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Saturday, May 21st 2016, 4:41am

Summoner Immobility

I think healer summy should be reworked entirely again. So I will put my skill suggestions here. In my case, making percent based heals will be good for support builds, but for healers it will be even more entertaining.

First thing first, Blood Stream and Hellion got their place changed. So healers won't have to worry about spending 2 useless skill points.

Blood Stream:
-CURRENTLY: Ally animation is lame.
-SUGGESTION: Now, every second your healing animation sends an Avid Shadows animation to it, not the DoT but the initial cast animation where you send a massive amount of blood to envelop the enemy. So every second you seem like you are transferring blood.

Dark Renewal:
-CURRENTLY: Animation is lame.
-SUGGESTION: You get the same animation near yourself like when you cast Blood Stream. Your animation is now a clock-wise moving version of Reanimation, so it feels like a dark renewal.

Plague of Mending:
-CURRENTLY: Animation is lame.
-SUGGESTION: When you are channeling, you apply the Blood Feast visual animation to yourself. All allies who are healed gets a visual of Avid Shadows effect but skulls rising instead of falling.

Healer's Motto (Passive):
-CURRENTLY: Decreases damage you take while you channel Blood Stream, Plague of Mending and Dark Renewal by %15. Additionally %8/16/24 of the healing of Blood Stream and Dark Renewal is given to the party's 2 most wounded allies.
-SUGGESTION: Additionally you can move while casting Dark Renewal and Plague of Mending but damage yourself for %5 of your health over the course of those abilities. Healing value decreased to %5/10/15 to compensate. (Read Bloody Sacrifice for the reason.)

Blood Storm (Passive):
-CURRENTLY: Your critical healing will generate 1 drop of blood with %50 chance.
-SUGGESTION: Your critical healing will generate 1 drop of blood, you lose %5 of your maximum health and then get Temporal Acceleration for 2 seconds.

Power over Flesh (Passive):
-CURRENTLY: Your critical healing will get you an effect which reduce the cast time of Blood Injection by %11/22/33 and the healing of Blood Injection and Dark Renewal by %8/16/24 each stack. The next cast of those spells consume all the stacks.
-SUGGESTION: Your critical healing will get you an effect which makes you instantly cast Blood Injection with %10/20/30 additional healing. Spends only 1 stack but consecutive casts of Blood Injection with Power over Flesh will consume 1 extra blood drop. Dark Renewal have %10/20/30 more healing per stack but consumes all the stacks, but will tick 2 times faster, and channel time will be reduced by half. Regardless of the presence of this effect, Blood Stream becomes a short lasting Heal over Time which does not require channeling and its duration increased to 5 seconds but can only be sustained on 1 target.

Bloody Sacrifice (Passive):
-CURRENTLY: You heal the party for XX when you take damage from a healing spell.
-SUGGESTION: You heal the your initial target and 2 targets with the lowest health except yourself by for %50/100/150 of the damage you take from your own healing spells but no more than %5 of their maximum health per spellcast or passive proc. Even if the spell is channeled, this passive will not restore more than %5 of their maximum health over the course of channel time, even if you damage yourself several times in one spell. (The limit is there to prevent Blood Ties from being abused by damage builds.)

Phlebotomy (Passive):
-CURRENTLY: When you damage yourself with healing spells, you get 1 drop of blood.
-SUGGESTION: When you damage yourself with healing spells, you get 3 extra drops of blood when you have less than 5 drops of blood, 2 extra drops when you have less than 10 and 1 extra drop if you have less than 15 drops of blood. You pay %5 of your current health for each drop of blood you got with this ability.

Dark Vigor:
-CURRENTLY: You have %20 more damage and 1 blood gain per second. You can move while casting.
-SUGGESTION: You also take %5 of your maximum health as damage each second you channel your healing spells. If you complete those channels, %10/20/30 of the damage you took from your own spells will be given back to you.

Blood Feast:
-CURRENTLY: You damage the enemies and reduce %5 of your maximum health every second.
-SUGGESTION: You damage yourself and reduce %5 of your health every second. You can move while casting this. When 4 seconds pass, you unleash the blood out and damage everyone around you, for the normal damage you would do plus %25 of the health you given for this ability. Everyone caught are slowed for 1 second. The blast radius sharts short but increases from 10 to 20 meters over the course of 4 seconds.

Life Flow (Passive):
-CURRENTLY: Heals the party for XX every second you keep Blood Feast on.
-SUGGESTION: The explosion of Blood Feast will remove one negative status effect from any ally caught in the blast radius and will heal them for the same amount the summoner paid on the course of 1/2/3/4 seconds based on how far the Summoner channeled Blood Feast. If full channel is completed it removes 2 status effects from the allies and gives them Temporal Acceleration for 1 second.

Symbiosis (Passive):
-CURRENTLY: You get %30 of the healing your ally receives under Blood Aegis.
-SUGGESTION: Blood Aegis additionally equals the percent of the health of the ally and yourself.

Blood Shield (Passive):
-CURRENTLY: Blood Aegis stacks consume 1 drop of blood when they break. They absorb %20 more damage.
-SUGGESTION: Blood Aegis consumes %5 of your current health and grant you 1 drop of blood when they break. They absorb %20 more damage.

-CURRENTLY: Heals for XX and consumes 4 drops of blood, receives more healing the less health you have.
-SUGGESTION: Heals for XX and another XX for each blood consumed. Based on the rank, can consume 2/3/6 drops of blood maximum. The less health the ally has the more healing it receives. Now has a 5 second cooldown.

-CURRENTLY: Deals XX damage to ally before healing.
-SUGGESTION: Deals %10 of their current health before healing. Grants Temporal Acceleration for 2 seconds. (Pain makes you get Adrenaline, right?)

