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Friday, July 7th 2017, 12:09pm

[F2P/P2P] Remove and replace the battleground queue

Current queue type of PvP is rather boring. Its one of the aspects that really ruins the game, and makes end game lobby-like. My aim is to reduce the lobby aspect as much as possible, and highlight the war between 2 main factions. I think this will really breathe in a life to the game atmosphere.

How do we archieve it? This is my sugestion:

First and the most important step:

Remove the queue system for random skirmish. Also remove maps such as WH, Training camp, etc.

Next steps:
1. Use the leveling game locations for battleground map. Holy lands for example, and change the map every 24h automatically. Note that: these are only maps used for battleground and so you will never meet leveling players there.

2. Two faction camps. One no-PvP zone in both camps. 3 strategical locations with: 1. Friendly elite units, 2. neutral regular units, 3. opp faction elite units. Elite units are the ones that are closer to the camps.

3. Rewards for PvE:
-Neutral regular units (mobs) - 5x Relic of the Kingdom of elements/kill
-Elite opp unit - 20x Relic of the Kingdom of elements/kill
Rewards are given for everyone participating in killing the unit in same amount.

4. Reward for PvP:
-10x Sign of Victory for each kill or assist.

5. The player who stands on friendly territory receives buff that gives them protection from any controll effect, +10% damage, +10% damage absorb

6. To get to the battleground you need to buy "Secret battle document" that costs 500g and allows you access to the actual battleground map for the rest of the day. Is consumed after use. The only way to get to the battleground destination is to fly on the correct ship from the correct port while acess is activated. But instead of flying to the original leveling loacation, it will bring you in the battleground map.

7. "Kill the MVP to bet bigger reward". The player, who does true kills, acumulates stacks of buff to the maximum of 10. The number of stacks multiplies the reward for everyone who participated in killing this player. This buff dissapears in 20minutes when not killing anyone.

8. Death is not penalized

9. No blue/red team. It should be pure League vs Empire.

Red/Green zone - territory of factions. Is filled with friendly/opp elite units. Gives buff to friendly units standing in this zone.
Grey zone - Neutral territor. Filled with neutral regular mobs.
Blue zone - No reward zone - you get no reward for killing mobs/players there. Is filled with dangerous elite mobs with big sensitive trigger zone (if you lost in the jungles, ur basically dead), but can be survived in group, for tactical reasons - ambush the opp zone from the sides etc.

And the last thing: do the same for the Kingdom of Elements.

The possibilities of what else could be done to the maps are limitless.
I can guarantee you, that players will play there all day long.

Note: Zones placement, and reward is no important now, becouse it can be tweaked. The main aspect here is an idea.


Friday, July 7th 2017, 1:50pm



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these types of open pvp maps would definitely be great things to add in game, i've also thought of this kind of stuff but using the old wild shore maps (wellebel...even if i'd rather like them to bring back the old gearing system with wild shore)

thought and even if i start getting bored of the same old pvp maps, this isn't the priority in this game imo


Friday, July 7th 2017, 6:07pm

Priority No.1 should be fixing end game.


Saturday, July 8th 2017, 9:12am



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Instead of making it a zone of elite and high leveled mobs, they could also keep the current leveled mobs and just make it the main battleground for players of higher level. Low leveled players and high leveled players will then be mixed together in one zone and the environment will feel much more alive. It was also make the low leveled players there more motivated to level up and join in on the action.

You could make it so that above level ~50 or something, your PvP status in this area will always be active as soon as you enter the battleground. For low leveled players questing etc. in this area though, they have the option to keep the PvP status off (or it's always off until level ~50).

I think it's a good idea to dim down on all the different zones a bit and make some zones more populated instead. This game doesn't have a high enough population to have these many zones in my opinion. It just makes the game feel empty.
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