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Tuesday, December 20th 2016, 6:32pm

Which class will be OP at patch 8.0?

I think the cash shop user, but what class from 8.0 to next patch - 9.0?


Tuesday, December 20th 2016, 10:01pm



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blademaster will be op ! :D
Russian p2p / leauge side / Ремпэйдж


Tuesday, December 20th 2016, 11:52pm

1 warden is most powerful class due to selfheal so it cant die in 1 vs 1 theoretically but it still will do good enough DMG to kill all non-healing classes and is, compared the heal / dmg output the best for sure
2 warrior in PVP spec too, its similar to warden but still inferior as bloodlust & millions of HP cant beat directfheal & shields & pet (imagine the "best tank" vs a tanky healing dpser warden, in the end the warden will prosper
3 psi is good at bursting and can absorb a lot but is more fragile in total, however also able to escape unpleasent situations and rearrange - i really enjoyed playing psionicist since quite some time now

from my observation, these 3 seem "Best" but we will see what exactly 8.0 brings :)

oh if you are the sort of player that just wants to be "unkillable" and "stay alive forever" you might want to consider playing a fullhealer, this one is in an equal fight literally unkillable and you can spec it so it still can do enough DMG to kill a non-healing class ;)

i appreciate further input here as i also think about playing another char/class next season, but i dont had so much fun with warden so most likely i wont change to this class, even if its "the best"


Wednesday, December 21st 2016, 1:03am

1 warden is most powerful class due to selfheal so it cant die in 1 vs 1 theoretically but it still will do good enough DMG to kill all non-healing classes and is, compared the heal / dmg output the best for sure
2 warrior in PVP spec too, its similar to warden but still inferior as bloodlust & millions of HP cant beat directfheal & shields & pet (imagine the "best tank" vs a tanky healing dpser warden, in the end the warden will prosper
3 psi is good at bursting and can absorb a lot but is more fragile in total, however also able to escape unpleasent situations and rearrange - i really enjoyed playing psionicist since quite some time now

Thank you.

How are the Scout, Bard, Paladin in this days? - ages ago scout were insane and they number made the destiny who won the AOD, same with Bards.

Warden as I know due to AoE heals they were good only at hard raid, but party member didn't know how to play with so it wasn't in demand.

Since PSI's CC were nerfed in 5.0? or even before that I didn't enjoy. Before that at Aod all did telekinetik pull ( with stun for 2-3 sec or even more) It was usefully at Astral too.

Now for astral what is in demand?
Tank is a warrior or pala?


Wednesday, December 21st 2016, 1:27am

scout is good dps as it has strong AOE but it feels too squishy for me if not in tankmode (and if in tankmode dps is not sufficient for what i want)
also, whenever i see scout in battleground i go for it as its an easy kill

bard is similar, but it has incredibly good damageoutput, however this means its paper... when not in dps mode but support it does not die so fast but damage suffers
its a good supporter and im always happy when i see a bard is boosting, espeically the temporal acceleration (bard is however completely different from what it was before patch7)
paladin is very good/strong, it has EXCELLENT dps and defenseabilities and also a great AOE which is a bit like the old bards dmgsong; but even though this class is really strong i personally dont get so much joy from playing it, so i only rarely do (oh one thing i have to bring to your attention, paladin has a special skill which let him "capture" an enemy and pull him for some distance - and then imprison him with dragontear skill... this is really funny to do)

warden is not the only class with a proper heal over time, they are no longer only offheal but they can even be fullhealer
but in PVP spec you can also do decent healing while also doing great dps
warden is great. its a pity i dont enjoy this class as much as i do with others

psi had great cc until patch 7.0, it even could perma-lock one enemy almost ignoring his willpower completely
i always did this in arena of death with great pleasure

now, willpower ignoreing skill is 20 sec CD and can be broken with martyrs skill, cc psi is paper and does so few dmg its not worth playing
for PVP only supportspec is viable, actually it rocks as psi has THE BEST burstdmg of ALL classes, you can take advantage of an enemy 1 second beeing not concentrated and then almost instakill him
this is the reason why i love psi so much now and along with ranged attacks is the biggest argument against choosing warrior
in PVP i only use mental pulse as CC skill for getting rid of casting mage or whirling warrior, nothing else

