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Saturday, June 4th 2016, 11:43pm

so how much time is this? 3-4 years? I started farming for cs items 6 months ago, at that moment I had: full 5 runes, an old gryphon and that's all. after 6 months I managed to go to 777/666 runes, scorpion mount, 1000/10,000 for pat lvl 5, green earing, and white ruby scroll. And i was only farming on my main . So after 6 months i didn't even manage to get 10% of the cash shop items. ohh and btw, i even topped up my account from time to time ( maybe 50 euros in these 6 months) . It is even worse now that they added one more cash shop abomination(the armour) and more and more items are time based, 185 days or whatever. Group pvp is really fun because nobody focuses on me, but today i was in a battleground and there was this warden guy with lvl 13 offensive runes and i had to fight him alone because nobody was around, i couldn't even take 5% off his health bar, he killed me in a few seconds. Now that makes me think, if after a half of an year of farming i am just as weak as i was before, how many years do i need to even be relevant in the pvp world? i was farming 1-2 hours every day. So if i keep going like this, in patch 10.0 i'll be able to survive more than 10 seconds with the warden guy 1v1. So you see why i believe that the future player base of this game is made only of players who had the chance to start farming 3-4 years ago or more. the new ones will abandon the game after they see how big the gap between full cs characters and non cs characters is. And yet, the crazy Russian guys keep adding items in the cs, when Allods could make sooo much money just from costumes, mounts, and idk what other items that don't have such a big influence. This is the second Pay2Win MMO that i play, and i just can't notice how similar the fate of these 2 mmos are, the first one that i played is 5 years older than allods, and from a player base of almost 1kk people, just from my country, and 13 servers, now there are barely 50k players and maybe 3 servers, and that's not because of the old graphics and blah blah, it's because of the bad management of the game. There are almost no new players now in that game, maybe 1% of the population, because it is too hard to catch up now( unless you buy an account, thing very common there and unpunishable). So this is the biggest killer of MMOs - the gap between new players and old players, it is a gap which can be filled after more than 5 years of farming 4-5-6 hours every day, or by paying a loot of money. You may laugh now at me as i say this, but, in my opinion, the pay2play server is the future of the new players, the f2p server is just for the veterans.


Sunday, June 5th 2016, 12:09am

yes its about 4 years now

but i also have to say i had some periods where i could only play 10- 20 minutes / day, i geared to the max (possible for SP, so teal 65) in level 65 patch and i always only farmed when i felt like doing so

if i had put more effort into getting stronger i would be better off now; my runes are 999 888 now, it could be full 10 already
but as iam not in a hurry anyway its no problem :)
my collection of items is complete more or less, the only thing i can improve more would be tiny things like 1 or 2 rubies more (change NOTHING in total same as 2 more talentpoints!)

so what have i left to go? improve my runes

... but guess what...? in PVP, even with all these great good from the itemshop its still hard to fight a GEARED player
and i am not geared (might start in 7.1 when i can reach max gear as singleplayer but dont know)
while its hard to fight a less CS player with good gear

you wrote about a warden with lv13 runes
"i couldn't even take 5% off his health bar"

i also saw wardens with level 7 runes i couldnt even take off 5% while i also had experiences where i killed a player with runes 13/11+ purple/orange gear by myself (green/blue gear), just because this guy was in assaultmode while i had a pvp-spec

so what i want to say is that in case PVP, the gear is the most important factor determining the overall strenght (+ usage of healthpotions)

many players which complain about bad performance in PVP have bad gear too
how is your gear?

your have good runes and a fast mount, if you have a lootpet too you are in a good position i would say
i alreay saw many players with runes like yours in pvp doing very well

so if you want to do good in PVP just go max gear, get some pvp-spec and i guarantee you will perform well! :)

(aso you might want to try subscriptionserver, you can easy go max possible strenght there in just 1 month, everyone has fixed level 5 runes, gear makes the race there alone)


Sunday, June 5th 2016, 3:14pm



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@Allod-online player : If you farm so much, you can't improve in PVP, because you don't become a master in PVP within ten hours. Well, it's true that now, the game became so easy that there isn't really skill anymore, but well.

Oh, yes, trust me, it's weird but it's true! People farm because they don't have a choice, it's like a second job. Very few people like to farm, you know? But some people are just playing their life in this game. There is something wrong with them, but anyway.

Farming is not a problem itself, but cs items prices are so high that you must farm during years in order to get them. The game isn't appealing anyway, I know many people that wanted to join me when I played, but they stopped very quickly in regards of the game requirements. And I understand them!


Sunday, June 5th 2016, 5:48pm

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Sunday, June 5th 2016, 5:51pm

@Allod-online player : If you farm so much, you can't improve in PVP, because you don't become a master in PVP within ten hours. Well, it's true that now, the game became so easy that there isn't really skill anymore, but well.

10 hours not but 1 or 2 months maybe, at least thats the average time it took me to understand all the new classes with all their specs

and yes, while some of the simplifications are pleasent the need for skill in PVP (aside from items & gear!) has been extremely reduced
the horrendous long global cooldown does the rest, the game feels like playing chess now in case of using your skills and like a shooter in case of duration of fights

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