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Not a day without a gift - I won it and cant use it!

I have been doing daily quests for "not a day without gift" contest and I have received this discount coupon..

However I cannot use it. When I click the coupon this thing appears

Is any GM able to help me? :(




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I had one too, it has been replaced by 15 premium crystals during the last maintenance without me asking anything :)


Hey guys,

I believe it is a coupon for an item in the latest Timed Artefact sale that went live today. In short, you got a coupon for an item that was on the cusp of being released. If you acquire it in future (or still have it), you can check the details of the event/item above (see pack of rarities at the bottom of the item-list).

If you received it early, it would have been converted to compensate.



I believe it is a coupon for an item in the latest Timed Artefact sale that went live today.
I clicked it today and it is still not working with latest temporary artifacts sale.
I am getting the same message as posted on screenshot 2.
7days remaining.
I will let you know if it will turn int premium cristals once it expires


I didnt get compensated for my coupon. And support can't even help with that lol, they told me they will send me another once the sale is live and then they changed what they told me to, "All players who received coupon earlier than should, will receive it once developers prepare everything is needed and send a coupons to players.
Unfortunately, we are unable to provide you with any exact date and time when it will happen."

Very nice support this game has. 3 months and still cant fix performance lags lol.


are you by any chance a aoidoi char ? i think i read somewhere this race is bugged for this quest somehow


It is free gift so I am not complaining.
How can you complain about something you receive for free
Just want you to know it is still not working 8o

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It doesnt mean we cant complain because its free. The people who keep play this game with all cons and pros (mostly cons) we stayed and played this game. These events are pretty much their way to say thank you to us for staying here. Well lets look at this situation.
poot poot poot poot poot... POOTIE!! YOU'VE BEEN POOTED!!!

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have the same problem,with this coupon,cannot use, but today i receive letter from allods team, with the same coupon ( with 14 days before disappears )with apologies, and that i will be able to use,when sale stars, but i do not know when we able to use that coupon,

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