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Tuesday, December 20th 2016, 4:45pm



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[7.0.2 / 8.0] Astral Ship basics.


this was an answer to this topic, before:…ad&postID=87760

I try to explain the basics as good as I can, because the ship topic is a really big one :)

I did not test if anything of the following pieces of information is correct for version 8.0. However I do think it should be up to date. If there are any mistakes PM me or comment and I will adjust it.

The Ship
Once your ship is built you can summon it in your factions hangar, after naming it. When you are on your ship you can see the HUD of it:

1. Your ship name
2. Your ship HP-Bar -> Current / Maximum (Percentage from Maximum / Maximum Hulls HP)
3. The part from the hull which is destroyed and cannot be used (in this picture just 1%)
4. Your ship reactor heat: Red part is over 100%, blue part is within 100%.
5. Your ship emanations (comparable to mana for visor and scanner) - See "Astral Trap"-Component for more pieces of information
6. Your ship speed
7. Your ship height
8. The hull generation
9. Indicator whether or not you have Reinforced Armor (CS) or Strong Sheatening active on your ship
10. One of 4 Symbols showing a rough estimate of your ships components health ( blue -> teal -> green .... -> orange -> red -> black)
11. One of the 4 Symbols showing the state of your shields

Under that HUD, you will see the Buffs/Debuffs, when you are out in astral.

The components
Every Component has a Weight value more to that at the detail "Motor" - Component.
A lot of components have a Durability value, more to that at the detail "Goblins" - Component.

Your components can have multiple qualities. It is often useless to use blue or green quality components. Normally the quality says how strong a component is. Normally the weight of the higher quality component is higher, too, same with energy consumption. Key Values, like damage or shield strength or goblin effectivness etc., are higher.
For example on Shield "The Wall" epic to legend comparison:

Crystals / piece*
Amount on Ship
Crystals total
Astral Trap010////////

*Depending on the generation of the current season this value is a multiple of the stated value. For example last season (generation XIII-XV): For generation XIII (13) it's 2 crystals for a shield and on XIV (14) it's 4 crystals on XV (15) it's 6 crystals, etc. However, they kinda disabled this functionality and treatens everything now as the 3rd generation, so a multiple of 3. I just explain this mechanic in case they change this in a future patch.

Each of those components has its own use and function.

The components in detail

Shields are used to protect your ship. As long as your shields are up, there wont be any hull damage. There are one shield at front and back and 2 shields on each site. If one shield is down every damage dealt will be damage to your hull. If only one site shield is down and the other is still up, just the half of the damage will be hull damage.

Shields have 4 values: Strength, Recovery Rate, Recharge and Consumed Energy.

Strength is the value how much damage the shield can absorb, before it is down.
Recovery Rate states the time the shield needs to recover.
Recharge is the cooldown of the skill which will recover the shield.
Consumed Energy is the energy used, when the skill for recover is used.

Cannons are used to deal damage, they can be placed at the sides of the ship on top and lower deck. With a Reinforced Armor you can have 2 cannons on the back side of the ship + 1 extra cannon on the each side.
Depending on the quality the possible shots increases.

Green: 1
Blue: 1, 2, 3
Epic/Legend: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

1. Fire - moderate damage to everything
2. Acid - high damage to hulls and mobs with acid debuff; low damage to shields and mobs with astral debuff
3. Astral - high damage to shields and mobs with astral debuff; low damage to hulls and mobs with acid debuff
4. Lightning - high damage to ship devices, good damage on shields, moderate damage to mobs, zero damage to hulls. Additionally slows down mobs and ships; Mobs also deal less damage while under lightning debuff (possible stacks: mobs - 4; ships - 20). If you want to apply more than 1 stack to an enemy ship you need to have at least cannons from the enemies ship hull generation.
5. AoE Fire - same as fire shot, but with an AoE radius of 120 yards.

