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Sunday, June 18th 2017, 12:48pm

Can someone please change the "Morpher coupon"-description...


I just purchased a coupon for a warden core morpher from the boutique and was surprised that after that I cannot change my class at all.

I could actually... but only if i use 2800 time chrystals to buy the morpher from the store.

In the coupon´s description it is stated, that: "This coupon grants you a Warden Core Morpher from the Boutique. Your current class must be other than Warden. Using this coupon will automatically open the Boutique and show you the necessary item. It will be consumed after use."

So I figured that buying the item will enable me to get the actual morpher for free. However, when I open the shop the only thing I can do is buy the morpher (an option that was not available before). Since the description grants me the item I didn´t think of the possibility that it only enables me to buy one.

So, is this a bug?

If not, can someone please Change the description... I think of it as very irritating...
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Sunday, June 18th 2017, 10:05pm

That's what is lame about the morphers. They don't let you switch for free. On subscription however, you win one and you can use it.


Monday, June 19th 2017, 12:12am

its not clearly enough stated, i agree

probably the best idea is anyway to do daily mission (not a day without a gift) because at some point you will randomly get a coremorpher


Monday, June 19th 2017, 8:36am



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or get a collector edition and change whenever and as many times as you want for 1 week for 2kbc...

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