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Thursday, August 11th 2016, 8:34pm

Assalut summy


im just wondering where is assalut summy usefull ...

he have very good dps ... so in astral hes definetly good on bosses ... but his aoe suffers due to high blood cost and reset ooc ... support seem better on clearing way

pvp is obvious .... so only raids ?


Thursday, August 11th 2016, 11:10pm

well in astral is aoe so important? i think the bosses are important let the aoe classes take out the trashmobs^^ so pve assault is useful :P


Thursday, August 11th 2016, 11:19pm



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AoE in Assault Spec is very good! Even without the plague ritual. You just can't use AoE brainless like a bard or priest can do :P

Concentrate on volatile infection at start (boost yourself up with blood ties during the breaks from trashmobs) then spread wandering fever and howl of deaths (just with stack or when your blood is above 10), During that time you can also use blood feast for generating blood or get the advantage of 3 seconds temporal acceleration, to spam more attacks. During that you can renew your volatile infection or spread more of it, as you should get much blood from the crits of it. I'm often at second or even first place in aoe just with my volatile infection (+3 rubies for it --- 2 are enough aswell btw) and my dots I'm spreading manually on every mob :P

Beside that I've to agree with bluescarlet, single target dps is more important than this AoE thing. The bosses are the interesting part in astral not the trashmob (at least they shouldn't be). And summoner can be a single target monster ;)


Saturday, August 13th 2016, 12:05pm

Wait, WHAT? The Assault Summoner does not have blood problems in ANY way.

Blood Fountain is more than enough for maintaining the blood costs if you have a high critical rate. If you do not use rituals apart from maybe level 2 Ritual of Pain which costs 6 drops of blood if you have spare rubies, without the talent which reduces its cooldown of course because you cannot afford taking damage now as an Assault build.

Volatile Infection is good in AoE, yes but if you want AoE damage, go Support. As an Assault build Volatile Infection is not worth it.

I should say, Assaults have more HP problems than their resource problems currently. They melt like butter.


Sunday, August 14th 2016, 8:10am



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I'm not sure how anyone would have blood issues as Assault. My only gripe is that a full bloodbank can reset back to half if out of combat too long (would prefer if it only reset OOC when you had less than half), but this simply means you need to make time for Feast between pulls (assuming you're in a group setting where you are not the boss of pulls -- in solo content, you would be running from pull to pull non-stop unless desperate).

Also don't get why so many people call the AoE weak. Yes, old VI cost next to nothing, did more damage and could spread endlessly - now I just use it if RoP happens to be on CD - otherwise I'm mass pulling, slapping RoP on them and just lashing out endless free Howls & Vamps left & right thanks to constant procs. Don't even use my trusty old Cadaver anymore, which would provide more AoE and would be buffed per Volatile infection along the way if you had it.

Since the latest GS rework I've been slapped down from 74k to 65k'ish. It provided us with a talent reset but my build is still the same since last mini-season, so I hit the highest distortion I could on patch day to see how my old gear was holding up and, shock horror, they were just as easy as last time. No breaks, just run from A to B with no blood concerns except maybe on Hobba (seeing as you kinda have to burst the adds down and have relatively long wait on RoPa & RoPl during that rotation) but he's only one of the few pulls/bosses of where such a concern applies.

Raid/Group wise would be much the same, assuming your group is pushing with minimal stops.

Again, unsure how much of this is relevant to your chosen content type - just saying I haven't really noticed any of the problems (if any) myself.


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