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Monday, November 14th 2016, 12:09am

I feel like I want to fix the game and its combat system

I wonder what developers were thinking when they made psionicist as it is today (idk about how the other classes are right now, since I'm only playing with psi)

but damn, i got like, a hundred of offensive skills, i have to keep looking at their cooldown, while still paying attention to stress and global cooldown, I didn't know that I would say this but I miss mana managment and concentration stacks...

that's the first time since allods 1.0 (lvl 42 patch, genoer the soul devourer, fatigue know) that I put all of my offensive skills in 1~6/alt-1~alt-6, this is too damn much.

and, we lost our signature moves like TK Pull, we lost Premonition to what? "DIM-OUT" skill? At least Premonition used to tell us if a player was near (ok, addon can tell that too, but Premonition was better since it was a pop-up message on the center of the screen, and it also tell if someone was targeting you, which i really liked).

Ok, but this thread is not about Psionicist...

But you know what I would do to complete change the game/combat system and give this a up to date feel to 2016 standards?

First of all, dagger+off-hand died since it doesn't increase elemental defense anymore, why we should have this while we can get a two-handed weapon that will do the same job and it's easier to find and upgrade (more practical)?

And to me, it doesn't make sense anymore that we have a weapon like this AND a wand, since we don't use none of them.

I think devs need definately to play other games, like Elder Scrolls Online, and try to incorporate plenty of their mechanics here in order to upgrade Allods mechanics. In ESO, each class has 3 skill trees, each skill (in each tree) can upgrade and morph to one of 2 choices available (an advanced version of that skill), each skill tree also have their own passives. I can imagine like psionicist having like 3 skill trees (like illusion master, telekinesis and chronomancer), Mages too (ice, fire, lightning - although today is kinda like that already)...
Also, each race should have their own passives and racial ability that make sense, for example, a Seer, instead of the racial ability that increases crit ratio (it's good, but why seer has it?), they should have an ability to "foresaw" and prevent some attacks, that would make sense in my opinion, an Occultist could have something like the crit ratio, anyway, too bad pay to win made every race able to learn every racial ability...

Also, I think each class should have their own weapon (and only ONE weapon, instead of carrying a lot of weapons that we don't use): mages should use a wand, summoner should use a staff or something, bard should use a banjo or whatever that is, warden should use paired claws, psionicist should use something that resembles psy-ish (like, some crystal ball/orbs floating around), warrior could chose between swords, axes, shield...etc. and make animations that make us actually use them...

The teleport portals also should be organized by tabs, like, there's a list with each map's name, you click on Nezebgrad for example, and it shows the portals, the way it is it's very unorganized, although we can favorite portals, still the amount of portals make it look very chaotic.

also, I don't get why gibbs and arisen can't be engineers since it fits the lore so well.

I think the game could also optimize skills to make us able to play with a joystick like a lot of MMOs are doing, but no, Allods went to the opposite direction and make us use 2 full bars of skills. I don't know if you ever experienced playing a MMO with joystick, but It feels much better playing with joystick than playing with keyboard and a mouse...ESO does that very well, although I don't quiet like the swap weapon system that they have, but it's somewhat necessary.

the crafting system is something i think they could almost clone from ESO and I wouldn't mind, ESO has craftable sets that we can only craft after reasearch traits (ok, i'm talking chinese right now for those who never played it, but it's such a good crafting/gearing system), also ESO is one of these games that we get to learn "fashion styles", so, we craft the gear based on some fashion style, like elf style, orc style, there's some rare styles, and they look a lot better than costumes (too bad p2w is all about costume) - there's also an eso-fashion website where people post their creations

we should have achievment system as well...and a lot of other things from ESO. Anyway, i'm still going to play the game tho, even tho i feel very envious about it, thinking about the possibilities.

but, to sum it up, combat system definately need a rework (although this post wasn't just about the combat)


Monday, November 14th 2016, 1:20am

um...if you think everything is better in eso why not play it instead of turning allods into an eso clone? :huh:


Monday, November 14th 2016, 12:06pm

um...if you think everything is better in eso why not play it instead of turning allods into an eso clone? :huh:

I don't want it to be an ESO clone, i just think they could take a few notes, do you like how the classes are right now? instead of looking at the fight we have to look at cooldowns...


Monday, November 14th 2016, 1:49pm

I think you should play ESO. You will be more happy by playing it.
poot poot poot poot poot... POOTIE!! YOU'VE BEEN POOTED!!!


