 60% of dmg for 6s, it's very helpfull skill, becose whan we know strategy of boss we can save "some" health :)

-> Engineer have now 5 support skills ! i'm very glad supporting my team now, becose now i can chose to play this role and bosting them and my role is very helping in islands or raids, before 7.0 we had only +30%hp, astral pover and Fervor, now we have more place to show our pover! It's good system for suporting so i need to say thank you allods :) !

-> Engineer have nice collection of device who can give us little advantage in combat, somone ppl sad we using only Grapshot,Burst of mana and Fragbomb but it isn't true, we have poverfull device who dealing dmg or healing or giving us 40% for dodge incoming attack, so good to use them and don't ignore theirs pover, becose thay can change a lot in fight, especially now when we have over 6 device who can we using

-> New stats are good for engineer too ! 500 Switnees change alot, becose we can using support skills 24/7h, Crit dmg give use x2 more dmg and Concetration&Survability reduct incoming dmg, so we can stay longer in battle

-> Engineer build is very good made in my opinion becose, all rubies all healpfull for use, we don't wasting rubies to take rubies whose we need, becose all rubies aree good
thoughted and all rubies are Useful :)

Did you find it refreshing to start anew with completely different abilities?

Ofc yes ! I love new system, finly engineer can do "something" and is useful class for Support or for DPS, we are balanced with another class, and Engineer is
playable class for pve and pvp :)

-> We have a great 2 stunes usful for pve and pvp + 1 cc

-> Finly we have debuff, i din't know why we havn't it before!!!!

Which aspect suits you best?

In my opinion best aspect is Support becose like i said before, we have a lot of support skills whos can help our team, support have a lot of helping rubies who inreast dmg or healing our team, so this role is nice for oue team and we don't have problm with find team, Attacing aspect is good too :)

Noah/ New Frointer / En


Friday, May 13th 2016, 10:01am

Warden with Aspect of Assault

Feedback back for Warden with Aspect of Assault

Hello to all this is Druide [warden class] the league.

I like to talk little about this class:

But first I want to say this change give as the opportunity to play
almost a new system game, more dynamic, better animation, looks like all
the classes now are equal, and the fighting it is pretty and good.
I decided to go for Aspect of Assault because of verity from combination
of spells and to chose from.
Warden it stronger now and has the
capability to fight from distant moving when his casting spells and has a good healing spells and a shield for critical situation.
His pet lost somehow his power but this is a new system game play and we are
happy with this new changes.
To be honest with you guy this a New game and it is Betters AND FUN TO and make
you to come back because it nice and is so many thinks to do.
In general Allods team did a "Great job" with this new patch creating a new game..finally we have a Good game for play.
thanks to all.... :) :) :) :) :)


Friday, May 13th 2016, 1:56pm

Allods 7.0 Wizard Feedback of Power!!

All my life in Sarnaut I spent as wizard in league. Wizards already had very good times, and also some patches where it was most annoying to play. From the junction of BR / EU servers in 6.0 I was a little discouraged. But the arrival of the 7.0 New Order brought innovation to Allods, mainly on the issue of aspect. Aspects offered dynamism to the class, so that the same class assume different roles with unique skills is to support, provide damage or protection team, making classes, formerly disused, today become so required as the others.
In the case of mages, class that I have more experience, aspects improve specific skills, offering various purposes the wizard presence in the group. It can be very well used all aspects available in the magician's skill tree. The reports described herein are builds that I created myself based on the reading of the skills and knowledge of the class.

Support Aspect: As support the wizard provides high-impact skills in fights, applying negative effects on enemies. The support build is basically with skills in fire grid. The support build can be used in PvE (player versus environment), it reduces the damage done by monsters while increasing the damage suffered by them, but unfortunately, these effects are not applied in Chief type monsters. This is a negative point, making useless in raids. The build is called by many PvP (player vs. player) as well as causing the above effects, it also increases the cooldown of enemy skills and decreases their resistance. It is a very interesting build, it brought great dynamism to the way of playing wizard and offers resistance to the class that has always been fragile.

Assault aspect: The build toward heavy damage of wizards, enhanced by this aspect (+30%). It is basically ice and electric rubies. It has a rotation of very interesting skills, which if performed correctly potentiates the damage caused by other skills. With this construction of skills, wizard can cause highest damage than other class although they are more equipped than wizard. Because of this great damage, the wizard returning to the fragility ever. It is most used in raids and astral islands. Highly recommended for those who like to end their enemies quickly.

Suppression aspect: This build basically turns the magician in a tower, standing still, increasing its defense, causing damage and applying effects to control the enemies, also offering support to its allies. Ideal for protection points or battles in small environments. It has various rubies, on ice grid mainly, focusing on control and resistance.

It is true that with the arrival of the New Order wizard became stronger and attractive class, with fast and powerfull skills and now no mana cost !! Try it!! very worth the fun and power !!
Quelthalas (Wizard - League / New Frontier)


Monday, May 16th 2016, 5:14pm



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Hey everyone, wanted to drop by and give another thanks for all the entries - we'll be compiling and reviewing them over the next while (possibly a few days tops for all languages) and will post a new announcement with the winners once votes are complete.

Thanks for all the feedback and wishing you all further enjoyment in New Order!



Wednesday, May 18th 2016, 4:11pm



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Hey everyone,

Just posting to let you know that the results are in! Remember, if you are on the list (and didn't provide your in-game name) please amend your winning entry with the character name and server at the beginning or end of the post, or PM me if you do not wish to disclose that information.

You can read the results right here:…contest-results

Rewards won't be sent until all winners (for all languages) have been compiled, so please be mindful of this as it may take a short while.

Congratulations to the winners!


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