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should i come back to p2p serve?

I played the p2p server when it opened first for 3 months and I quit the server for school so should I go back to the server or it is dead and what faction have the highest population

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With the new cash shop items on the F2P server, more players are and will be coming to the P2P server so I believe it is worth it and that you should come back if you like the game and want a fair experience. The league side current;y has more players than the empire side which is why I would recommend joining the Empire side just to balance it out and allow both factions to have a good time.

If you do, check out Omniscient guild, the only official English speaking guild on the Empire side. We'd be happy to have you.

Have fun on Smuggler's Paradise !


you rrly think ppl who will quit f2p will go to p2p? :D i rrly doubt that also it seems p2p pop will never be better cuz this patch made so many ppl play again but soo many already quit p2p again...


I do believe it, yes. Those who do not want to have to spend tons of money in order to be competitive and want to play with adult players will find their share on the p2p servers.


the problem is the p2p and f2p are nearly diffrent games and thats one of the reasons why ppl still play f2p even tho there are so many negative things about it :/ and the matter with adult ppl.. the forum teached me the opposite seeing as even tho the pupulation of the p2p is way lower they tend to flame and argue more with each other




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Yes, the population on the server is so low that I don't see any reasons to try it, even if the fact that it's way cheaper than F2P is interesting.

Oh, and I don't understand why everyone fears so much the new armor. It's useful, but certainly not as good as other CS items, so I don't think that people will leave F2P just for that reason.

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