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Monday, April 3rd 2017, 12:49am

account transfer?

Hi i played for quite a while on allods of but then i quit for a few years since i didn't have time because of work.
Now that i wanted to play again i find out that the server closed and that i can transfer my account i think "fine ill just play on another server", but then NOPE , when i click the transfer link servers are down for good so i cant transfer.
My problem here is that the only thing i remember about my account is the email and account name, other than that i dont know my pw anymore or any of the characters or last time i logged on or the name i used to register (i am a bit paranoyed and never use my real name when registering to games), also have the mail which was sent to me to transfer my account, but i dont know if that will be of any use

PLEASE i beg of you PLEASE help me recover/transfer my account , i would like to play again and if possible to not start off at 0 again.

I eagerly await your reply and thank you in advance for any kind of news

PS. sorry for posting in the wrong place

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Monday, April 3rd 2017, 2:11am

No one will be able to help you on the forum, only the customer support have access to your account, and will be able to transfer it to your account.
Try to search in your mailbox, and HDD if you can find any old screenshots. You are the only one that can retrieve any information needed to get your characters back.

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Monday, April 3rd 2017, 8:29am

I wasnt expecting others on the forum to fix it for me, i just wanted to know if i would be able to do anything with just the information i had

(same guy just made another account to play with while the other hopefully gets fixed)

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