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Viable full healer warden?

Just coming back to game, and I see that many people are talking about warden as being most useful as full heal now. In last patch warden was pretty good heal for PVE, but not so good at healing in PVP. Is it still the case? Is thee some viable full healing build for warden for PVE and (preferred) PVP ?


i already saw marvellous wardenheals in pvp, some kept me the whole time alive vs half of the enemy raid while i am undergeared, so yes, they are good in pvp too


depents on the lvl you wanna play^^ in pve wardenheal is by far the best and thats a fact! in pvp wardenheal is fine in bgs but later on in champion dominion he doesnt fit the the current meta^^

what makes a wardenheal strong are his powerful heals and hots and your hots will just be dispelled all fight long (until 7.0.2^^) and you usually have a support buffing double heal for you so you overheal quite a bit which is a waste

if you look at cleric he has weak heals but many dmg recude and shields to give and with the double heal buff from his allies he can heal enough to keep you alive also he doesnt rely on hots

so choose for yourself^^ wanna do more pve or pvp and if you choose pve will it be high end champion dominion or just some bgs?


I was aiming at pvp heal build for BGs and AOD, since dominion is not my primary target atm. I already have melee support build for leveling and solo astral, so was thinking about upgrading it to DPS support build with light heals for pve and occasions when i want to DPS in PVP. But the other build should be pure heal for PVP in BGs and AOD, which would be more than enough for pve also i guess. Any suggestions about basic heals and rotations in healing build pls?


no healer has a real rotation^^ cuz you heal what lacks health :P

but in pve its probably Reju (the drop hot) and healing mist on tank so he doesnt die and on normal targsts use sprout of life or if this has cd use refreshing dew well and in case of aoe dmg use Bloom and then breath of forest or if its rrly heavy aoe dmg use bloom + balance (your ultimate)

as for pvp its hard to say in general putting reju on every target would be awesome but as i mentioned above if there is an enemy dispelling its useless^^ so try to heal with sprout and refreshing dew as much as possible


thx for the tips Blue :)

I see you dont mention that unity/trinity stuff or well of life for aoe healing, that means they are not important? I was confused cause warden has so many different heals now, its really too much in my opinion, in last patch I was healing nicely with 3 spells, now suddenly we have 8 or so diff spells, I would really like to take only couple of single and couple of AOE spells and thats it.

Second thing I was looking into is some self heal in support builds used for PVP. So far I was able to squeeze in only renew (not reju) but included enhancing rubies to get it crit and a bit of damage reduction. I was also looking through some support builds you suggested in some earlier posts, i see that you suggested healing mist with its support ruby as main healing for this case, plus renew without any enhancing rubies. Healing mist is pretty good in support build, you think its important enough to put 8 rubies in it (counting those obsolete ones like one refreshing dew ruby etc)?


answer to healing mist in support is yes cuz its a strong heal and you dont have any cast time as supp so just let it tick on you all day long

as for unity/trinity...ditch this crap...rrly i mean it this heal is not even worth calling a heal

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