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Tuesday, May 17th 2016, 10:52am

distortions are unbalanced?


atm im a lvl 70 warden with a pretty nice build (imo) and lvl 5 runes. Maybe it is something in my build but to me it seems like distortions are not properly balanced either overall or for a warden (dont have other lvl 70 to test it with). FE ive got the distortion where you protect the sorceress against architects a couple of times. and every time the warriors that you get to help you dont seem to generate aggro and as a result my warden keeps pulling full aggro from all mobs. The annoying thing is that i cant even not pull aggro because then the warriors will just die (even with my full damage dedication they die anyway).

PS im doing the stage 1: emerald distortion.

Anybody had similar experiences or can tell me what i did wrong?

thx in advance!


Tuesday, May 17th 2016, 4:06pm

well what is a nice build? :P also i suggest take a bit of bloodlust and you can tank the mobs yourself^^ and last but not least never forget if you dont like a certain distortion skip it^^ you simple leave and reenter a new one if you dont like the old one (which is smart cuz some take longer than others^^ thats why i never do the guarding of the woman, guarding of the bridge or steel scynte when there are architect mobs cuz defending of the bubble at the end)


Tuesday, May 17th 2016, 4:24pm

alright thx. i can show my build here i guess? my equipment is still a bit of a mess. i dont really understand the upgrade system but if you want i can show my build. ill also try to get some bloodlust going and try skipping the annoying distortions :)


Tuesday, May 17th 2016, 10:03pm

yeah just post the build maybe we find something you missed but in general shouldnt be hard and a bit of bloodlust should help plenty^^


Wednesday, May 18th 2016, 2:24pm

Alright, here is my build and my current stats.

my attack pattern is:
bee swarm -> poisonous vine -> tornado -> lightningstrike -> poisonous vine -> tornado -> lightning strike


Wednesday, May 18th 2016, 2:29pm



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It's not bad it's actually pretty good just needs a few tweaks. :)
I can definitely see a few "errors" or "things that can be changed to improve your build."
I'll let the warden master help you out though (Blue) since he's one of the most knowledgeable wardens.


Wednesday, May 18th 2016, 2:43pm

it is the first build i made myself and im quite proud of it :P Im glad that the warden master himself will help me :D


Wednesday, May 18th 2016, 4:24pm

lol^^ behold my words then mortals :D

in general this build is actually not bad

what i saw first you have pet r3 but this is only reducing the cooldown of the resummoning so you can just ditch this and leave it at r1 and take balance its a rrly cool ultimate which deals high dmg and healing at the same time

as for rotation never let the beeswarm and the lightning dot run out! especially the lightning dot deals very very high dmg so the start should be beeswarm->lightning->poisonous vine->tornado

i tried to build something with your rubees and it would look like this:!5!331.3..…wygypc/EDOBXVCB

as you can see i took the well of life rubees out but this aoe heal is too weak to be useful as a dps anyway so i wont recomment it as for the rubees for rejuvenation they are indeed nice to have but you miss many rubees so i prefered dmg over a small selfheal (cuz this is supposed to be a pve dps build)

ok as for stats you will notice with the new rubees you critrate on pretty much every skill is 100% now so take crit dmg as much as you can get^^ (well there is some kind of "cap" at around 850 or something but i guess for now this shouldnt pose a problem^^) as for 2 stat well in theory the best would be elemental dmg ofc but maybe you wanna do pvp later (but pls not with this build :P supp is more useful in pvp) and in pvp you need natural dmg so you decide (but dont worry its not thaaaat much of a diffrence beetween both cuz you do much natural dmg in pve too such as beeswarm,vine,roots)

well hope was a help somehow if there are any more question just ask (and seeing as how i write this while stuff on a daily base now i rrly should do something like a pmb for warden which i could just like everytime :P )


Wednesday, May 18th 2016, 4:35pm



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Occupation: Destoryer of all things you love

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well hope was a help somehow if there are any more question just ask (and seeing as how i write this while stuff on a daily base now i rrly should do something like a pmb for warden which i could just like everytime :P )



Wednesday, May 18th 2016, 4:36pm

thanks alot. ill make a separate PvP support build when i achieve greatness ( in around 5000 years i guess xD)

only thing i dont understand is why to take emerald glow. i tried using it but the damage it outputs seems underwhelming for the cast time and the fact that you cant move. maybe these rubies make it OP OP but idk.

so my question: why would i take emerald glow :P

EDIT: i think i understand: i didnt see all the damage increase and instant cast rubies (derp derp). Another question: why not take the dancing flashes rubies? in my experience they gave you a shit ton of damage extra when you did lightning strike :whistling: And where do i put emerald glow in my skill rotation?