Cannons have 4 Values:

Damage - Base damage of the cannon
Range - The distance a cannon can hit a target
Recharge - The cooldown of each shot
Energy Consumption - The energy used by each shot; The AoE-Shot normally takes up like 150% of this value.

Artilleries are the heavy cannons of the ship. They are pointing to the front of the ship and cannot be moved. They are used easily:

1 - Turn on Safe Mode (Reactor wont go over 100%)
2 - Turn on Unsafe Mode (Reactor can overheat, if not turned off)
3 - Turn off

You need to stand the whole time on the artillery, if you go away while it is turned on, it will instantly turn off.


Damage - Base damage
Range - Distance the artillery can hit targets
Consumed Energy - Base Energy use of one tick
Energy Consumption Multipler - The multiplier of the energy with each tick. If the base energy is 10k and the multiplier is 3 then the energy use would be: 1. 10k, 2. 30k, 3. 90k, 4. 270k etc.

Goblins are used to repair ship devices. All Ship devices, which can be repaired has a Durability Value. This states which is the 100% (fully repaired) Health of the device.
Goblins can repair damaged devices, whose HP is under 100%.

They have also 4 Values:

Repair Radius - The radius for the goblins working area. Everything in this area will be affected by goblins reparing
Repair Time - The time the goblin is reparing
Effectiveness - The strength of the goblins repair. Every 1-2 seconds.
Recovery Rate - The cooldown of the goblin.

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Tuesday, December 20th 2016, 4:47pm



  • "Buuhuu" started this thread

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The Visor is like the skillbar of a ship. It can use a lot of skills, which mostly consumes Astral Emanations. Epic visors has special versions of 3 skills, which depends on the visor which skills are special.
Those special skills costs 50% less emanations + have 50% less cooldown. On Visor you also have a nice overview of the astral hub you are in. Additionally you can target mobs or ships and see their buffs/debuffs and health.
Depending on the quality, there are some skills missing on blue or green visors, those skills would be special on the visor. At Epic you have all skills available. On Legend you have a lot of special skills / or every skill is special (archdemon or CashShop legend visor)


Emanation Costs
ScanYou can scan for invisible mobs within a 2000 yard radius0////////////
Target AquisitionYou target one mob or ship; You are dealing 25% more damage to this target. Also you can board enemy ships, whichs hull is under 50% health0, but uses a little heat.////////////
Shield boostYou instantly repair the most damaged shield on your ship (percentage based), if multiple shields has the same percentage the weaker shield is repaired25////////////
Intense CoolingYou cool the reactor by 50%30////////////
Sharp TurnTurns your ship by 180 degree, counter clockwise15////////////
Diversionary ShotStuns mobs by 10 seconds; Turns off an enemy ship reactor by 3 seconds20////////////
Energy OutbreakDeals a lot of damage to surrounding mobs; Maximum mobs hitted by this skill: 560////////////
Energy DischargeDeals 30% damage of an astral demons current health (scales with Target Aquisition)50////////////
Local JumpJump to the target. Requirement: 400 yards away from the target.75////////////

The Scanner has a very basic use: Find the route to your target.

The first 4 Skills are just scanning for a specific object. The 5th Skill "Route Tracing" is to get the route, to the last scanned object.
The 6th Skill "Misalignment" makes you invisible for mobs (though there are some mobs which can see trough your invisiblity - bombardiers for example).
All skills can cost you emanations depending on the scanner you chose.

I highly suggest you to try it out yourself, how to scan for targets. Here are some basics:
- "Route Tracing" will just trace for the current "marked" (last scanned) object.
- In Normal Astral Hubs, there are up to 3 Vortexes: Blue, Red, Green. On scanner you also see colored routes, which you can choose the route from. -> Like "Red Blue Red Green" or short "RBRG", normally every ship captain should understand this abbreviation or clarify how he wants the route to be written.
- You cannot find Astral Allods (Instances, where you can get gear)
- Big Allods are all other Allods (Imperial Outpost, Trading Post, League Settlement, etc.)
- You always can see one hub wide, without scanning. Requirement: Scanner must be turned on*
- The route you were traveling in one sector will stay on scanner, as long as you are in the same sector and not leaving it. This includes when you port from Sector 6 to Sector 6.

