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Mount patterns

Hello, I'm playing p2p again since month or so now and I'm a bigtime collector of vanity and skinz.
As I have like close to all mounts (EVEN A GOAT) on this server, i'd like to expand the colour patterns I have on them.
The problem is, I'm looking for the patterns that get dropped by monsters and if anyone had any of these patterns as a drop yet?

Would KoE drop them?-> Fast kills and grouped mobs
Could I get them from dane area? -> Slower/less grouped but armour drops worth alot of money!

If you somekind of mount colour pattern drop since the 7.0 patch and you'd like to share some info with me on how/where and why, that would be fantastic!


MMOseppe peace out! 8o




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Pretty sure the only way to get mounts/skins is from Astral and Raids. I never saw any from from KoE or Dane at least.
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I'm only in search of the skins, not the mounts themselves and they drop 100% from monsters, I just don't know if that means in dane or KoE.
If you hover over some patterns it says how to obtain em, some have the option 'One of the numerous enemies' and I had skin drops on maps before since 60 patch :)
MMOseppe peace out! 8o




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yes, there is also a skin for Magic Horse that drops in KOE , i think its rare drop, cuz as i could see so far, i got only one and was doin KOE every day long time, didnt see skin for other mount in KOE...
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Ok I did some asking around and it seems like you can get 4-5 magic horse patterns from KoE and dane/feris (very very rare)!
MMOseppe peace out! 8o

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