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Problem with questing (leveling) 31-35

Good morning,
i have one question.
When i did lvl 31 i went to COBA PLATEAU. But after several quests there were not other quests and i had to return for quests in Eljune and Asee-teph. On lvl 32 i returned to Coba and did all new avalaible quests. But i have done all of them and i was on half of level. All quests on Eljune and Asee-teph are done. So i had to buy 2 scroll for 30.000 experience which helped me to ding lvl 33. Again, i have done all new available quests on COBA and now i am in same situation - in half of lvl, no more quests and no crystals for buying other Scrolls and daily quests provide loo little experiences....
And my question is, if its normal state for f2p players or i have done something wrong. (To dungeon and Time Void i havent friends so cant join it)
Thanks for you replies




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it's kinda normal that you'll have to grind in Coba Plateu and in some other places.
You can do the time void with mercenaries, it gives tons of Exp since you are technically the only player.
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Greetings. When you dont have quest to do just grind but now you dont need to grind anymore just click ctrl+m and do some time void till you lvl up and open new quests. I hope this helps.
poot poot poot poot poot... POOTIE!! YOU'VE BEEN POOTED!!!


thanks for replies. i though that time void is only for groups and no for individuals...


You can go alone and hire mercenary npcs to help you.

Also, my advice is for you to wait until the 22th to do the new quests once you have them, that is bcs we will have another smile of fortune with 100% extra xp. You can also try to find a guild with extra % xp to grind less while level.

Those levels are a pain if arn't done during an xp event but it gets better at higher levels.


Other smile of luck ? its confirm ? GREAT ! And thanks for reply. I am glad that i have not done something wrong ...

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