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Where to find tailor materials?

Hi all,

New to the game. I'm having a serious problem trying to level up my tailoring skill because I cannot find some of the materials I need to make things. For example "Canvas Underlay" where is this found or even Calico Pattern?

I'm like lvl 29 now, and having a tough time finding these items.




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The materials you need for crafting drop from mobs you slay (they need to be close to your level for them to drop anything).
The will drop various green Calico patches + chests that give you the other components needed.

Don't forget you can use vial of retroform to convert a Calico patch of higher quality to 2x lesser ones, and then use the scissors on it to get the required components. All these can be bought by your profession trainer.

All in all, don't worry too much about leveling your craft whlle you progress, it's easier when you're 70 because you'll find all you need in koe and you'll have more gold also :) And it's after 70 you'll need it the most, to make hammers to improve your gear - in 7.1 it will be much cheaper than now !

Cheers, hope it helps.


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