*Devices can be deactivated by anomalities in astral.

The reactor provides the energy for your ship. It's one of the key components, if you just want to drive into astral.
Reactors just have 2 values:

Maximum Heat Output - The maximum (100%) heat your reactor can handle, before it gets dangerous :)
Cooling Capacity - The amount of heat cooled each second.

The Maximum Overheat of your reactor is 300%. It still can be used, if the ship devices aren't destroyed from the reactor explosions and reactor is not shutdown etc.

Also reactors sometimes have a special ability, written in green letters. Like "Increased Chance of Mana Discharge".

If you reactor is in the red area (above 100%) this things can happen:
Shutdown - Your reactor shuts down, every device is not usable, til the reactor cooled down to 100%. There cannot be a Mana Discharge, when the reactor is shutdown.
Mana Discharge - It's like an explosion which will hurt your devices a lot and your party members - can happen multiple times, more often when reactor is on 300%.

On every reactor you can do 3 things

1. Emergency Shutdown - Same effect like the Shutdown above.
2. Self Destruction - Yep within 1 minute you can kill your ship - interrupted by damage.
3. Start Hull Generation - Your reactor stops cooling and the hull gets repaired, like 3-4% every 1-3 seconds. However with every hull generation your ship looses some % of his maximum usable health (see point 3 at "The Ship" at start).
4. Stop Hull Generation

Your helm is a very important device, which decides how well you can steer your ship.

Those skills are very self explanatory. Skill 1 and 5 have cooldown depending on the helm itself.
7, 8 and 9 are 33%, 66%, 100% of the motors maximum speed (see "Motor").

Maneuverability - A value showing how sharp you can turn around. The higher the better.
Consumed Energy - Base Energy consumption. Higher use while using skills 1 and 5 above.
Sharp Turn Cooldown - The cooldown of the skills 1 and 5 above.
Sharp Turn Duration - The duration how long the skills 1 and 5 are operating.

The motor is another key component of the ship.

Top Speed - Showing the base 100% speed of the motor.
Acceleration - Your motor acceleration per second.
Nominal load weight - The weight of the devices your ship can handle, before it gets slowed down.
Consumed Energy - The energy consumed, lower when just standing, but still used! -> Super good motor but crap reactor means your reactor overheats even, when you are not doing anything.

The motor has the "Boost"-Skill, which can be used without emanation. It has 30 seconds cooldown. Once activated your reactor is cooled/heated to 50%. And the helm cannot be used, while it's active. Your ships speed accelerates to 125% of your maximum speed. When used with hull generation, your reactor doesn't cool down to 50%, but heats up, if it is lower. Intense Cooling from visor doesn't have any effect while this is turned on.
You can turn the boost mode off on the motor itself, the captain of the ship can remove the buff from the ship or it gets interrupted by passing vortexes or getting damage.

The turbine is used for the z axis of the astral room. As you not just can go forward, backwards, left and right also you can go up and down. The turbine is used for this up and down.
However in PvE it isn't used or useful at all. Explaining the turbine is far off the basics, so don't bother with it at the beginning ;)
Also you need at least a turbine built in, but the starting one is enough. Because you need the turbine to even start the ship flight, you cannot remove it completely, so I shouldn't need to explain, but now I did xd.

Astral Trap
Your astral trap collects astral emanations from killed demons and anomalities in astral "Emanation Stream". Your starting trap can keep up to 100 Astral Emanations.
With 50 "Emanations of the Mysterious Astral" (thats something different than Astral Emanations, used for Visor and Scanner!)you can buy an "Experimental Astral Trap", which can keep up to 150 Astral Emanations. I also have seen a 200 Astral Emanations Astral Trap in Auction House, long time ago. But I honestly don't know where to obtain it, or if it is even obtainable now (I suppose it was something with Cash Shop, we never had the event for).
At the next patch we also maybe get another, better Astral Trap.

