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Still happening, still no update from support...



Unfortunately, we don't have additional information about this lag issue, other than what the support team already answered to players that sent a ticket :/.
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Truthfully, support hasn't been particularly communicative either. I'm not expecting a miracle fix, but some kind of status update other than "our development team is still investigating this issue" would be nice. Like maybe the things they've looked, things they've ruled out, things that could potentially be the problem. Something.


Most likely the cause of the problem is hardware. Russian servers have significantly more players (yes, on individual servers too) and only thing they ever complained about was Arena of Death.

It's clear that International version is being run with bare minimum investment. It's reflected in pretty much every aspect of it.


if it were hardwarerelated only, how can it be not all players are affected?

its like with the weird lag-issues the game had / still has for some players


if it were hardwarerelated only, how can it be not all players are affected?

And aren't all of them affected?



The last time there was a big issue like this (for me anyway) it was because they screwed up driver optimization in the client for ATI or nVidia, I don't remember which.

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