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Friday, October 14th 2016, 11:35pm

GameCenter@Mail.Ru.exe and MyComGames.exe problem

each time GameCenter@Mail.Ru.exe/MyComGames.exe launch, my internet connection will lost and i have to restart my computer to get back my internet connection.
i have no trouble playing allods in 5 years until this 7.0.02 patch. im using win 7 64bit OS with 1mbps connection.
what i had done:
i have try the end process GameCenter@Mail.Ru.exe/MyComGames.exe in task manager but it was access is denied.
i have delete the new 9 files in Allods Online/bin/GameCenterLight folder from the 7.0.02 patch. I have no problem using the old launcher to repair and redownload this 9 lost files. when then launcher start again, my connection is lost.
i have try to delete this program in window firewall just to refresh the program access again.

Can anyone help me troubleshoot this error?


Saturday, October 15th 2016, 4:50am

use your firewall so it can only connect to downloading server and block out all the peer to peer ****

if you cant kill gamecenterprocess something is running wrong on your computer
do you have no adminrights?


Saturday, October 15th 2016, 9:33am

i have remove in my windows firewall>allow a program or feature through windows firewall. then i run back launcher.exe, and the window firewall notification box pop up, and i tick both home and public then click allow. i dont use any other firewall.
i dont use any peer to peer program. the only similiar or familiar like a p2p program to me is when old launcher.exe downloading a patch and i click on the small icon like a graph chart. So i need to block out in windows firewall all .exe for allods online folder? if not, then the problem still occur.

i have no problem endprocess gamecenter previous version before but only this version 3.0.1186 i cant. i remember i have set every user profile in this machine im using to full not sure how to check admin right. but i have try right click on gamecenter>properties>security tab and i see full control in every 'group or user name'


Saturday, October 15th 2016, 4:45pm


Can you launch the game with the My.Games launcher ?
Can you check if you disabled P2P option in this launcher ?

You can also lower download speed to see if it changes anything.
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Saturday, October 15th 2016, 11:58pm

yes it's disablefor using mycomgames.exe, i can launch this programs, but once i click the download, it kills off my internet connection. i have done everyting i could but the only way i get back my internet connection is to restart my pc.
im using win7 home basic 64bit with number of services disable. in short, my comp is not running on default or recommended mode.
i suspect this both program either have compatible issue in this new version with my comp or worst case some of my win7 file are corrupt.
im not sure if both programs are using files from win7 or have some dependency from win7 files.
i can end process both program in window task if both program load about less than 1 sec but not after 3 sec. it's like both programs failed to load an instruction and got stuck whenever it's trying to establish a connection.
i guess this is getting more technical. im giving up on this. im hoping next patch will fix this error.


Sunday, October 16th 2016, 2:10am


Can you add a screenshot of your launcher settings ?
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Sunday, October 16th 2016, 11:29pm

Thank you, AOP and Gladia, for the help and concern.
i have deleted the old mycomgames and download the new one. i have some progress here with mycomgames.exe based on the suggestions.
yuriko11 has attached the following images:
  • allod4.jpg
  • allod3.jpg

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Sunday, October 16th 2016, 11:37pm


my recommendation:

uncheck "Continue distributing"
unlimit your download
limit upload maximium possible
uncheck max number of connections
uncheck advanced peer search technologies


Monday, October 17th 2016, 12:11am

The old launcher with this settings, it didnt kill my internet connection. The progressive download doesn't seems like downloading anyting when i check data/packs folder and w_res folder. i can reach to the charc selection screen after i log in and it kill my connection after that.

yuriko11 has attached the following images:
  • allod4.jpg
  • Allods_161017_050008.jpg
  • Allods_161017_050025.jpg


Tuesday, October 18th 2016, 11:33am

Thank you , AOP and Gladia.
After using the new mycomgames downloaded everyting include progressive data, verify file and repair tool fixing everyting. no corrupt files found. now both programs work back in normal.

case closed. :) :) :)

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