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Friday, February 3rd 2017, 10:03am



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Don't remove Mails, or extend the time

Why remove mails from the in-game Mailbox after 30 days? If you have a break from the game, or just leave for a longer vacation, and forgot to grab stuff from the Mailbox or to pick up your auctioned items in AH, you'll lose those items...

This happened to me several times already. I missed out on several free respec items and several stuff I forgot to remove from AH before I took a break from the game. Just because you're not able to, or simply don't want to logon to the game for 30 days you shouldn't lose the stuff.

Removing this, or just extending the retention time to like 90+ days would help a lot.

EDIT: Mails received before checking the Mailbox will not start counting down from 30 days I think, so shouldn't miss out on any items you receive while not playing the game, but what I mean is that if you logon and check your mail and don't pick up all items, or if you forgot to remove your stuff from AH, those stuff will disappear after 30 days.
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Friday, February 3rd 2017, 12:52pm

because of this:

before you take a break 30d + always end auctions (they then immediately sent to your mail!) and empty mail in general
then nothing will be lost

and ofc the 30d limit is silly; but i guess 99% of ppl wont be affected as they play regular

timed items sometimes start their timer only after taking it out of mail

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