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Sunday, February 5th 2017, 2:19pm

Stop Ruining The Game

As an old (and really decently great and successful at that time I played) Skyforge player when I was told Allods are making new resources to every class I felt good about using your skills as much as you like, that is what casters deserved in the first place. Oh god how I hated when I made my Aiodo. I hated the Healer already, but I did not think Fanaticism was that crippling. I played a little Psionicist at that time and Stress was just a handicap. Summy and its Blood, and Paladin's resources are fine but there are things that must be done to keep other classes fun to play. Psionicist is OP and that is the ONLY reason why people play that class. Warden was considered (and still is) THE single most unfun class playing as and it is OP so you can see a LOT of wardens playing fullheal or DPS and it does not matter. What I suggest is that making those classes fair and removing those aspects. I see many failed attempts.

1. I will start with Skyforge for who does not know its resource system. Most classes can use their resources just fine and if they mess up their combo they can fix that without going for too much trouble. There is no way a Healer will be doing that without its Fanaticism skill getting cooled down. Waiting for that skill is a total torment btw. Do not get me wrong Skyforge Witch has a 40 second skill where you channel for 5 second to get your resource back but at least Witch consumes it resource slower than Healer and also has impactful things to do even when its resource is down. Also Psionicist's resource it not actually a resource, it is a handicap. I know the class is OP that the moment, but overloaded numbers on its kit does not change it still has a handicap as a resource. I remember I said ''reward Psionicists with raw power for their resource actually downgrades their effectiveness'' but that was not what I meant.

2. Please make Aoido have all classes. I wanted to take an Aoido Summoner with me and prayed that I would be playing as one. You are created by 2 of the corpses of the ''gods'' and Sarn had quite a lot of population for ''recreating its cultists'' and pulling sparks to the new bodies. And then again we Aoido are unable to be the ''researchers of life and death'' and that is considered as wise? I would keep giving more examples for a year but I won't lie. I am butthurt because I could not make my Summoner Aoido' and I can actually give more examples where a race like Aoido can be brutes (warriors) and a random jungle race like Pridens can use a complex art such as magic.

3. I see the failed marketing there. People changing classes every now and then. Old system was actually fine, most classes had their own unique strenghts and weaknesses. Summoner was the HoT healer, Healer was the shielder and Warden was the burst healer. Psionicist was damage + control, Mage was more damage with a little less control and I can give examples all day but it will not change the facts that they still need a complete revamp. It is possible to make all classes balanced and viable without changing them every patch. The true way is to change class distinctness and also change how the mobs work. For example, this year environment would support shield based healers because of the monsters using DoT damage. And next year monsters would be having slower attacks but having more damage to support HoT based healers such as Summoners. Also instead of pure lockdown, bosses suffering a damage penalty but them having higher damage in exchange for that would be the reason why you should bring controllers to the bosses because currently there is no reason to bring one. Doing what I say to the game would even eliminate the aspects. You can simply make one ''offensive'' and ''defensive'' aspect with its own unique secondary strenghts. For example Psionicist would have better cc than others while Mage does higher damage but less cc. For example defensive aspect of Summoner is HoT based healer and defensive Healer is the shielder healer. That would fix the problems with classes that use 3 aspects. Support aspect is reliant on its massive resource management and classes like Paladin does not have that problem. Just because they are ranged casters must rely on their support aspect to make their abilities have easier management while melees have none. I would support that if not every one of melees have a 10 second cooldown dash along with one of their racial abilities also being a dash. That was the whole point of Paladins being OP last patch, also their AoE damage. And that is also a thing. I am giving the Summoner example. For single target damage use Assault and for AoE use Support. Ok, when I am making that decision Paladin was roflstomping and possibly dominating the whole PvP arena with its field spams and it was K to all. Decisionmaking is fun and unique to the game, but forcing decisionmaking for the sake of decisionmaking is not fun at all. I see many games where class balancing IS possible but purposely not made, with PvE options without getting changed. You can balance PvP, and make farming easier with some classes every patch and it would be a healthy game environment. You cannot balance the classes well enough? Hire me, put me into a server like Circle of Equals with a group of people for testing and watch me do wonders. God dammit hire a bunch of monkeys and even them can balance the classes if you can make them want it.

4. Gearing system is still trash. We were crying for like 1 and half a year now? Oh and forcing all our crystal income to temporary gears are unfun. No wonder why people are not concentrating on gearing much.

5. The global godforsaken 2 second cooldown must be gotten rid of. PvP'ers hate it. Farmers hate it. Everyone in this godforsaken game totally hate it. Why are you still keeping that?

6. Reworking the CC removal spell is good. The stat being ENTIRELY reliant on one skill (and even worse, a cash-shop upgradable skill) is bad. I was already hesitating to use Myrrh because what little I was getting from the Battlegrounds. It has been an impact to me and some players who need money (and I can see the pain melees would suffer in that regard), but I am sure elite players will not actually care about that. Also some CC abilities had their cooldown increased just for that. I mean, Trial of Fire is still having less effect than the global cooldown and is exceedingly pitiful so wouldn't it be wise to fix them instead of letting them be? I mean all of them are cost-free spells with lackluster CC and now they are even more rubbish then they are. If Summoner's old 6 second Fear would have 1 minute cooldown and the fear would be 4 or 5 seconds it would still be good using it, or it having an actual cost like blood fear where you lore-wise show them a gruesome wiev of blood and they flee. Same can be done with Healer spending 1 Fanaticism to diminish the self faith in the enemy for producing control. I do not get the Healers. You use your raw faith to do wonders but you cannot affect the faith of your enemies while you can even materialize your own. This game has so much potential that is makes me cry when the potential is not tapped.

The only thing good is the temporary empowerments. They are pure joy but other than that the game is still trash. Here I said it. Now I will delete the godforsaken game again and will play something like a game which has not %10 of the potential Allods has but still have a better balance regarding things. Someone call me when the game is said to be worth to play again by %80 of their playerbase, no less.

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Sunday, February 5th 2017, 8:37pm

RE: Stop Ruining The Game

what you write has a point

classbalance is a hard thing, but in general its mostly related to overall strenght & class competence, not the class itself
my observation was that when 2 players duel 1 vs 1, no matter what the class is, in the end always the same one wins

meleehealer and supportwarden are also killable if done correctly but it seems harder

your favourte enemy also depends on your class normally...
a psi will love a scout as enemy while a warrior can be troublesome
as a summoner i will fear the scout while i can kite the warrior to death

ofc these limites are not granite but overall, there are pairing that work better and some that are not this easy
like paladin & warrior do harder vs healing clases because they are durable but no burstkillers
scout mage psi do well vs healers as they can burst enough to disregard the heal and so on

its enjoyable to figure out the strenght and weakness of every class vs another

5. The global godforsaken 2 second cooldown must be gotten rid of. PvP'ers hate it. Farmers hate it. Everyone in this godforsaken game totally hate it. Why are you still keeping that?

this is the most relevant point of all for me as its taking the fun out massively since 7.0

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