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Sale: Radiant Strongbox of the Devout Pilgrim - 22/02/17

It is no secret that the citizens of Sarnaut are protected by the power of the twelve Great Martyr's, with even the most irreligious of people paying their respects through the act of Patronage, humbly thanking them for their great sacrifice. Whether a benevolent believer, or an agnostic adventurer, the Great Martyr's watch over us all without prejudice.

From the 22nd of February until the 2nd of March, the wisdom of the Great Martyr's shall be scattered throughout the land, conveying knowledge capable of teaching mighty abilities that call directly to the Martyr's. It is said that such knowledge is locked away, opening only to those who pay further respect to their Martyr as a show of faith, and those who do so shall receive an almighty blessing.

By opening a Radiant Strongbox of the Devout Pilgrim, you may discover fragments of this knowledge which can be pieced together to form valuable scrolls, while the luckiest may receive fully encrypted scrolls that can be used straight away. They also contain Collectors Coins which can be traded with the D2 Golem for valuable wares - and have a chance of producing Bonus Strongboxes full of beneficial resources.



On Smugglers Paradise we could farm it on the winter event. For free :P
Have fun spending 100€ for that one.


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we could farm it for free as well on the f2p
have fun on your empty server ;)


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we could farm it for free as well on the f2p
have fun on your empty server ;)
:rolleyes: :whistling:


also it costs 20 euro or somthing on f2p server :P and thats only first day so it gets cheaper as time goes by cuz nobody needs this shit :D


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