Monday, November 14th 2016, 2:04pm



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me feel the same with healer. i just wonder what the hell the devs were thinking making most healmechanics dependent from fanastacks and to build in a rota ON HEAL!?!
only clou is they just wanted to nerf cleriheal to get more druid or summiheals or ddcleris.
for me its absolutely unlogic and not understandable why healer became this way.

1. u need !a shield! on ur target to get +30%heal otherwise all heals are just to weak, but its duration is 15secs and it has cooldown of 16.1secs in healaspect.

2. this shield, healcircle, "mainhealskill" and multitargetheal cost each 1 stack, so the moment u cast the circle, set shield and cast 1 heal u lost more then half of ur stacks.

3. only spells consumin no stacks are kinda like emergency ones but have cd from 30secs, 45secs, 1min, 3min, 4min, wont get the job done with this!

4. u get no stacks: the normal accumulation of stacks is hillarious, u get 1 stack each 8 secs, multiple times enough to wipe all groupmembers in pvp and pve

5. same with generation of stacks: it sucks so much, u have to use the weakest skill to often, wasting to much time to get less stacks u need...

6. the stacksskill sucks too coz u have to use the weakest skill again to reduce its cooldown of 30secs giving 3 stacks, any idea how long u heal with 3 stacks?!?

7. the moment u have no stacks u must spam the weakest heal u have while not be able to do something useful else coz otherwise this stupid buff runs out and u stay without stacks again after u rescued a groupmember athism with other skills, totally fail... coz

8. the moment ur stacks run out there is often a reason to do so and the damage doesnt reduce itself to fit with ur weakest heal.

9. the moment u have no stacks u get a buff for free instant "heals" but u can get this buff only evry 10secs, 5 secs would be related to reality.

10. no HoT, no single damn HoT. groupmembers gettin moderat damage cant get just a blessing and good, no now u have to keep them in target or switch target too often.

11. no HoT means heal is even more depending to be in range of target or viceversa... old problem made by devs much worse, again, gj.

12. no proper selfprotection, this new bubble is to weak, teleport is fine for escaping but not for healing! and this shield that protects u by 50% the amount of lost life, wtf ?!? so this "shield" is just usefull the moment u are nearly killed, and its too weak again, with 4mins cd...

13. purification cooldown is 3secs, thought it couldnt get worse as with 1,5secs casttime but allod´s crew develop the dump out of the impossible AGAIN!

14. no damage in healaspect!, so evry undergeared player can hold u forever in fight while u cannot escape with strike + stun + stunimmunity + bubble or just flame him.

my guildleader told me there are rubies to get stacks with critical heals, but i didnt found this rubies nevertheless i had ALL rubies in first grid...

i never thought i would miss the randomstacksystem or mana but playin trollods the impossible becomes possible...
PLS make Tekians playable race. fix shipcanons!


Monday, November 14th 2016, 3:45pm

my tipp aion play the cleric on full swiftness this makes it way more intresting^^ did it last patch (7.1) and it was hella op^^ (but now they nerved circle rrrly hard so not strongest anymore) rotation is then like this you use sacret word every 6-7 sek^^ also halo every 9-10 sek :D and the glint every 9-10 sek which puts an okay aoeheal and a hot on every grp member

also the reload only has 10-12 sek cd then so you can always just use this instead of spamming the weak heal

at least for me this was more intresting than spamming crappy miniheal all the time (btw as tipp try to use this skill on several targets cuz for every buff which runs out you get fanastack)


Monday, November 14th 2016, 10:29pm



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i thought about that but im afraid to put so much points just in swiftness.
which cd has strike then? ^^

spamming crappy miniheal all the time

couldnt better summarise my wage feelings about how to play cleri atm (heard shields should help but regretably i fail to work out how)

use this skill on several targets

nice tipp, tried this last allod and stacks were goin up a bit faster.

sry my client is in german what is sacred word, halo, glint?
PLS make Tekians playable race. fix shipcanons!


Tuesday, November 15th 2016, 3:27pm

500 swiftness was my amount

strike had same cd as reload and i used it every 9 sek i think :D was like sacret->halo->strike->reload and all over again^^ my enemys in dominion cryed probably cuz permashield+perma deffbuff+perma aoeheal+perma aoe stun + also quite a lot of dmg cuz of cleansing flame on all targets nerly permanently and only like 25 sek cd on exploding barri :D

sacret word = geheiligtes wort denke ich mal also der normale schildskill der dir temporäre gibt was im übrigen dazu führte das ich mich selbst perma buffen konnte und auf keinen supp mehr angewiesen war
halo = heiligenschein? der kreis auf dem boden halt
glint = glimmern?^^ das blinzeln halt das den aoe heal +hot auf alle in range macht

@AOP actually new battlesystem except global cd is not that bad

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