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No quests from lvl 75 for "Not a Day without a Reward"

Hello everyone,

About 2-3 weeks ago, I noticed that, once my reincarnation (Arisbe, Aoidoi) reached lvl75, she couldn't get and also achieve any daily quest quest for "not a day without a reward". As she reached lvl75 before my main, I thought my main had to be level max for my two characters to get the quests, but I get the same problem with her too (Akaaya) -> The quests frame is just blank.

It is kinda frustrating and I would be very grateful if you could solve this problem. ?(




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You need to do the crafting training quests by the npc in astral academy to unlock the daily quests. You get these training quests & materials in Shore City when you unlock astral.

After you did these training quests you can ask to receive the daily ones, it's not automatic. If you still don't get them after completing these quests, file a bug report by support :)

Hope it helps !


No quest "Not a Day without a Reward" since lvl. 75


Two weeks ago I noticed that my reinca (Arisbe, Aoidoi) enjoyed a blank quest frame in the windows "not a day without a reward" since she reached lvl75. :?: She did before my main, so I thought I had to bring my main lvl max too for Arisbe to see quests, but Akaaya (main) got the same problem + she couldn't do any Astral dungeon to accomplish her daily quest until lvl 75. After lvl 75, no quest at all...

I wish you can solve this bug, it is very frustrating and I don't know how to create a ticket on the My.Com website :(

Astral greetings to you all,


in the german patchnotes it says
Aoidoi können jetzt die Quests "Alltag der Helden" und "Kein Tag ohne Heldentat" bekommen."
which translates to
Aoidoi can now get the quests "daily routine of the heroes" and "not a day without an achievement"
interestingly i cant find these patchnotes on english forum...?

so theoretically, according to these patchnotes, your porblem should be fixed...
but as you report, its not...

so either a GM / CM can help us here or you have to write to support i guess


Yes, I knew I should be fixed... I waited on the last update for this reason :( But also my main (Arisen !) got this issuet, that is what's really weird.

I don't understand how to ask help from support, I just found this page: with the mention "No ticket" but no button and no clue to explain how I can ask one ?( Do you just know how I have to do ?

Thanks for answering so quickly :)


Ok, I finally got how to report issues to the support team. Thanks for answering !



interestingly i cant find these patchnotes on english forum...?

Patch notes can be found here:

Glad you found how to send a ticket.

To everyone else : you have to choose the category of your issue, and then there's a blue link at the end "submit a ticket". By clicking it you'll get to the contact form.

PS: Someone already answered you about this issue…&threadID=15224

I'll merge the two topics.
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when i click your link it only shows the patchnotes of 8.0 to me

the patchnotes for "Hotfix" are not listed there

thats why i made a translation and linked to he german forumentry

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