While in Astral you can turn on "Astral Hunt" at the Astral Trap. While this is turned on, you get Nugget-Buff Stacks, when you are killing mobs in Mysterious Astral (II). When those stacks reach 100, you get one chest into your treasury. When you are returning to your hangar, then you will receive Astral Nuggets Currency.
(See…77946#post77946 for more things you can do in astral - however those things can change after the patch)

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Tuesday, December 20th 2016, 4:50pm



  • "Buuhuu" started this thread

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After knowing the components there are still some things which you need to know.

Ship destroyed / Repairing Ship
Everytime you ship dies (HP <= 0%) then you will be ported away and your ship will loose around 16-17% of his maximum life. This is comparable to 8 hours repairing time! Once your ship is at 0%, and the destroyed part is 100%. Your ship is destroyed and needs to be repaired, before you can use it again. If you are moving in your enemies faction astral (Empire or League) and you are dieing once, your ship will be immediately at 0%. And you need to repair it. So be sure to not port back into the wrong hub >:)

So how do you repair your ship. Thats easy. The same guy, which will give you the "Ship Master" buff, will allow you to repair your ship. If you have the "Wooden Hardware" or the imperial counterpart (don't know the exact word for it) then you can turn it in, to start the process. If you don't, you can just buy them before starting the process.
If you want to collect them yourself, you need to find ship wrecks, there you will find them. Whenever you are collecting a ship wreck the ships owner will get the hardware to repair the ship.

While the repair is in process, you still can jump on your ship and see the HP bar slowly gets increased. If you use the ship to move or port out of the hangar, the repair immediately stops and you have to start it again (includes buying or turning in new hardware)

Upgrading your ships hull
You need 15 hull parts of the generation you want your ship upgrade to. Then you need 5 Crystals of the according generation, too. Once you've done this. Go into your hangar, summon your ship and right click on the 15 hull parts in your bag. Then you need to accept and boom - Your ship is in hull upgrade for 10 days :)

You find hull parts in ship wrecks, located in the astral hubs of (mostly) the mysterious astral (II).

Exchanging Components

Once you have the Tranforming Crystals into your currency (under Valuables > Astral), you can use the components in your bag. This will cost gold and the crystals for the device. When it is in your Device Rack you can talk to the person in hangar, which was showing you the progress of your ship. There you can press "Change your ship's devices".

When you press this action, you will get the "Ship Master" Buff, which will increase your movement speed and make you able to exchange devices AND >> Vanity << of your ship :)
The devices I think you can find yourself, when you move around your ship. The only thing, which may be confusing is this:

You see the Helm, Motor and Turbine on front of your ship, which are the devices you can interact with. However the real devices are built in the machine room, in the back of the ship.

However there are 3 different vanities:

1. On Ship - (buyable with gold, anniversary coins, emanations, ship coupons)
2. The vanity you can see from outside xd
3. Ship Hull

For the second one here is a picture:

The Sail Emblems, would be at the position with the orange rectangle, however, I didn't find a way to remove this, yet. And I like my sail clean, so you wont see an emblem on this screen.
Those things costs ship coupons you need to buy out of the Cash Shop. On P2P you can buy them via gold.

The third is the hull look, like "Ghost Ship", "Pirate Ship", etc. However those are mostly very expensive and you shouldn't bother with it, you maybe have seen this in Auction House, like "Pirate Ship Design" or something like that.

Going out into Astral
If you just want to explore the "Explored Astral" (I), then you can go to your turbine and press the first skill "Exit Hangar"

You cannot do very much in this area, but can try a little bit, how you can use your gadgets.
Once you turn to level 70, you can visit the "Mysterious Astral" (II), which has more to offer.

