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Wednesday, June 22nd 2016, 6:27pm

I played some time with an Assault build and i think some skills could use some changes.

Torture: tbh this doesn't worth it. I think a posible solution for this skill could be to give it the special property of always crit.

"Meditation": i agree with others, this should be a buff instead.

Phantoms: I like this but i think the whole thing of cast mental link, then assassin (if you want), then phantoms, then wall of blades, then agony, and then start to attack is quite slow. Ofc, once all is in place the damage is big but when play with in party with other classes you easily see how long it take psis to start to deal damage compared to them. I find phantoms the most disrruptive skill, since must stop to dps to cast it (the assassin is even worst ofc). So, the only time i have more than 2 phantoms up is at the start of the fight when the rubies to cast 4 without trigger CD are active.

An idea:

I wish they did a better job with phantoms and Twin. Twin should leave a phantom behind instead of some weird neutral clone. Phantom should be a passively activated ability that triggers and goes on cooldown whenever you use an attack ability in combat, and phantoms would appear around you instead of around the target. Vertex and Disintigrate should be replaced with Reshuffle (which summons all summoned phantoms back around you, putting them at random patterns so you aren't in the middle always), and Swap (which switches your character and a summoned phantom's positions seamlessly).

I would like that too. I was thinking that the Phantoms could be a passive or work like charm's for rogue. No matter which one would be it would give a chance to summon a phantom when hit a target: they could exclude astral venom from this. Was thinking something like:

- Assassin: has chance to summon up to 2 phantoms
- Channeling skills and Wall of Blades: up to 2 phantoms before the skill finish
- Other offensive skills would summon one but Torment could have a higher chance since it has casting time and CD.
- Twin: one phantom when use the skill.

All this without go over the max of 6 phantoms.

If it worked like the charms for rogues they could give Psis more posibilities: like make assassin, twin and phatnoms to be charms and when we use offesive skills we can decide if summon melee, ranged or defensive phantoms, or a mix of them, depending of which charms we use.


Wednesday, June 22nd 2016, 10:47pm

i would like to see agony giving stacks which make torture an instantcast and concentration a healingskill, like old mental cleansing

psychosis should be able to do what old TKpull did


Monday, July 4th 2016, 3:35am



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hello TY for all of this i read this all and i want to ask if 1 of u can give me a PVP build pllllz and ty :)


Friday, July 8th 2016, 4:44pm

Hi, i don't have a pvp build but i use the pve (assault) one and it works fine against players with more or less the same gear/runes i have.


Saturday, July 9th 2016, 7:44am



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Saturday, July 9th 2016, 2:18pm



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Monday, July 11th 2016, 9:57am

psi is paper like almost every other class now
ectoplasmatic form letting through too much dmg even on max and 6 seconds is far too short
only thing usable for pvp is supportaspect with the dmg-absorption rubies and the concentration-ruby that removes negative effects
these rubies should be available for suppressioneaspect too
it will still do very few dmg as it cant do the 25% more dmgbuff which makes supportpsi so powerful

suppressionaspect is nice in theory but in reality the cc-cycle can be easily escaped with the martyrs cc-breaker, it deals not enough dmg even if all dmgrubies in this aspect possible taken and it dies too fast
im fine with low dps as full cc but survivability is far too low


Monday, July 11th 2016, 10:50am



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Full cc isn't viable in dominion/ranked pvp as the utility it brings isn't worth the loss of a support or a big dmg dealer.

Support isn't either because the dmg it brings isn't as big as another big dmg dealer, and the buffs/debuffs aren't good enought to justify it replacing a support or a dpser.

I liked the psi as a solo dmg dealer in bg, it was fun throwing millions of dmg on single target, spreading a dot that hits a 200k every second and walking while hitting, But that's the only place the psi can show any potential.


Monday, July 11th 2016, 11:55am

good for me i dont care about dominion or ranked 3vs3 / 6vs6, but thats not the point here
a shame in general its not worth to play psi in these sorts of BG as it seems

from the experience i collected now with all classes in all specs since 7.0 i can say that psi is the most complicated class but the reward for mastering this is not as high as i hoped for... its even higher, lol, spent the whole day to figure out new tactics dealing with given circumstances: result: was worth it, faith in this class restored

when i saw the videos that were posted by some players from these pvp-activities i almost never saw a psi, now i know why :( -> most likely because other classes are far easier to play which is a good reason i cant totally understand

on russian PTS i saw psi in supportrole could still stack the pyrolysis and breakdown-rubies
along with 4 phantoms, spectral assassin, vulnearability agony and wob on a target this was enough to bring a deadly burst to an equal enemy, torture was the finisher
but since the pyrolysis and breakdown-rubies were removed its no longer possible to do this deadly burst properly as easy as it was before, but its still possible if done with right timing

global cd 1,5 seconds while psi has all skills locked to it seals the result - was a bit drastic formulated, global CD really is more of a handicap to psi than to any other class but its still possible to make it

verdict: psi is the hardest class to play but it can even compare with paladin, summoner, warden and magician :thumbup:

i wonder what its potential would be if there would be no long GC and the rubies described above would not be excluded from "support" aspect

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Tuesday, July 12th 2016, 5:06am



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Psi has always been the hardest class to play since 1.0.
This is why everyone called it OP but never played it :S.
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Tuesday, July 12th 2016, 2:40pm

i can only talk from level 65 on, before i played warrior as main and farmed with psi mainly
in 1 vs 1 psi was sure in a better position than any other class due to the mix of incredible survivability with glasscannon-topdps (but without theglass!) along with best & longest CCs in game
beeing undergeared was not often a problem etc

best thing was when you timed your attacks so all projectiles hit at the sametime (astral venom till 5 stacks, cast destab, thoughtful spirit x5 and then a choke after that.... not many players survived that...)

now it seems similar, but the long GC still changes all

the burst now comes from the phantoms which take time to build up together with 25% dmg+
i guess there were some "balancingthoughts" behind it so psi cant kill as fast as it used to


Tuesday, July 12th 2016, 2:43pm



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best thing was when you timed your attacks so all projectiles hit at the sametime (astral venom till 5 stacks, cast destab, thoughtful spirit x5 and then a choke after that.... not many players survived that...)

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