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Saturday, March 29th 2014, 10:23pm

Transfer problem from

Hi guys,

I just transferred my old account from the G POTATO/EU to ... but after downloading game and trying to log in with my old account it said there is a wrong email or password even they should be fine (i could log in to g potato so it shouldn't be wrong).

So i decided to register with the same email and password ... i think that was a mistake now i can log in with it but there is no character no nothing ...

what should i do ? how can i undo the newly created account which is overlapping my old account with the identical emails and passwords?

pls help! ?(


Saturday, March 29th 2014, 10:37pm


(i could log in to g potato so it shouldn't be wrong).

To log in the game you need to enter you email and pwd from your brand new account.
Old gpotato id doesn't work with the new launcher :

So if you have made the transfer with a certain email and password, try again to log in the game with it.

I'm not sure what happened with the accounts you made after that ?

Incase, read the news from Allods site, there is a lot of informations about lost characters since transfer.
(transfer issues and updates)
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