On the bottom right, you can see the marked object. This is Magic Astrolabe, shortly it is used to port you into the sector you want to go to. If you do this in hangar, you are ported instantly. If you do this outside, you need some run-up, before you can jump. If you used it, every party member gets a 10 Minutes Debuff, which prevents you from porting again.
When you are using the Astrolabe to port to a specific sector you can choose your destination, this will be the object marked on your scanner, after you ported. So you can just press "Route Tracing".

With this button, you can change between "Sector" Map or "Current Hub" Map

So lets see the "Current Hub" map:

Now it gets colorful :D

A Ship, depending on the color:
Green - Your Ship
Blue - A non enemy ship, you can't hurt it, but you can push it.
Red - An enemy ship.

The vortexes you've on each astral hub (Sometimes just 2 or 1, but not more than 3).
The color helps you finding the route (see "Scanner").

An Anomality, depending on the color:

Green - A positive effect for your ship, if you are near it
Blue - A collectible Emanation. Once you collected it, it provides you a random positive buff. However those are not as random as they seem. There is a set of buffs you can get in specific sectors.
Red - A negative effect for your ship, if you are near it.

Details about an astral mob. Name and Danger level. You can compare the Danger level to the generation of the ship.

Astral mobs groups. If you pull one member of the group, you aggro every mob in this group. Of Course, mobs has an aggro range, where you will pull aggro, without shooting them.

Red-Yellow ones - Boss Monsters, like Archdemon or Demon in Astral Monsters den.
Blue ones - Are one of the most dangerous.
Red ones* (do they still exists??) - Never seen them again, after 7.0 patch :( - Rare monster. Very strong bursters, can rape you easily if you don't pay attention, can have medium til high HP. Provides good amount of emanations guaranteed!
Orange-Blue ones (not on this picture) - Are mobs, which are still strong, but normally weaker than blue ones.
Purple ones - are mostly annoying and often "Kamikazes", which explode once they reach your ship, though they have low life. Also purple ones can sometimes see trough your invisiblity.
Pink ones can be annoying, but are mostly trash. Though some of them are stacking up and, when not killed, can rape you easily later.

There are also sometimes wormholes (for example when you are going to astral monsters den). Those you can pass like a normal vortex.

*Best Screens I've found on my hard drive:

Translated to english: Deadly demon gravedigger.

Translated to english: Deadly Demonhunter

Getting Ship Devices
I just make a brief overview about this topic, as it maybe changes in 8.0


- Farming Astral Nuggets via Astral Hunt and turning them in for devices
- Killing mobs in Astral, higher difficulty mobs have a higher chance for dropping epic parts
- Going Anomalous Sector (Ship PvP), looting chests (with a chance an epic piece) or killing the octhulu (100% guaranteed 2 chests with 1 epic part each)
- Going Astral Monsters den (Chance of getting an epic piece)
- Killing Archdemon on Sunday (really hard) - Getting 4 Legend pieces, after defending the chest for 10 minutes.
- Grab some out of Auction House or Buy-Back from vendors.


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Tuesday, December 20th 2016, 5:21pm



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They should give you a medal for doing this, my lord I'm already getting fuzzy thinkin bout the time you put into this!
MMOseppe peace out! 8o


Tuesday, December 20th 2016, 5:34pm



  • "Buuhuu" started this thread

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And way too much time I suppose. I think it took me at least 5-6 hours with all the distractions besides :)


Tuesday, December 20th 2016, 6:43pm



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JK awesome job mate! like it and it's totaly helpfull!!

The wounds will heal but Broken bones stay marked forever!!


Tuesday, December 20th 2016, 7:18pm

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Thank you so so so so very much ! :thumbsup: ! Amazing work!
[Guilde: Utopie] [Server: Smugglers Paradise]

Character: DarkDemo

Class: Engineer

Fraction: Empire


Tuesday, February 28th 2017, 3:03pm

Nice guide! Sorry for bump it but i had a question and i think it would be nice to keep it on this thread.

I am trying to update my astral ship but there are many choices for each type of device and i would like to know if someone could suggest me the best ones (which stats i should look for) for just going around and killing random stuff.


