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Thursday, January 26th 2017, 3:41am

Warden Refreshing Dew duration not refreshing once at four stacks

I noticed today that my Warden's Refreshing Dew spell is not refreshing the spell's duration upon recasting it on the same target once it hits max (four) stacks and as far as I'm aware, this was not the case in previous patches, though I could be misremembering that. Anyhow, is this intended?


Thursday, January 26th 2017, 8:42am



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It was stated in patchnotes that it would not refresh timer anymore, so it's intended yes.
But it's only in attack aspect, in support it gives 2 stacks/cast & refresh the timer if memory serves.


Thursday, January 26th 2017, 4:16pm

as a healer too^^ but else it would be overpowered :D

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