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build for PVP Support DPS and Build for astral support DPS

I need build for PVP Support DPS (Lurker)
Build for astral support/assault DPS (Lurker) / (Cadaver)

Please do not show me a build through the yellow stars.


Hi Ptrck,
Thanks for the build

I did a compilation focused on pvp and astral, but I do not know if it was good because I do not understand English, let alone Russian

Could you tell me if it was good or useful?


❤❤❤eleventh doctor❤❤❤

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Heya oculum4,

9 Rubies on greed 1 are for Assault aspect, you can remove them and take rubies for Support aspect on greed 2.

Don't forget 3 rubies on greed 3 for 6 % more dps.

Look at this :!4!313..3.…c/ABD!a/TJPRCRC
Le Shaf =^.^=
(Shaffou in game)
#Empire [Utopie / Smuggler's Paradise]


Hello GRIUMPH, thank you for your tips,
I realized that you did not put ruby in periodic damage on rubies to improve damage in poison and disease
These rubies are not essential in dps?!4!111....…GWXGOMD!a/B!a/B (The ones I marked)

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These rubies work only with "assault" aspect but not with "support" aspect, sadly...
Le Shaf =^.^=
(Shaffou in game)
#Empire [Utopie / Smuggler's Paradise]


Thank you GRIUMPH

Surely this post will help many players in the same way that it helped me.


Thanks for the build you mentioned
I realized that the support build is different from the other friend up, I do not know exactly if there are major changes because I have not yet tested, but I will certainly use healer


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Sry but all those builds are not really good enough for your personal needs I think.
So I made one that fits you a lot better :!4!333..33…tgxgf/KEJPBBPBV

I am glad I could help.


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