Blood Ties:
-CURRENTLY: Immediately heals for XX and %20 of lost health. You pay %20 of your current health.
-SUGGESTION: When cast on ally, the healing over time is applied over the course of 3 seconds, your self damage is now %15 of your current health over 3 seconds. When you cast it on yourself, you sacrifice %15 of your current health to heal %30 of your missing health over the course of 3 seconds. Generates 1 drop of blood. Algo grants you ''Autologous Blood'' ability, which is a toggled version of Blood Ties, you cast Blood Ties on yourself every 3 seconds passively, without triggering the global cooldown but paying %5 more of your current health every 3 seconds. When Autologous Blood is toggled on, you cannot cast Blood Ties by any means, mind you. Cast animation changed to a channel but only channels for the same time with the global cooldown, then stops. When cast on yourself, you get the Blood Aegis casting animation instead of the channel, and the visual effect becomes the effect of Avid Shadows but a regenerative version of it. If you cast to the ally, the Blood Ties will arc between you and the ally, with double the distance you have between you and your ally / second, over the course of 3 seconds it arcs 6 times between you and the ally, and whenever it arcs between you the ability ticks once at a total of 6 ticks with the blood clot travelling on the third time upon each target.

Healing Injection:
-CURRENTLY: Cast time 2,5 seconds.
-SUGGESTION: Cast time 1,5 seconds.

Dark Veil:
-CURRENTLY: Sets the health to 1 of an ally, then gives it complete invulnerability for 4/5/6 seconds.
-SUGGESTION: Sets the health of an ally to %10 of its maximum health, then gives complete invulnerability for 4/5/6 seconds. Costs %10 of your current life.

With those, I want racials to be:

-Xadaganian Defiler (Channel of Life): The ultimate healer ability at the cost of gambling most of your life. A dangerous but a very proficient healer. My favorite ability by far. Also I wanted a lot of passives to work with this ability because it drains %60 of your life.
-Kanian Warlock (Dark Blood): Stays as usual. As the ultimate damage ability.
-Elf Demonologist (Dark Frenzy): Stays as usual. As a solid buff to overall performance.
-Arisen Savant (Dust to Dust): A very safe healer. If you lose too much health from your own abilities, you have a good chance that you can save yourself, from your own abilities that is. You can not worry anything for too much.

I do not want those suggestions to be done immediately like a blind whiner or something, actually those are my just 2 cents. I just thought I could add some creativeness to the concept of life-based healing. Or infuse-healing in case. We can be more than that. Healers can be mobile and also they can heal at the same time, if anything goes wrong they can flee. If anything goes wrong, we die. Let us be more than that, let us be fun to play again.

I can go creative with infuse healing, so can you. I am calling all Summoner healers which miss the glorious day of dark and sinister healing. You too post your own ideas here, and let us make a light of revolution.

Ok a light of revolution in a shadow based class wasn't exactly the smartest thing to say but you got me. We shall be gloriously rise again from our graves, fellow necromancers. Heed my summon and show the living what we really must have been!

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Saturday, May 21st 2016, 5:09pm

tried summy heal myself a while ago cuz everyone said its crap but had fun playing it^^ its also pretty strong especially in aoe healing it rocks ! but 1 thing rrly should be changed and thats moving while aoe heals this rrly should be taken into the game


Saturday, August 13th 2016, 12:15pm

That is what I am telling the team to do but they never read their own forums.

My suggestion is revamping Healer's Motto and doing these changes.

-ENVELOP IN BLOOD: Now does not give 5 / 10 / 15% damage reduction when you are channeling healing spells.
-DOCTOR'S WATCH: Now you can move at 25 / 50 / 75% of your usual movement speed when you are channeling Blood Stream, Dark Renewal, Plague of Mending and Blood Feast.

(It is %75 at max rank when Wardens and Mages get %65 on their damage spells because Healing takes more risk than damaging people. As damage you must just be in a safe distance and in Healing it is way harder.)

And Power over Flesh adding this ability.

-EMERGENCY AID: Now you can cast Healing Injection and other channeled spells when you are channeling Blood Stream, Dark Renewal, Plague of Mending and Blood Feast, but the new spell will interrupt the spell you were channeling.

For example you are channeling Blood Feast, you can change target and immediately use Healing Injection on a more wounded ally but it will interrupt the Blood Feast and put it into its usual cooldown.

Also making the healing animations except the Plague of Mending actually visible would be welcome. I expect something like our poison animations, something really visible. Thinking of the animations, I always would like them to be the following.

-Blood Stream: Fine as it is, just overflowing blood animation would be slightly reduced in size and the ally having the blood particle effect way more visible and smooth.
-Dark Renewal: I would make it like Ritual of Plague every second. Thinking of it, Ritual of Plague has a really nice visual for a burst healing. The ally healed would have a recolored version of Avid Shadows but with skulls colored with full red instead of purple.
-Blood Feast: The blood feasting animation a little reduced in side, the field you are healing more smooth, and the allies also getting an even smaller version of blood overlap. It would really feel like a pool if you also add particles to the area like Paladin's Rage of Light.
-Plague of Mending: Well the ability is fine but I would make a continious version of Reanimation's circle animation (without the blood coming to you but the drops levitate in the air maybe) as long as you channel. The medicinal effect is fine as it is.

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Saturday, August 13th 2016, 12:51pm



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the problem is that its not what we even say is what russians say when they introduce patches and they test stuff on test servers
but besides that, they already complained about summoner mobility cus later on gets even worse in pvp, so maaaaaaaaaaybe in 1-2 years they will fix it. Cus they only way to move is every 5 mins with tear skill xDDD
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