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Paladin 7.0 build

Hi everyone! I just started playing allods online and i choose a paladin. I noticed there aren`t any builds for the latest update that has come out. So can anyone please post a build for a paladin (tank, dps, doesn`t matter).

Thanks in advance! :) :)


by default its usually a good idea to select the ralents & rubies marked with s small yellow star on them, the build you get with this will serve its purpose of leveling
over time you will read & learn about the talents and become more comfortable with creating a customized build




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Yeah but the problem with this game is that you have to grind tons of gold to reset one talent spec.
I recommend you to go to russian forums and try finding a build, google translate helps.


do note that at level 70 you now get a free droplet of life and death from the D2 golem near the goblin banker. so you can just take the level build and then reset at top level

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