Tuesday, February 28th 2017, 6:49pm



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Nice guide! Sorry for bump it but i had a question and i think it would be nice to keep it on this thread.

I am trying to update my astral ship but there are many choices for each type of device and i would like to know if someone could suggest me the best ones (which stats i should look for) for just going around and killing random stuff.

Thats a really hard decision everytime, especially for PvP as there are tons of tactics to kill your enemy - Even just by using turbine :rolleyes: :whistling:

The stats you need to look for are almost the "performance" Values for each device and the energy cost.

For PvE I would recommend prefer those:

Scanner: "The Eye" - Free invisibility, as everything else has gotten irrelevant (sadly)

"Peacekeeper" - Nice for PvE as protection 'cause of special cooling and shield boost. I think there was also one which had Special Energy Discharge, but not special shield boost. This could be useful with a crew whichs players are able to regenerate shields. Don't know the name of the visor though.

Reactor: "Pulse" - High cooling rate, "Cauldron" - Less cooling rate than Pulse, but higher max capacity, which means cooling has higher effect., "Star", if you are working with special cooling a lot.
Little Sidenote: I do not like to overheat my reactor. Thats why I dislike "Child", which has the SAME cooling rate than Cauldron, but just around the half of the maximum capacity. What I mean is: When I overheat the child reactor... my cauldron wouldn't be in the overheat zone at this time, cause he has more capacity. Also the visor cooling is more useful on cauldron than on Child...

"Collossus" - For many ticks, less dmg, but in total a lot dmg and you can spread more.
"Pike" - For a high range, though moderate dmg.
"Poleaxe" - High damage (little less than Tornado, but lower energy cost than Tornado).
"Spike" - Very High damage, but super high energy costs. Thats ok, if you just wanna hit hard on one mob/mobgroup.

Cannons: ... Well all "Special", beside one "ultra fast" cannon on each side. As a replacer for the "special cannons" use "heavy caliber". Though the "heavy caliber" of the 20th generation for example are as strong as the "special cannons" of the 19th generation etc.


"Wall" - Nice for front, high energy costs though. (5s.)
"Aegis" - More protection than Wall, but three times longer to regenerate - Shield boost recommend for them. (15s.)
"Barrier" - Moderate protection, moderate regeneration time (7.5s)
"Guardian" - Low protection, fast regeneration time (3s)

Wall and Aegis could be used for front.
Barrier and Aegis (and maybe guardian... depends on your crew) - For the side.


2 "Tinkerer" 1 "mechanic" - Good for cannon users. Still possible to regenerate reactor room fast.
1 "Tinkerer" 1 "mechanic" 1 "repairsmen" - Good for those whose motor gets shred a lot. Bad for lagging people as the repairsmen has a low radius and if the ship is moving fast you sometimes can place it 10 meters away from your original position cause of high latency.
1 "Tinkerer" 2 "mechanic". - Mix of the above.


"Lever" - For quick actions. High energy costs. (Sharp turn cooldown: 15s)
"Remedy" - Low energy costs. Lower cooldown of sharp turns (10s). Not as much Maneuverability therefore you need a little bit of practice to steer your ship with this one. But if you are able to steer it with this one you save a lot of energy.


"Lightning" - I think this is the best if you are using it just on it's generation. It has too less weight capacity for higher generations.
"Boost" - Same weight capacity then "Cannon", but a lot less energy consumption and higher acceleration for the price of 1 maximum speed. (36.5 - Boost; 37.5 - Cannon)


Highly opinion based - My opinion is changing so often I can't recommend anything. Sometimes it isn't even useful to have high performance... But thats just for PvP. There is rarely a case where you will need it in PvE.

That are my favorites for PvE. Or were in 7.0.2. I didn't have much time to test everything in 8.0., but I think this guide should be still up to date.


Tuesday, February 28th 2017, 8:22pm

Nice! thx a lot, i will test it soon :)

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