tk pull beeing gone is a sad thing, i miss this skill
its replaced by some rubies that make the players thrown away by mental pulse beeing soaked back after 4 sec and then stunned again in CC spec
...but as cc spec is not viable i cant enjoy this much, also cc gets broken easy and then you are dead in a few strikes

for astral, rowdy brow is in demand mostly :P
but in general, i guess ppl dont care abut your class as long as you stay alive and do good dps
thinking about it as a whole however you will see that paladin can boost the whole party passively while warrior cant do it this way, so in total paladin would be the superior

blademaster will be op ! :D

blademaster = master of blades = warrior?
or is this a name of a player and a humorous way of saying this player does well?
pls elaborate


Wednesday, December 21st 2016, 1:41am

Could you share an Excelent dps pala build, which has survability and whatever? :)

Something in demand...

As I saw some of the rubies are broken or they descriptions.

Very probably it should be a Holy Aoe dps.

At leveling it seems to be the phys dps

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Wednesday, December 21st 2016, 3:05am

the idea behind this is basically to take only the 1st physical dmgskill and beside that only the aoe attacks
take the rubies that boost your dmg when you click the canon-skills
take the rubies that grant you the other damage-increasier in 1st grid

also take the rubies that increase the "standard attack"
there is a ruby that gives you a strong shield everytime you charge

this is the basic construct

for pvp i always take this funny chain of light or w/e its called skill to pull and pull and pull x)
its like the skill from the spider mount :)

paladin stores a lot of dmg in shields and thus has relatively long time to apply dps (other than scout for example)

rest is depending on what balance between survivability and dps you want

i also saw&figures pvp builds in tank-aspect but they are not as fun since when you are too tanky your dmg suffers and it becomes funny to poke you as you have to endure it but cant really fight back; in the worst case your enemy will heal up against your dmg jus by bloodlust, you dont want that most likely :P
also, as strong dps its sort of fun to fill a paladins barriers just to see him struggle mitigating his dmg only to "pop" at the end ^^ -> make sure you can dps enough


Wednesday, December 21st 2016, 11:39am

No class is OP in Allods atm, and it's gonna stay like this in 8.0. By "OP" I mean the extent to which Bard on lvl 52 cap was OP. "OP" is not when you are able to kill any other class 1v1, but when you are able to kill any other class 1v2,3,4,5. That was OP but it is no more. Ofc, there are always OP players, but that's a whole different story.

Most welcome class in any activity is Engineer, and will continue to be in 8.0. But you can't really pwn with Engi, and pwning is what ppl usually have in mind asking about OP classes. Pwning in Allods can be done on battlegrounds, dominion, 3v3/6v6 premades and arena-duels. And the list of pwning classes differs from activity to activity with psi (and probably warden as well) present in every list.

for astral, rowdy brow is in demand mostly
I doubt that those who need Rowdy in astral will feel themselves OP on any class of their choice xD


Wednesday, December 21st 2016, 3:56pm

"OP" as bard at its start or holytankpaladin before version 7 or sorcerer at beginning of 7 is no class now, this is true

but OP (overpowered) seems the warden to me as its an effective fullheal with strong damageoutput still
however i would never ask or hope for an option to weaken the bard but rather would like to see the "wounds" effect getting stronger

but if you take, from our 10 classes, the 3 "best" and let them fight in 1 vs 1, warden will win against warrior and psi

i guess u_10390364 meant OP not literally but rather simply meant what is "the best" class

what do you understand in terms of "pwning"?
it sounds like effortless repeatedly winning as a superior beeing only with the chance to fail if you afk or you fight vs a whole raid with healers focusses you :)
is this what you mean? if you want that you should fully gear up a warden warrior or psi; its a great experience :)


Wednesday, December 21st 2016, 6:04pm

Warrior has its limitations which will become more severe in 8.0, so if there was a 1v1 contest like you suggested, warrior wouldn't even make it to the top half of the table I'm afraid. But they surely rock on BG especially when overgeared.

And I wouldn't place my bet on either psi or warden in 1v1 contest, coz I don't have enough experience playing them, but what certainly worth mentioning is that 1v1 isn't at all important in AO, so it makes little sense to seek who's strongest in that activity.