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Wednesday, May 18th 2016, 5:34pm

well you wil recieve emerald stacks in time so just spam em after you put on both dots (so instead of 1 poisonous vine use 2x emerald for example) and why not dancing flashes well you lack many rubees^^ and they seem the least important to me as they do only a few % of your dmg even tho i looks like a big hit^^

here something from a old thread here in forum its not rrly up to date anymore but in general it should show how the dmg from some skills is compared to others (keep in mind i had more natural than elemantal dmg there so substract a little bit of all green spells compared to the white ones


Wednesday, May 18th 2016, 5:47pm

alright. my equipment is pleb^2 so when im getting better equipment(AKA when i finally figure the system out) i will try to get more usefull points.
Thx for the big help man ^^


Friday, May 20th 2016, 3:39am



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Hey there (apologies in advance if anyone covered any of this above).

Here's a few tips/pointers starting out.

First mistake people may make on reaching level 70 is assuming that the free bundle of starting equipment you acquire from the NPC is a once off. This actually isn't the case as you can request starting gear an infinite amount of times.

First thing a fresh 70 should do is spam-acquire this gear at the NPC and keep doing so until you have hand-picked all slots to contain equipment that all have your desired stats. Eg. if you rely on proficiency + bloodlust (bloodlust being great for solo'ing if you aren't heal capable), keep requesting gear and grabbing the pieces that have the stats you want and repeat until all slots are optimal. If you take the first bundle and rush to distortions, it's highly likely you'll have stats that are all over the place, making it harder.

Once you have done this, focus on looting gear in distortions and replacing the starter gear. If for some reason you find an upgrade (more stats) but you'd rather not wear it, equip it anyway then put back your preferred piece -- this increases gearscore (it can only got up, never down). This will be a factor later, usually when it comes to pushing for 67000 to open the epic sector (where resources are very generous in comparison to the rest).

If you find distortions to be difficult, you can always opt to use mercenaries in a group astral instead, or be dragged to a higher sector ahead of time by friends, guildies, or asking in world-chat. The mercenary option can be somewhat slower in comparison to solo distortions but often more rewarding, resource wise. If you're not swimming in gold, or simply don't want to pay, you can wait out the dungeon timer and, if you don't get a group, use mercenaries for free.

Also important - nobody likes getting cursed gear, yet said cursed equipment will always have drastically more stats than un-cursed loot, usually from 90-100% stats -- whereas uncursed equipment you find will typically have from 65%-80%. This means that decursing an item can be more beneficial than keeping a non-cursed (but lower stat) version and trying to upgrade it. If you can afford purification scrolls then keep them in mind as you can save yourself a lot of work and resources by cleansing.

Don't worry about upgrading as much until gearscore really becomes a sector-unlocking factor. This shouldn't happen in green > blue but will most likely hit you in blue > purple. If you have no means of sneaking into higher sectors for added GS fluff, it'll boil down to gear upgrading so that each piece is as close to 100% in both stats as possible. This is a resource hog at the end of the day, so be prepared. Above mentioned 'decursing' can lighten this prospect slightly, but is more sporadic and requires crystals regardless.

Be sure to check out the boutique for:
Purification Scrolls (Curse removal)
Symbol of Abundance (drastic dust boost)
Universal Tools (breaking down equipment)
Weak / Strong Catalyst (drastic amalgam boost)
Astral Replicators (more gear per astral boss/distortion chest)

Even if you don't buy/use them, it is worth taking a mental note of them in-case you happen to acquire crystals and want to give the gearing process a mega-boost. When I got started, I didn't even think to check these - and ended up doing (in a month) what I could have done in a few days if I had just paid some attention (and had a few spare crystals).

Assuming you have refined your stats so they focus on what is optimal for your class, and aren't farting around with a broken build (especially a non-assault build), you'll find distortions become far, far easier as you simply improve your gear.

You can buy equipment from the anvil NPC - but this is a dead-gain as you cannot buy anything that isn't achievable just by looting a distortion/allod, so avoid this unless desperate as it costs a whole lot of dust to buy something you can otherwise acquire for free. Save said dust for upgrading or crafting equipment. Crafting gear covers slots not otherwise lootable in distortions/allods, so this is what you should be saving for primarily, until all your slots are covered by gear from your relevant sector. Once achieved, you can repeat-transmute pieces and push their stats closer to 100% if you have spare materials. This is likely going to be mandatory for you when it comes to achieving 67000 for purple sector, so be wise with your resources.

For peace of mind, I've been playing unguilded/solo and only did distortions starting out. Without any boutique items except the dominion tools & replicators from the New Order Collectors Edition, I pushed myself from starting gear to 65000 with absolutely no amalgam income other than selling dust at the Negotiants in order to buy Amalgam from them. It was a slow process but very manageable without paying any money, though a bit time consuming.

Good luck and have fun!


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