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Is control psy dead?

Hi everyone,

After the modification of control mechanics I have a lot of trouble to feel useful in PvP in suppression aspect.

Am I doing something wrong or it's taking ages now to land a proper control on a target (mental link + 4skills for domination proc + "coward debuf" and then control skill)?

Where are the AoE control?

Why a class that is suppose to be dedicated to control cannot do it properly?

Is support aspect the only alternative for PvP?


control psi was weakened even more, yes
but willpower was also weakened; except classskill and potions, you can only cancel cc with martyr skill now

you can still do a good job CCing a healer or MVP of enemy team given you can survive the AOE in the battle
CCing a MVP all the time is extremely useful and funny, although casualplayers wont value that as they only look at damage-numbers (but nvm, this does not matter) and cc is not listed there :P

CC psis main problem is its paper more than anything else
it suffers so much from AOE its always amusing to see it die unintended die in some AOE

because of that, for pvp there are only 2 common ways; "support" and "aussault", while "aussault" does not so much more dmg and dies also very fast so only "support" is left normally

there are some exception players which play cc psi and enjoy, but majority will go support due to best performance

TL DR: its still "dead" due to being paper; since 7.0

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