Russians had x-server dominion contest, there were plenty of setups, but in the final round the strongest guilds had only one which was: engi, bard, cleric, warr, psio, warden. So far it doesn't look like 8.0 will change too much, maybe warrior will be less needed and replaceable by pali.

And if to speak about "best" class, not plainly "OP", then we should keep PvE aspect in mind as well, coz gear difference will always remain important allowing "weak" classes kill you easily in PvP if you are outgeared.

Although in PvE all classes do fine in their aspects, the faster you can find/make an astral group the sooner you'll gear up and it will be definitely more fun in the process. In this case being useful in more than one aspect gives you more possibilities, but will most likely require you to have FoD to be able to switch between several PvE builds and PvP one(s). If you don't have FoD, then I'd take psio coz it's great in assault aspect for pve and in support aspect for pvp. For those with FoD pali might be a better option, coz being able to go as either tank or dps speeds gearing up. Warden with FoD will be on the third place, coz although aspect of healing is also nice, ppl stop needing it in astral very fast.


Wednesday, December 21st 2016, 6:30pm

Thanks for suggestions.

As I investigated DPS are enough for Astrals. Healers and Tanks needed.

Once I went to PVP with tank build.. well I was a bit harder to be killed but I couldn't kill anybody, just a weak/middle support against inexperienced players.

The Greatnes should allow the dual build, for who doesn't have FOD.


Wednesday, December 21st 2016, 9:31pm

Right, my point was that in order to make your pve progress faster you need more than one build for pve only. So it won't be enough to have 2 build slots if you also need a build for pvp.


Thursday, December 22nd 2016, 1:15pm

for 1 vs 1:

the only classes warrior can lose against in theory are those which heal more than warrior can dps
keeping in mind however warrior has many CCs and beeing able to put the cd-prolonger debuff on enemy leads to the result that he will even be able to kill a offhealer somtimes

i did a lot of research yesterday; this is also where psi is favored bcause as stronger as the offheal gets the less likely it is the warrior will do sufficient damage
there we have the psis skill as the best burstdmg in game as very helpful

warrior does not have this kind of (remote!) burstdmg
but he has incredible survivablity and EXCELLENT aoe
(so leaving 1 vs 1 discussion now) and this aoe is very handy in battleground along with the whirlwind-pull all to you-skill
psi also has great aoe but cant pull the enemies to him this way in pvp spec

psi can apply more dmg debuff on enemy, this is superior
its such a hard decision >.<
game wants to sell coremorphers i see but no chance as long as its not permanent ;)

as for dual builds:
isnt it common for those without respec that you do one pve (max dmg) and one pvp spec?
why then isnt 2 slots enough?


Thursday, December 22nd 2016, 1:43pm

Already said twice, saying third time: if you want to gear up faster (and gear difference matters a lot in pvp, so you really should want to gear up faster if you wanna pwn), then the less time you'll need to find an astral group the faster will be your gearing progress. Hence having two PvE-only (!) specs (tank/dps, heal/dps, supp/dps) will let you find a group faster.

Another point here is that it's just not fun if your class can do more than you are actually using, i.e. having 2 dps specs on pala (pve and pvp) leaves you without a possibility to tank, which isn't really cool to me. This applies to psi only partly as suppr and supp specs are both designed for pvp and supp spec is more profitable in any pvp activity than suppr (maybe they are the same in 1v1, but who gives a flower to 1v1 anyway). The last aspect: assault is great for pve, which makes psi a perfect choice for a "can only afford two builds, but wanna pwn hard" player.

P.S. in 1v1 warr will have hard time fighting ranged classes. CD-prolonger debuff is no more, a lot of warr's CC is slowness, it's nerfed with new CC system in 8.0. And other classes have their CC too. But yes warr remains great on battlegrounds and domi, never argued that.


Thursday, December 22nd 2016, 3:59pm

ah you mean if you want other roles except classic pve and pvp, ok
for psi at least, suppressionaspect is close to worthless however as its paper with "no" dmg so this leaves only 2 "real" ways to skill a psy
i also get what you mean with tank/dps/pvp and heal support assault

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